01:00:30 <Brooke> #startmeeting
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01:00:38 <Brooke> #topic introductions
01:00:50 <Brooke> Welcome to the Koha Community Meeting
01:00:59 <Brooke> feel free to Introduce yerselves
01:01:11 <jwagner> I thought the meeting didn't start until 02:00 UTC?
01:01:26 <jransom> I think we are 1 hour early too
01:01:38 <rangi> it doesnt
01:01:43 <rangi> :)
01:01:49 <Brooke> I have time in London at 2AM now
01:01:56 <Brooke> I could be an hour off easily enough though XD
01:02:07 <rangi> london isnt UTC this time of year
01:02:14 <jwagner> huginn thinks you are :-) Meeting started Tue Aug 2 01:00:30 2011 UTC
01:02:19 <Judit1> wow
01:02:20 <Brooke> well bust that
01:02:24 <Brooke> stupid time zones
01:02:28 <Judit1> confusing
01:02:28 <Brooke> #endmeeting