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10:00:19 <irmaB> Hi all
10:00:24 <hdl> Hi..
10:00:54 <hdl> let's proceed to a round call
10:01:11 * hdl Henri-Damien LAURENT, BibLibre
10:01:21 <thd> Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
10:01:21 * clrh Claire Hernandez, Biblibre
10:01:24 <irmaB> irma birchall from CALYX in Sydney
10:01:32 <reed> Reed Wade, Catalyst, NZ
10:02:01 <Joubu> Jonathan Druart, Biblibre
10:02:12 <magnus> Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
10:03:08 <hdl> any other persons ?
10:03:12 <hdl> hi miguelxer
10:03:18 <miguelxer> hello
10:03:18 <ibot> bonjour, miguelxer
10:03:28 <hdl> it is presentation time
10:03:51 <miguelxer> buenos dias a todos!!, ja
10:04:36 <hdl> #topic Why taking on solr
10:05:07 <hdl> I think that this topic has been long advocated...
10:05:35 <hdl> If you have any questions or doubt on what we said previously and posted on list,
10:05:39 <hdl> then ask.
10:06:46 <clrh> #link http://librarypolice.com/koha-meetings/2010/koha.2010-12-07-20.00.log.html
10:07:20 <clrh> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Switch_to_Solr_RFC
10:07:32 <hdl> Since there are no questions then we will skip to next topic : what we did and are up to.
10:07:42 <hdl> no questions one
10:07:45 <clrh> #link http://www.biblibre.com/en/blog/entry/solr-developments-for-koha
10:07:49 <hdl> two
10:07:57 <hdl> three
10:08:08 <hdl> #topic what is done
10:08:17 <tajoli> Zeno Tajoli, CILEA
10:08:21 <thd> Does BibLibre intend to do work towards refactoring existing Koha record indexing and retrieval for use alongside Solr/Lucene and not as an either/or option?
10:08:36 <magnus> i guess my main concern is support for Koha acting as Z39.50 and SRU server - what is the status on that and Solr?
10:09:02 <hdl> guetting back then.
10:09:26 <hdl> our work now is not an either or option...
10:09:34 <hdl> Because of time and ressources.
10:09:54 <hdl> But bricks that we used are flexible.
10:10:06 <hdl> And I think that we could wrap ZOOM in them
10:10:30 <hdl> That would be excellent not only for Koha... But also for Data::Search::Engine.
10:11:02 <thd> magnus: #link http://git.biblibre.com/?p=koha;a=blob;f=misc/z3950.pl;hb=refs/heads/wip/solr misc/z3950.pl shows BibLibre work on a Simple2ZOOM gateway.
10:11:04 <hdl> And we would be grateful if the community would help us inahcieving that.
10:11:33 <clrh> #link https://github.com/eiro/rg-z3950-rpn/ wip about rpn grammar and z3950 server development
10:11:59 <hdl> #help on building Data::SearchEngine::ZOOM and Data::SearchEngine::Query::PQF via ZOOM wrappers
10:12:04 <clrh> we have to match both together and translate in solr requests
10:12:53 <hdl> magnus: we are doing some work on that... And will use 17 Mo of real use cases z3950 RPN queries to validate.
10:13:15 <hdl> (well not all of those are interestiing... But we plan to take out the most relevant ones)
10:13:35 <hdl> What we achieved
10:13:57 <hdl> - advanced search is now working pretty well.
10:14:14 <hdl> - Configuration of indexes via database is now ok.
10:14:27 <hdl> - display items information is now OK.
10:14:42 <hdl> as you can see and test on solr.biblibre.com
10:14:48 <irmaB> wow that is impressive
10:14:49 <hdl> or catalogue.solr.biblibre.com
10:15:04 <thd> hdl: 17 mo?
10:15:16 <hdl> mega bytes.
10:15:20 <tajoli> I have a suggestion about Zebra in Koha
10:15:35 <hdl> listening.
10:16:05 <tajoli> One of the problem that you report is about Facets
10:16:32 <tajoli> why not insert Pazpar2 as mandatory and use its facets ?
10:16:46 <tajoli> Ok is a dead road ?
10:17:25 <hdl> pazpar2 could have been chosen... We chose solr because the community is much more active.
10:17:26 <thd> tajoli: Pazpar2 requires CCL support which BibLibre have removed in their implementation.
10:17:37 <fredericd> tajoli: if you want accurate facets with Pazpar2, you need to send to it the whole resultset
10:17:47 <fredericd> it's not a solution
10:18:04 <hdl> And CCL is not a standard... It needs configuration
10:18:21 <hdl> and all the setups are a little bit different.
10:18:33 <josepedro> that's true. we have proved it.
10:19:03 <thd> tajoli: #link http://bugzilla.indexdata.dk/show_bug.cgi?id=2048 which is a bug for no facets with the ICU in Zebra which Index Data will only fix with a support contract.
10:19:03 <munin> 04Bug 2048: blocker, PATCH-Sent, ---, gmcharlt, CLOSED FIXED, Kohazebraqueue daemon MAJOR issue
10:19:05 <hdl> fredericd: miguelxer and josepedro can you preset your selves for the records ?
10:20:03 <hdl> What we have problems and are willing to do ...
10:20:16 <hdl> Z3950 support on top of solr.
10:21:06 <hdl> clrh: mentioned that we worked on the Z3950 grammar to get the whole of it (at least what is presented on the Indexdata website which was the only ressource we got that from)
10:21:33 <hdl> #action Z3950 support on top of solr
10:21:40 <josepedro> we started with pazpar but we thought that is not the best solution
10:22:06 <irmaB> josepedro was that with Koha 3?
10:22:06 <hdl> #action improving the indexing time.
10:22:30 <josepedro> yes
10:22:35 <hdl> indexing speed is still quite slow compared to zebra...
10:22:43 <hdl> But we are working on two ideas.
10:22:59 <clrh> #link http://www.indexdata.com/yaz/doc/tools.html
10:23:38 <hdl> - DIH Marc
10:23:41 <clrh> #link http://lucene.472066.n3.nabble.com/Getting-started-with-DIH-td504691.html
10:23:48 <hdl> (posted from erik hatcher...)
10:23:50 <magnus> and SRU?
10:24:21 <josepedro> since Biblibre started with solr, we started to review their code comparing with Vufind
10:24:38 <hdl> magnus: I guess and hope that SimpleServer will also cope with SRU
10:24:48 <magnus> ok
10:25:09 <hdl> - forking and sending // batches to index to solr.
10:25:31 <clrh> #link http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.perl4lib/2010/12/msg2836.html about another idea for improving => multi-threaded call
10:25:59 <thd> magnus: SimpleServer will map CQL to PQF for SRU.
10:26:15 <josepedro> we are reviewing the sru/srw libs, too
10:26:32 <hdl> josepedro: what have you found ?
10:26:32 <josepedro> libs for dspace
10:26:48 <hdl> josepedro: what have you figured out  from your audits ?
10:27:23 <hdl> and code reviews ?
10:28:06 <josepedro> we think that the implementation is not going to be very difficult with time enough.
10:28:54 <hdl> Do you have a plan or could devote people to work with us ?
10:29:08 <josepedro> anyway, our main aim is facets solution
10:30:02 <josepedro> yes, we would like to collaborate with you
10:30:12 <hdl> josepedro: it looks that we have a nice solution... With true facets. needs some more work on thorough configuration of indexes.
10:30:39 <hdl> and adapting the solr configuration for MARC21 (
10:30:51 <hdl> we based our work on UNIMARC)
10:31:29 <josepedro> have you seen something about printing solr records directly??
10:31:48 <josepedro> without looking the database??
10:32:04 <hdl> Plugin system we implemented for solr (that could be also used for zebra) is quite handy
10:32:42 <hdl> josepedro: I donot understand.
10:33:15 <hdl> We are using records. getting them from koha and processing information to send to solr.
10:33:30 <thd> hdl: Where did you find a Solr/Lucene configuration for MARC 21?
10:33:40 <tajoli> Well, as I have undestood the mains problems are Zebra + ICU and facets.
10:34:03 <tajoli> For me setup Zebra is not a problem
10:34:11 <josepedro> when you get the solr records,  you search them in the database instead of printing them directly
10:34:33 <tajoli> and realtime indexing work (with a daily reboot)
10:34:43 <thd> tajoli: Zebra has a few problems but we should be able to have both Zebra and Solr/Lucene together.
10:35:35 <tajoli> But I undestand that Zebra + ICU is mandatory  with more that one charset (like in France).
10:36:04 <hdl> whatever quite big library you are.
10:36:08 <thd> tajoli: That is exactly how BibLibre came to their problem.
10:36:25 <hdl> even small have some special books
10:36:37 <hdl> in Hebrew, arabic... and Georgian..
10:36:38 <thd> tajoli: As hdl states big libraries need full Unicode support.
10:36:59 <magnus> so what is the real question here? no one seems opposed to solr as such, but there are some good reasons for keeping zebra around too. as long as solr is introduced as an option along side zebra everyone is happy, right?
10:37:00 <hdl> This is how we ... and the whole community came into that problem.
10:37:04 <tajoli> And Zebra + ICU doesn't work
10:37:07 <thd> tajoli: Zebra is fixable but with support money.
10:37:23 <hdl> tajoli: koha 3.0 was claimed to support full utf8 search
10:37:43 <hdl> magnus: yes. Sure.
10:37:56 <hdl> our main problem is that we have limited ressources.
10:38:12 <thd> Would BibLibre not at least consider abstracting the search calls so that others attempting to reintroduce Zebra, Pazpar2, etc. support on top of BibLibre's Solr/Lucene work would not entail rewriting BibLibre Solr/Lucene work for better abstraction?
10:38:12 <hdl> We are willing to share ideas and development.
10:38:49 <tajoli> Well, what I want to say is that CILEA can TRY to help biblibre to develop an abstract search call interface
10:38:56 <reed> there's a separate project here and I think that's 'make koha support various search back ends'
10:39:05 <tajoli> sorry Biblibre
10:39:54 <hdl> Well reed it is not much separate. I think it could be built on top of what we did.
10:39:54 <tajoli> But with pointing that Zebra continues to have the problems:
10:39:59 <magnus> hdl: we all have limited resources
10:40:15 <tajoli> -- diffcult indexes setup
10:40:20 <tajoli> -- no ICU
10:40:31 <tajoli> -- bad facets
10:40:35 <tajoli> but
10:40:42 <tajoli> Less RAM to use
10:40:57 <tajoli> For use this is the kay point
10:41:15 <reed> hdl, good to hear -- but still is a thing that sounds like it needs additional attention
10:41:17 <clrh> I have to see how much ram is needed with solr, didn't test anymore
10:41:17 <tajoli> We can't ask to improve RAM requests
10:41:20 <hdl> big CPU consumption
10:41:45 <tajoli> big CPU consumption with solr ?
10:41:48 <hdl> bug CPU consumption is for zebra.
10:42:06 <tajoli> are you sure ?
10:42:14 <hdl> absolutely.
10:42:15 <thd> tajoli: Zebra certainly has ICU but it does not work for scan queries for facets nor truncation other than right truncation.
10:42:24 <tajoli> I don't see it.
10:42:42 <hdl> If you read some logs about performance improvements, mason pointed
10:42:55 <hdl> that you needed to set zebra on a different machine.
10:42:55 <tajoli> Ok, thank you.
10:43:23 <hdl> reed: I always said that we would like to build that.
10:43:32 <hdl> reed: but we cannot do that alone.
10:43:48 <hdl> Refactoring the C4::Search was a priority for us.
10:43:50 <reed> solr ram reqs will vary depending on updates and number of indexes and searches and catalog size and it'll be a few years before we have some stable config advice
10:43:59 <hdl> We chose the best bricks for that.
10:44:01 <reed> (I might be exagerating the case a little)
10:44:09 <tajoli> With Solr as option I don't suggest to use Zebra with ICU
10:44:58 <hdl> tajoli: said he would help us in making solr an option... any other persons  ,
10:44:59 <hdl> ?
10:45:15 <thd> hdl: Do you understand the problem that anyone starting from your work on C4:Search to add other non-Solr/Lucene options would need to rewrite all search calls to keep your Solr/Lucene work?
10:45:30 <magnus> i do not like the sound of "others attempting to reintroduce Zebra, Pazpar2, etc. support on top of BibLibre's Solr/Lucene work" - sure biblibre has put a lot into this, but why should "others" have to re-implement something that is working (although not perfectly) today?
10:46:06 <thd> I should have s/on top/along side/
10:46:20 <hdl> magnus: C4::Search refactoring was not set by BibLibre.
10:46:33 <thd> hdl?
10:46:33 <ibot> well, hdl is in France. France is in a galaxy far, far away.
10:46:33 <hdl> and is a point in 3.4
10:46:47 <hdl> forget hdl
10:46:48 <ibot> hdl: I forgot hdl
10:46:52 <thd> ahhh
10:47:31 <hdl> magnus: we worked on that... And for solr integration... because it fixed many problems at once...
10:47:42 <hdl> And would allow better end user experience.
10:47:52 <thd> hdl: However, the particular implementation of refactoring C4::Search is BibLibre's work.
10:48:10 <tajoli> I confirm, I will TRY to help to BibLibre to have Solr and Zebra as index tool in Koha.
10:48:15 <hdl> We are willing to add advanced search customization from administration.
10:48:38 <thd> hdl: Substituting one record indexing system for another is not refactoring as such.
10:48:47 <tajoli> But not in the same install, as an option to select in install
10:49:25 <tajoli> clealy with Zebra no those options:
10:49:30 <reed> tajoli, yeah, that sounds sensible
10:49:35 <tajoli> -- No ICU
10:49:51 <tajoli> -- No vanced search customization from administration
10:50:00 <tajoli> -- No improvment on facets
10:50:13 <hdl> thd: show me any other code that works as much what we did. And I will be happy
10:50:43 <tajoli> No indexes from administration
10:51:05 <tajoli> No checks on data
10:51:06 <hdl> #action work in pairs with CILEA for zebra as an option implementation
10:51:17 <thd> hdl: I am trying to understand your last post.
10:51:22 <tajoli> Etc.
10:51:31 <tajoli> Zebra as is today
10:51:53 <irmaB> and proprietary LMS already offer (or say they do) facet searching and truncation etc.
10:52:28 <hdl> and many are using solr internally
10:53:07 * slef = MJ Ray, worker-owner of software.coop
10:53:13 <hdl> #help new ideas for plugins to add so that the indexing could be better.
10:53:26 <irmaB> hi MJ
10:53:40 <irmaB> late ...
10:53:59 <irmaB> but here :)
10:54:08 <slef> dentist, unavoidable
10:54:23 <thd> hdl: I think I have understood your post about comparable code but stating that other work is inadequate should not be a basis for not attempting to develop a better model than other work.
10:54:35 <slef> #welovethenhs but it does mean I'm reluctant to waste public money by moving appointments
10:54:41 <hdl> josepedro: miguelxer we would appreciate your feedback
10:55:03 <hdl> on the review.
10:55:21 <thd> hdl: I do not question that much of the best work in Koha is work from BibLibre and Paul Poulain's business previously.
10:55:57 <hdl> Can I add an action from xercode as of code review on what we did ?
10:56:19 <hdl> thd: it is not a question of comparison.
10:56:23 <magnus> hdl: no one is denying that biblibre is doing good work here - it just seems odd to me that one of the biggest companies should introduce new "things" that break old "things" that a lot of people still want...
10:56:30 <hdl> There is no other code to compare.
10:57:04 <hdl> magnus: we donot want to break...
10:57:13 <magnus> good :-)
10:57:15 <hdl> But to build on safer ground.
10:57:24 <josepedro> we do not understand
10:57:43 <thd> hdl: safer ground?
10:57:55 <hdl> We would like to have your feedback from the code review you did.
10:58:27 <thd> hdl:I have been typing furiously on that since last night in addition to other days.
10:58:41 <hdl> thd: more abstract bricks so that it is more flexible.
10:59:05 <hdl> Have any thing that worked before working with the new system.
10:59:52 <hdl> And then... use that abstraction to reintroduce options
11:00:14 <thd> hdl: Yet, not everything that worked before would work with the new system otherwise we would merely be busy praising your effort without these qualifications.
11:00:40 <hdl> We are gathering use cases of searches that worked in koha previously.
11:00:41 <thd> hdl: Do not mistake that I do praise BibLibre's work.
11:00:46 <clrh> #link https://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AuZF5Y_c4pIxdEVzTjUtUGFoQnFpSkpfbTU5Ykc3b2c&hl=en&output=html
11:01:11 <hdl> #help please try and contribute yours
11:01:14 <slef> but not use cases like "run in less than a gig" which are also a vital concern
11:01:38 <hdl> are you having servers with less than one gig ?
11:01:43 <josepedro> we consider it a great job but we think that there are several points that need to review deeply.
11:01:49 <slef> yes, lots of our libraries have sub-gig servers
11:01:51 <thd> hdl: One thing which would have worked on Koha using Pazpar2 which needs CCL is metasearch.
11:02:01 <josepedro> for example, the last i commented you
11:02:13 <clrh> ok josepedro can you send us a mail with your points?
11:02:13 <thd> hdl: What support do you envision for metasearch?
11:02:48 <hdl> solr has internal support for metasearch.
11:03:05 <thd> hdl: To Z39.50 servers?
11:03:19 <slef> hdl: The co-op may be unusual in that we support almost as many self-hosted libraries as shared-hosted ones, but I would expect a lot of independent libraries to be worried by the increased resource demands of solr too.
11:04:07 <thd> hdl: Solr/Lucene is not the API for library databases while Z39.50/SRU is.
11:04:12 * magnus agrees with slef
11:04:15 <josepedro> yes, no problem. But we have already sent you something about this.
11:04:29 <hdl> slef: can you then be accurate in your demands ?
11:04:41 <hdl> Those libraries surely donot have 300000 records.
11:05:02 <hdl> And it would be quite nonesense to pretend that koha3.0 works in that context.
11:05:21 <slef> hdl: reportedly (see link I added to RFC), solr defaults to a 1Gb RAM usage.
11:05:37 <thd> hdl: Do you find database size limitations for Zebra?
11:06:18 <hdl> #action josepedro send a mail with code reviews.
11:06:29 <hdl> again, it is still work in progress.
11:06:35 <hdl> We can help.
11:06:44 <hdl> We are willing to recieve help.
11:06:47 <reed> slef, hdl - solr is just not going to be viable in small installations, it can't become a requirement for using koha
11:06:49 <hdl> Even comments.
11:06:51 <slef> hdl: I don't know how many records, but I suspect most koha libraries are smaller than that. Solr may be needed for the top 10% of libraries, but we cannot let 10% of libraries increase expense for the 90% unnecessarily, can we?
11:07:13 <reed> snap
11:07:42 <thd> hdl: I think you missed a 0 in 3 million if you intended 3 million.
11:07:55 <hdl> slef: if there is an abstraction layer you will have no problems.
11:08:21 <hdl> thd: no. 300,000 with less that 8Gb is not viable option.
11:08:43 <hdl> with koha3.2
11:08:53 <slef> reed++
11:09:03 <magnus> redd++
11:09:09 <magnus> reed++ # sorry
11:09:23 <hdl> slef: reed we are willing to help but we cannot do that alone.
11:09:25 <thd> hdl: wow, I have only tested very small record sets.
11:09:32 <hdl> tajoli: propsed to help.
11:09:33 <slef> (I don't know OTTOMH, that is)
11:09:43 <tajoli> yes, I confirm
11:09:46 <hdl> and that is fine.
11:09:53 <reed> hdl, right -- was going to say that I don't think you expect it should be a requirement for koha
11:10:03 <hdl> We will try and help him.
11:10:07 <thd> hdl: Do you have a comparison of RAM requirements in your Solr/Lucene test?
11:10:19 <clrh> nop thd I ll try to provide it
11:10:43 <hdl> #action provide a comparison of RAM requirements between zebra and solr
11:10:58 <hdl> thd: to be honest... it would require to do multiple tests.
11:11:18 <thd> hdl: how multiple?
11:11:21 <hdl> I am sure that Croswalking records in zebra is also ram demanding.
11:11:26 <josepedro> From our point of view, Koha has 3 big problems: 1- Facets. 2- Abstraction. 3- ModPerl. At present Zebra does not meet our expectations about facets, so we believe SOLR is the best solution and we would like to collaborate with BibLibre to develop this solution.
11:11:51 <hdl> josepedro: Mod Perl Plack will be another meeting.
11:12:00 <reed> re: ram requirements --- my prediction is that solr schema  tuning is going to be a very long process and so and profiling done now is likely to go out of date fast
11:12:15 <hdl> josepedro: Please keep contributing...
11:12:50 <hdl> any other questions ?
11:13:01 <tajoli> No
11:13:06 <irmaB> I propose to look at the MARC21 implications with sorl - adapting the solr configuration for MARC21
11:13:22 <thd> reed: Improvements in the sophistication of indexing may actually greatly increase RAM requirements for all options.
11:13:30 <reed> agree
11:13:53 <hdl> #action irmaB build an adaptation of MARC21 for solr
11:14:23 <hdl> #action BibLibre make a solr instance for MARC21 and publicise that to Irma
11:14:32 <irmaB> yes.
11:14:39 <thd> hdl: Did you state that you adapted an existing MARC 21 Solr/Lucene schema to UNIMARC?
11:15:18 <hdl> No.
11:15:41 <tajoli> Vufind has a MARC21 setup for Solrs
11:15:56 <hdl> tajoli: with solrmarc.
11:16:14 <tajoli> because you don't use solrmarc ?
11:16:17 <hdl> yes... we investigated that. And think that we could build bridges.
11:16:28 <hdl> No.
11:16:35 <thd> hdl: I think that was merely a confusion between your description and a comment next to yours.
11:16:53 <hdl> It was proved not to be that efficient in indexing.
11:17:26 <magnus> hmmm... seems to me the main focus now should be on getting solr and zebra to both be options along side each other - otherwise it sounds like the solr solution will have a hard time becoming part of koha/replacing zebra...
11:17:32 <thd> hdl: How do you return a complete record from Solr/Lucene?
11:17:46 <hdl> And would have required too much time.... and would not have enable ppl wirh the flexibility we wanted to provide them.
11:18:25 <clrh> thd, you can look in Search::IndexRecord
11:18:32 <tajoli> Clearly is not a task for 3.4 (april 2010)
11:18:36 <hdl> magnus: we cannot. This is why we asker for help.
11:18:43 <hdl> tajoli: agreed..
11:18:45 <tajoli> But for 3.6
11:18:47 <clrh> a record is constructed before indexing
11:18:56 <clrh> s/before/during
11:19:00 <hdl> But anyway, it is work on progress.
11:19:25 <hdl> and if all the RFCs cannot be integrated into 3.4 RM is fine with that.
11:19:54 <thd> clrh: I had looked at addbiblio.pl
11:20:47 <slef> hdl: it is difficult to persuade 90% of libraries that they should fund something to enable support for the biggest 10%, and I mentioned last meeting that I don't think our members will pay from the co-op's community donation fund. You see our difficulty here?
11:21:06 <hdl> slef: our work was only very little funded.
11:21:10 <hdl> And we did that.
11:21:18 <magnus> hdl: which is cool, but it seems there are lots of fun things to do with solr that may not be so important compared to getting solr into koha in the first place (which seems to imply making zebra and solr work as options next to each other)
11:21:52 <thd> hdl: Do you not think you should have tried to obtain more funding for a development with such a large scope?
11:22:17 <tajoli> well, for me the main bonus of Solrs is to replace Zebra +ICU
11:22:20 <hdl> thd: noone would have ever funded refactoring.
11:22:31 <hdl> you donot want to redo things.
11:22:38 <hdl> libraries want features.
11:22:39 <slef> hdl: that is your decision. Maybe this is easier for a private company. I just explain the difficulty of our membership organisation in the hope you will comprehend it.
11:22:49 <tajoli> Is clear that Zebra+ICU doesn't work.
11:23:04 <hdl> I explain ours.
11:23:23 <slef> hdl: that's not true. The co-op funded a lot of SQL-injection/placeholder cleanup way back when.
11:23:25 <thd> tajoli: It works mostly but with important exceptions.
11:23:33 <tajoli> So every library with a complex charset (like Arab+latin) can't use koha in good way now
11:23:44 <slef> I think someone now is funding template refactoring (sorry I forget who).
11:23:50 <thd> tajoli: Yes that is correct.
11:24:01 <tajoli> Koha in fact is use on a simlgle charset enviroment
11:24:34 <tajoli> The english speaking countriies and contry like Italy with latin charset only
11:24:49 <hdl> ok.
11:24:49 <tajoli> And in this situation Zebra is good
11:25:03 <hdl> ok.
11:25:14 <hdl> I propose to stop the meeting now.
11:25:18 <tajoli> But if you need two charset, problems arise
11:25:39 <hdl> And if you have other questions, or concerns or feed back on test instances, let us know.
11:25:58 <hdl> on list please
11:26:30 <tajoli> bye
11:26:54 <slef> catalyst are funding template refactoring
11:28:19 <hdl> #endmeeting