02:01:13 <Brooke> #startmeeting
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02:01:27 <Brooke> Haere Mai
02:01:40 <Brooke> Welcome to the Community Meeting
02:01:45 <Brooke> #topic Introductions
02:02:03 * wizzyrea is Liz Rea, NEKLS
02:02:06 * druthb is D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions.
02:02:14 <SpaceLib> Shelley gurney,
02:02:23 <SpaceLib> Catalyst
02:02:23 <wahanui> Catalyst are funding template refactoring
02:02:30 * jcamins_away = Jared Camins-Esakov, ByWater Solutions
02:02:59 <rhcl> rhcl = Greg Lawson, Rolling Hills Consolidated Library, St. Joseph, MO, USA
02:03:29 * slef = MJ Ray, software.coop member
02:03:57 <mtj> = mason james, kohaaloha, nz
02:05:19 <rangi> chris c, on his phone walking
02:05:30 <wizzyrea> anyone else?
02:05:31 <SpaceLib> Ditto
02:05:35 <rangi> be at my desk soon
02:05:44 <pianohacker> = Jesse Weaver, occasional koha programmer, lurking
02:05:50 <wizzyrea> (please watch out for busses and cars)
02:06:40 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.2
02:06:54 <Brooke> I'm thinking we might have to skip that
02:06:57 <wizzyrea> I notice that chris_n isn't about
02:07:14 <Brooke> did he appoint a minion?
02:07:38 <wizzyrea> not that I'm aware of :/
02:07:51 <Brooke> right we can always come back should he arrive.
02:08:01 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.0
02:08:10 <Brooke> possiblay the same
02:08:41 <wizzyrea> hdl sent an email today saying he was going to stop support of 3.0, unless someone else picked it up
02:09:10 <wizzyrea> and I'm sure we all appreciate the two years he spent as release maintainer - hdl++
02:09:24 <Brooke> indeed
02:09:27 <Brooke> hdl++
02:09:38 <SpaceLib> Hdl++
02:09:50 <rhcl> hdl++
02:10:22 <wizzyrea> I suppose we should formally ask if there is anyone willing to take up RMaint for 3.0?
02:10:22 <Brooke> Are there any objections to formal closure of 3.0? That has been a topic of conversation for some time now.
02:10:25 <mtj> indeed!, thanx hdl
02:10:37 <wizzyrea> or adopting formal closure
02:10:55 <Brooke> I would think formal closure if it's not adopted.
02:11:45 <slef> we'll see what interest there is
02:11:49 <mtj> Brooke: i agree
02:11:56 <Brooke> are you interested slef?
02:11:59 <slef> but I'll be surprised
02:12:29 <wizzyrea> so, should we vote to delay formal end-of-life for 3.0 til next meeting, pending a month for people to decide if they want to pick up maintenance?
02:12:39 <slef> don't mind. depends what clients will fund
02:12:57 <slef> but I'll be surprised
02:12:59 <rangi> right, back at my desk
02:13:07 <Space_Librarian> ditto
02:13:09 <Brooke> wiz: we've done that for like 2 months now.
02:13:26 <wizzyrea> fair enough
02:13:29 <slef> we've only one lib on 3.0 with no upgrade plan yet
02:13:45 <mtj> if 3.4 is stable, and 3.2 is old-stable, whats 3.0? .....  very-old-stable?
02:13:56 <Space_Librarian> ancient stable
02:13:57 <Irma> Irma Birchall - CALYX - Sorry for arriving late
02:14:03 <wizzyrea> well it's currently without a RMaint, as hdl resigned today ;)
02:14:08 <Brooke> a late irma > no irma :)
02:14:13 <wizzyrea> so I think that might be it's death knell
02:14:28 <Brooke> okay
02:14:32 <Brooke> here is what I propose
02:14:46 <Brooke> we vote to kill it effective next meeting should no one step up in the interim
02:14:49 <Brooke> is that amenable?
02:14:54 <slef> yep
02:14:54 <rhcl> why did hdl resign? Did he feel that it's time had passed, or is he just too busy?
02:15:07 <rangi> bit of both afaict
02:15:11 <wizzyrea> ^^
02:15:14 <rangi> and i agree
02:15:19 <wizzyrea> I think the time has come
02:15:40 <Brooke> any objections to a kill as of next meeting?
02:15:48 <Space_Librarian> nope
02:15:53 <mtj> nope
02:15:55 <wizzyrea> +1 to kill as of next meeting
02:15:55 <rhcl> none
02:16:02 <druthb> +1
02:16:09 <mtj> +1
02:16:15 <Space_Librarian> +1
02:16:52 <Brooke> reading none, motion carries
02:17:11 <Brooke> #action Should 3.0 not be adopted by an RM by next meeting, it will be a very dead parrot.
02:17:28 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.4
02:18:21 <wizzyrea> again no chris_n :/
02:18:25 <rangi> oh re 3.2.8
02:18:31 <rangi> its in string freeze
02:18:37 <Brooke> we should carry a nonsense motion to larn im ;)
02:18:38 <rangi> will be released on the 15th
02:18:52 <Brooke> oh sweet
02:18:52 <wizzyrea> nice :)
02:18:53 <rangi> 3.4.1 will go into string freeze then
02:19:00 <rangi> and released on the 22nd
02:19:12 <wizzyrea> timed_releases++
02:19:26 <rangi> after 3.2.8 depending on if any patches come in, a 3.2.9 and 3.2.10 may follow
02:19:36 * rangi is reading from chris_n's email
02:19:56 <rangi> 3.4.x will be released on the 22nd of every month
02:20:11 <rangi> up until october, when 3.6.0 will be released
02:20:18 <rangi> (and barring any security issues)
02:20:27 <rangi> thats all i know
02:20:33 <rangi> you can track progress from here
02:20:49 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Commits_to_cherry-pick_for_3.4
02:22:08 <rangi> thats all i know :)
02:22:42 <wizzyrea> lovely, thanks
02:22:54 <mtj> cool, nice work chris
02:22:54 <Brooke> that's a lot :D
02:23:18 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.6
02:23:23 <wizzyrea> chris_n++ #for maintaining 2 versions at once
02:23:30 <Brooke> indeed
02:23:35 <Brooke> chris_n++
02:23:36 <rangi> ok, thats on track
02:23:46 <rangi> http://koha-releasemanagement.branchable.com/posts/Work_for_3.6.x/
02:24:25 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Roadmap_to_3.6
02:24:32 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Bug-enhancement-patch_Workflow
02:24:38 <rangi> nothing more to report really
02:24:43 <rangi> just sign off :)
02:24:54 <Irma> rangi ++
02:25:04 <Brooke> rangi++
02:25:12 <wizzyrea> rangi++
02:25:19 <Space_Librarian> rangi++
02:25:30 <rhcl> rangi++
02:25:51 <druthb> rangi++
02:27:00 <Brooke> #topic KohaCon 2011
02:27:05 <Brooke> not seein kmkale.
02:27:18 <Space_Librarian> nope...
02:27:38 <Brooke> Bueller?
02:28:23 <wizzyrea> hrm
02:28:30 <rangi> moving on?
02:28:38 <Brooke> I'm going to go with
02:28:46 <Brooke> there were several sponsorships so far
02:28:49 <rangi> #idea ask kmkale to email the list with an update
02:28:51 <Brooke> which is fortunate
02:29:01 <Brooke> and there have been a few proposals
02:29:05 <Brooke> which is also fortunate
02:29:05 <wahanui> okay, Brooke.
02:29:14 <Space_Librarian> but no sponsorships from bigger koha users
02:29:21 <Brooke> stay posted over at http://kohacon11.vpmthane.org/ocs/index.php/k/k11
02:29:22 <Brooke> to
02:29:23 <Brooke> o
02:29:47 <Brooke> #topic KohaCon 2012
02:30:04 <Space_Librarian> exciting. Are we still bullying people?
02:30:17 <rhcl> ?
02:30:48 <Brooke> I prefer "convincing".
02:30:51 <Space_Librarian> we were trying persuade some people south america would be good for 2012 last meeting...
02:31:02 <Space_Librarian> persuade is also a good word
02:31:15 * druthb suggests Lawrence, KS, just to hear wizzyrea scream a little.
02:31:18 <Brooke> yeah, persuasion, that's the ticket.
02:31:24 <wizzyrea> !
02:31:27 <rhcl> I support that!
02:31:43 <rhcl> Cheap airfare for me.
02:31:55 <rangi> i think north is probably due
02:32:02 <Space_Librarian> can we use sparkly red shoes in the logo?
02:32:06 <wizzyrea> lol
02:32:14 <wizzyrea> there's no place like home, they tell me
02:32:21 * druthb enjoys making wizzyrea go "!"
02:32:25 <Brooke> pfft Europe'd due before North.
02:32:29 <Space_Librarian> prince edward island...
02:32:29 <wizzyrea> ^^
02:32:32 <rangi> thats what i mean
02:32:33 <Space_Librarian> :p
02:32:35 <wizzyrea> maybe 2013 ;)
02:32:37 <rangi> real north
02:32:39 <Brooke> my typing is atrocious, sorry.
02:32:43 <rangi> not north america
02:32:51 <Space_Librarian> canada?
02:33:06 <Space_Librarian> (is still north america) never mind
02:33:15 <rangi> but really, there should be no convincing needed, someone should volunteer if they want to
02:33:25 <wizzyrea> ^^
02:33:30 <Brooke> tyres might have been kicked
02:33:49 <Brooke> just as there were some Africans kicking tyres >:)
02:33:54 <Space_Librarian> that's some heavy persuasion there, Brooke
02:34:05 * Brooke looks innocent.
02:34:33 <Space_Librarian> magnus_away did say may 2013 as well...
02:34:38 <Space_Librarian> maybe*
02:34:41 <Brooke> well, we thought about it, and nengard's not here to pester us about acting on it
02:34:51 <Space_Librarian> true
02:35:08 <Brooke> oooh there's a thought. I'd only mind if it conflicted with eg
02:35:13 <Brooke> which I think would be a bad idea.
02:35:48 <slef> can we call for dates before next meeting?
02:35:50 <Space_Librarian> UK - since their nat archives will be on Koha...
02:36:06 <druthb> There was some talk at KUDOS last week about having a joing EG and KUDOS con starting in 2013.  Most of the enthusiasm came from the two or three folks who attended both...
02:36:12 <Brooke> not to mention we had UK last bid round :D
02:36:28 <Space_Librarian> we did...
02:36:34 <Irma> what are we hoping to achieve discussing Kohacon 2012 at this stage?
02:36:47 <slef> bah it's unethical to go round announcing your clients
02:36:53 <Space_Librarian> a shortlist by the time koha2011 finishes
02:37:13 <Brooke> and it ought give people a wee bit more prep time than they've had in the past.
02:37:22 <Space_Librarian> preferably the next conference venue
02:37:42 <Irma> Is it time then to call on the e-list for expressions of interest?
02:37:54 <wizzyrea> yep, let's do that
02:38:00 <Space_Librarian> you'll need a set of dates for that...
02:38:06 <Space_Librarian> otherwise, good idea.
02:38:06 <Brooke> #idea listserv eoi for KohaCon 2012
02:38:18 <wizzyrea> nah, that's part of the eoi
02:38:22 <Brooke> sponsor decides dates methinks
02:38:25 <wizzyrea> ^^
02:38:41 * Space_Librarian nods
02:38:54 <slef> look
02:38:56 <Irma> re dates: we need to look at an international list of library events ...
02:39:10 <Space_Librarian> yeah.
02:39:13 <slef> last time, ppl complained about collisions with other events
02:39:35 <Space_Librarian> got that problem in NZ this year
02:40:02 <slef> I don't know where to find dates for events in Aus or India... let's get some boundaries
02:40:19 <Brooke> it's always going to collide with something, just hopefully that something is not something that would sap attendance
02:40:48 <slef> hope and two quid will buy you a coffee :-/
02:40:53 <Irma> the IFLA website has events info
02:41:20 <Space_Librarian> so does ALIA... for international conferences
02:41:42 <slef> cool, are there gaps?
02:41:43 <Space_Librarian> ALA mid-June...
02:42:28 <wizzy_away> (for just a min)
02:42:45 <Irma> I suggest we ask on the e-list and produce a Doodle survey for the best month
02:42:55 <druthb> Irma++
02:42:58 <Space_Librarian> good idea
02:43:09 <Irma> and the sponsor makes the last decision
02:43:17 <slef> Irma: good idea. can you?
02:43:20 <Irma> sponsor/host
02:43:38 <Irma> I can slef if you like ...
02:43:47 <Brooke> #idea doodle survey for best month for KohaCon
02:43:48 <slef> I like
02:43:52 <Irma> Brooke? Do you wish me to prepare that?
02:43:54 <slef> Irma++
02:43:57 <Brooke> Do I ever :D
02:44:00 <Brooke> Irma++
02:44:05 <Brooke> I shall be your minion if necessary.
02:44:14 <slef> #action Irma to doodle for best month
02:44:19 <Irma> Ok then "watch that space"
02:44:20 <Space_Librarian> Irma++
02:44:39 <slef> #action Brooke to provide general minioning
02:45:00 <Brooke> tough act to follow, but does anyone else have any bril ideas on this topic?
02:45:15 <Brooke> pfft, not general minioning, minioning to Irma :P
02:45:28 <Space_Librarian> hehe
02:45:33 <Irma> hehe
02:46:17 <Brooke> righto
02:46:19 <Space_Librarian> er... will get back to you.
02:46:26 <Space_Librarian> we had a good list last meeting
02:46:27 <Brooke> #topic DB Documentation Management
02:47:00 <rangi> no nicole
02:47:09 <rangi> i propose we save this for next meeting
02:47:20 <Brooke> tabled barring objections
02:47:28 <druthb> +1 to table
02:47:51 <Space_Librarian> +1 to table
02:47:55 <Irma> +1 to table
02:47:56 <rhcl> +1
02:48:23 <Brooke> right DB Documentation Management may now kiss the bride.
02:48:27 <slef> +1 to shelve
02:48:44 <Brooke> #topic Miscellaneous Olde Business.
02:48:49 <slef> ;-)
02:48:52 <Brooke> MJ
02:48:56 <Brooke> ba dum cha
02:49:57 <Brooke> nuffin?
02:50:18 <slef> not yet, not prepared
02:50:33 * Space_Librarian watches the tumbleweed roll past
02:50:46 <Brooke> k
02:50:53 <Brooke> #topic time of next meeting
02:51:58 <rhcl> this time didn't seem to promote a good turnout
02:52:08 <rangi> 8 hours from now
02:52:14 <rangi> continue on the 8 hour rotation
02:52:15 <rangi> ?
02:52:20 <Space_Librarian> yep
02:52:23 <Irma> yep
02:52:36 <Space_Librarian> 14 June?
02:52:38 <rangi> so 10:00 UTC
02:52:50 <Irma> and consult the elaborate spreadsheet prepared after last meeting
02:52:58 <rangi> oh god, do we have to?
02:53:00 <Space_Librarian> :)
02:53:09 <rangi> spreadsheets make me vomit
02:53:14 <rangi> i think im allergic
02:53:20 <slef> me only if xlsx
02:53:37 <Irma> all is good guys ... I was just kidding!
02:53:54 <rangi> phew :)
02:54:01 <slef> Real Community are here
02:54:03 <Brooke> ya mean http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Meeting_Starting_Times
02:54:05 <Brooke> ?
02:54:55 <Space_Librarian> 10:00 UTC an issue?
02:55:12 <Irma> yes Brooke but it was to inform us of the past to make the future easier and as fair as possible
02:55:22 <Brooke> a yep
02:55:27 <wizzyrea> ya, +8h from now
02:55:30 <Brooke> that was a yep to Irma
02:55:41 <Space_Librarian> when?
02:55:51 <Irma> +8 hours from now is good for me too
02:55:53 <Brooke> it is also nice because it doesn't screw Europe, who was screwed this go.
02:55:53 <wahanui> okay, Brooke.
02:56:01 <wizzyrea> forget it
02:56:01 <wahanui> wizzyrea: I forgot it
02:56:18 <jcamins_away> Wasn't it 10:00 UTC last month?
02:56:29 <Irma> what time would that be for you wizzyrea?
02:56:33 <rangi> oh maybe we need to go -8 then
02:56:34 <wizzyrea> 5am is early for me, with luck i'd have insomnia ;)
02:56:35 <rangi> lemme look
02:56:47 * jcamins_away has no objection, just confused 'cause he thought he remembered being up super-early last time.
02:56:50 <rangi> yes it was
02:56:54 <Space_Librarian> should be -8
02:56:58 <Space_Librarian> 6am for us...
02:57:01 <rangi> so this one should be -8
02:57:05 <rangi> thats ok
02:57:13 <rangi> im never asleep past then ;)
02:57:22 <wizzyrea> 1pm in CDT
02:57:27 <slef> it'd be nice if ppl would send apologies if they won't be here ;)
02:57:27 <rangi> good for europe and the US
02:57:36 <Irma> 4am for me then a bike ride ... OK! That works!
02:57:37 * wizzyrea curses daylight savings
02:57:47 * jcamins_away sends his apologies for June's meeting.
02:57:49 <Space_Librarian> do we have a date?
02:58:04 <rangi> you cant make 1pm jcamins_away ?
02:58:10 <jcamins_away> rangi: I can't make June.
02:58:13 <rangi> ahh
02:58:21 <wizzyrea> I think he'll be away somewhere exotic :)
02:58:27 <rangi> note it on the wiki page ;-)
02:58:29 <slef> jcamins_away: to the wiki is best, when it's there
02:58:34 <slef> snap!
02:58:40 <Irma> Space_librarian Good question!
02:58:46 <wizzyrea> it'd be 2 for him, he's in eastern ^.^
02:58:46 <Space_Librarian> i thought so. :)
02:59:05 <rangi> 14 is fine by me
02:59:07 <Brooke> Holdin' it down on the East Siiiiidie.
02:59:24 <wizzyrea> keepin the middle from blowin awayeeee
02:59:33 <Brooke> yeah boy.
02:59:34 <wizzyrea> bg's kickin it on the WC
02:59:39 * Brooke is officially punchy.
03:00:08 <jcamins_away> Brooke++ # see, someone else *does* use the word punchy
03:00:17 <wizzyrea> :)
03:00:18 <wizzyrea> so
03:00:28 <Space_Librarian> so 6am on the 15th (NZDST) for moi
03:00:34 <slef> 14 ok afaict
03:00:53 <druthb> "A motion to adjourn is always in order."   'specially with the chair-being getting punchy.
03:01:02 <Brooke> can't
03:01:09 <slef> jcamins_away: what about snuck and frit?
03:01:12 <Brooke> I am chained to the gavel until we've a proper time and vote.
03:01:15 * druthb is close enough to Brooke to get punched....so....
03:01:16 <rangi> ok so 14 June 18:00 UTC
03:01:16 <Irma> Brooke June 15th?
03:01:26 <slef> rangi++
03:01:35 <Brooke> argh conflicting motions
03:01:36 <rangi> theres the proper
03:01:37 <wizzyrea> there it is
03:01:40 <Space_Librarian> 14th
03:01:40 <rangi> vote you scoundrels
03:01:42 <Brooke> traffic copping Rangi first
03:01:50 <druthb> +1 #rangi
03:01:59 <wizzyrea> 14 june 18:00 UTC
03:02:03 <Space_Librarian> +1
03:02:04 * rangi may have had a couple of beers at lunch
03:02:05 <Brooke> 14th June 18:00 UTC +1
03:02:05 <wizzyrea> +1
03:02:10 <Space_Librarian> he did too
03:02:19 <jcamins_away> slef: nah, those're Englishisms. ;)
03:02:24 <Irma> Brooke do you want me to add May and June to http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Meeting_Starting_Times ?
03:02:28 <wizzyrea> doo eet
03:02:37 <Brooke> Irma I'll do eet
03:02:40 <wizzyrea> move to get back to your regularly scheduled koha bidniz
03:02:42 <Brooke> that's yeoman's woik.
03:02:49 <Irma> thanks Brooke
03:02:50 <Brooke> k
03:02:50 <Space_Librarian> oh, can we short out wiki email validation things yet?
03:03:00 <Brooke> barring objections 14 June 1800 UTC it is.
03:03:03 <wizzyrea> no gmcharlt tonight :(
03:03:10 <Space_Librarian> d'oh
03:03:33 <Brooke> fine
03:03:36 <slef> Space_Librarian: in what way JOOI?
03:03:44 <Brooke> #action 14 June 1800 UTC Next Meeting
03:03:55 <Brooke> #endmeeting