02:01:35 <Brooke> #startmeeting
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02:01:53 <Brooke> #topic introductions
02:02:13 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
02:02:14 <Brooke> Welcome to another fun filled IRC General Meeting
02:02:22 <Brooke> #info for intros plox
02:02:44 <jwagner> #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
02:02:56 <jcamins> #info Jared Camins-Esakov and Shari Perkins, C & P Bibliography Services (only kind of here)
02:03:29 <druthb> #info D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions
02:03:36 <edv> #info Ed Veal, ByWater Solutions
02:04:58 <Brooke> k
02:05:07 <Brooke> anyone have any announcements?
02:05:20 <thd> Only US people today?
02:05:22 <paulnz> #info Paul Nielsen hauraki District Libraries
02:05:51 <paulnz> looks like im representing NZ - didn;t relasie it was meeting time even
02:05:58 <Brooke> d'oh
02:06:06 <thd> Congratulations paulnz
02:06:07 <Brooke> I'm guessing many people are still jet lagged.
02:06:33 <paulnz> no sympathy from us had-to-stay-at-homers
02:06:49 <Brooke> I'm gonna fudge these roadmaps, so 3.6 first then 3.8, because I'm jumping to the conclusion that no one wants to hear about 3.4 anymore.
02:07:03 * thd is jet lagged from resurrecting two computers from the dead.  Thankfully, I do not do miracles every day :)
02:07:34 <Brooke> anyone have a burning desire to do 3.6?
02:08:23 <BobB> #info Bob Birchall, Calyx
02:08:30 <BobB> Sorry I'm late
02:08:48 <Brooke> no problem Bob
02:08:56 <Brooke> moving on to Roadmap to 3.8
02:09:07 <Brooke> it's really early for Frenchies, and I don't see an active Paul
02:09:51 <BobB> I think its 5am in France
02:10:08 <Brooke> well, I can do the KohaCon11 bit
02:10:12 <Brooke> it was awesome if you weren't there
02:10:16 * druthb cheers
02:10:19 <Brooke> and if you were, you know how cool it was.
02:10:26 <Brooke> tonnes of good chats
02:10:29 <thd> This is primarily a good hour for the west coast of the US and Australia.
02:10:34 * druthb is still twitching from the jet lag
02:10:36 <Brooke> hopefully VPM will put stuff up if they've not yet
02:10:46 <BobB> It was a cool 35 every day - reall cool!
02:11:14 <Brooke> VPM might start an Academy, which I think will be neat if it gets rolling.
02:12:01 <BobB> Brooke, I know that kmkale collected all the papers - I think he'll do something public with them.
02:12:08 * Brooke nods.
02:12:15 <Brooke> I was more wondering about the electronic feed
02:12:20 <Brooke> but hey, all in good time.
02:12:31 <Brooke> #topic KohaCon2012
02:13:09 <thd> How much seemed to be recorded?
02:13:19 <Phlunk3> long shot, but anyone can confirm if marc21 or unimarc should be used in fiji? I remember being told one of them was pretty much only used in france, but I forget which one haha
02:13:26 <druthb> virtually all of it, thd.
02:13:31 <Brooke> should be 21
02:13:45 <Brooke> unless there are many, many diacritics.
02:14:12 <Brooke> I'm guessing slef is still asleep as well
02:14:25 <BobB> Phlunk3, afaik, Fiji is marc21
02:14:26 <Brooke> he left decent notes though
02:14:28 <thd> slef had sent apologies to the wiki
02:14:33 <Brooke> so I shall just spout what is on the wiki
02:14:42 <Brooke> Probably 5-7 June 2012 for conference, 9-11 June for hackfest.
02:14:51 <Brooke> 4 and 5 June are expected to be Bank Holidays in Scotland (Royal Jubilee) which will probably mean more food, drink and entertainment, but less transport, banking and large shops. Will that screw it up for anyone? It seemed more important to avoid clashing with ALA later in June.
02:14:53 <chrisdothall> #info Chris Hall, Catalyst IT Ltd
02:14:59 <Brooke> Please use the wishlist page for ideas you'd like the team to bear in mind.
02:15:12 <Brooke> At the moment, the team is just slef and mle, but we've had a few offers of help which we're starting to take up.
02:15:12 <Brooke> slef expects to ask for most help with schedule design and talk reviews and at-the-conference help, but it'd be great to hear other suggestions of what else could be organised remotely.
02:15:12 <Brooke> slef will be doing the fun task of reading the English and Scottish interpretations of the Bribery Act 2010 between meetings tomorrow, because one of his advisors thought it might affect how we do a crowdfunding sponsorship drive.
02:15:13 <Brooke> The two top choices look like indiegogo (more public) and using the co-op's existing payment services (lower fees, especially for Single Euro Payments Area). Anyone thoughts on those or other suggested services?
02:15:49 <Brooke> #idea help with securing accommodations can be done at a distance.
02:16:17 <Brooke> #idea list of folks willing to take on a lodger to save another person expense.
02:16:20 <huginn> New commit(s) needsignoff: [Bug 7235] Adding invoice number and vendor name to the moredetail page <http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7235>
02:16:36 <thd> Avoiding a conflict with ALA is imperative from a US perspective.
02:16:43 <Brooke> it's not near ALA
02:16:44 * druthb notes that Brooke did a *fine* job of that for Thane.  There were some bobbles, but overall I was very happy with Vihang's.
02:16:47 <Brooke> that's at the end of June
02:17:02 <BobB> Do we know what venue slef proposes to use? If its a university it will have accommodation available in June, I'd guess
02:17:12 <thd> I would certainly prefer better transport and fewer bank holidays.
02:17:17 <Brooke> not finalised yet bob
02:17:28 <Brooke> bank holidays are really no biggy
02:17:35 <rhcl_home> sorry for late checkin. RHCL = Greg Lawson @ Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
02:18:03 <Brooke> anyone else want to leave a pixel trail for slef to get later?
02:18:08 <thd> Shop closures and reduced transportation mute the experience of the place.
02:19:17 <Brooke> #topic KohaCon2013
02:19:46 <BobB> Seriously?  That's two years away.
02:20:11 <thd> Plan early so that people can schedule funding.
02:20:44 <Brooke> I just drive the bus. Someone else stuck it on the agenda. ;)
02:20:47 <thd> Funding to attend is a major issue which must be budgeted well in advance for many.
02:21:05 * thd did not place it on the agenda.
02:21:22 <BobB> thd, re shop closures in Edinburgh, the Royal Jubilee will be one massive party.  There'll be no muted experience!  :)
02:21:26 <rhcl_home> #info Greg Lawson Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
02:22:14 <Brooke> Bob, you're helping to swipe the stone of destiny with us, right? ;)
02:22:47 <BobB> Right!
02:22:53 <Brooke> k, since no one is itching to go into the 2013 can of worms, moving on.
02:23:05 <Brooke> #topic Global Bug Squashing Days
02:24:06 <BobB> Magnus is also asleep in Europe, I guess?
02:24:06 <wahanui> okay, BobB.
02:24:11 <Brooke> prolly
02:24:38 <BobB> wahanui - be quiet
02:24:39 <wahanui> BobB: huh?
02:25:23 <Brooke> 3.61 is due out on 22. Get to gettin or there won't be much in it.
02:26:21 <Brooke> a hearty thanks to the folks that are working to get the bug metre to be green
02:26:34 <Brooke> #info thanks to all of you diligent bug squashers.
02:26:50 <Brooke> #topic actions from 5 October
02:27:07 <Brooke> so
02:27:08 <Brooke> uh
02:27:11 <thd> We had selected Perl coding style.
02:27:14 <Brooke> Liz and I submitted for DML
02:27:27 <thd> DML?
02:27:34 <Brooke> the page for submission was super hostile, so I'm not expecting much
02:27:46 <Brooke> the Badge Competition I talked about last meeting.
02:27:53 <thd> Oh yes
02:28:23 <Brooke> between that and my presentation, I've a really good idea of stuff, so hopefully at some point the wiki on gamification will get a padding.
02:28:48 <Brooke> don't think that there's much else to talk about from October
02:28:52 <thd> I have a question about Perl coding style.
02:29:06 <thd> We had selected Perl coding style in October.
02:29:29 <Brooke> you already said that
02:29:30 <thd> Paul, myself and others had a concern about the transition.
02:30:04 <thd> Does anyone have information from the hackfest about Perl coding style transition discussions?
02:30:16 <Brooke> don't think anyone mentioned it
02:30:21 <thd> That is what do we do about the old code?
02:30:52 <Brooke> should phase itself out little by little as code is modified, yes?
02:31:38 <thd> That was the sense I had from last meeting but Paul had written about the possibility of an alternative.
02:31:57 <thd> An alternative would be a discussion topic during the hackfest.
02:32:28 <thd> Was there such a discussion?  Brooke does not recall one.
02:32:44 <Brooke> I was in the training sessions though.
02:32:56 <Brooke> Don't tell a soul that someone asked me a cataloguing question ;)
02:33:24 <thd> I can ask later on the mailing list.  Paul is not here to answer.
02:33:41 <thd> s/Paul/PaulP/
02:34:35 <Brooke> right good plan
02:34:44 <Brooke> #topic Miscellaneous
02:34:49 <Brooke> so
02:34:52 <Brooke> our wiki is ugly
02:35:00 <Brooke> and I'd really like the ability to add pictures again
02:35:06 <Brooke> in especial with the gaming stuff
02:35:13 <Brooke> but every time I try it throws an error.
02:35:29 <thd> I was not aware picture upload was broken.  I will look at the issue.
02:35:57 <thd> What image file format had been rejected?
02:36:12 <thd> What size images had been rejected?
02:36:15 <Brooke> not sure it makes a diff, but I usually try jpegs and pngs
02:36:21 <Brooke> and they're generally smallish
02:36:36 <Brooke> just like sometimes it randomly sends me to edit a template which is not cool at all
02:36:45 <Brooke> I think the template edit thing is only when I timeout
02:36:46 <thd> It should not make a difference but maybe you wanted some special image format.
02:36:49 <Brooke> instead of asking me to relog
02:36:54 <Brooke> it does mischief.
02:37:12 <Brooke> any other misc stuff?
02:37:30 <thd> I have had timeout problems in the past which seemed to go away so I had not continued to pursue them.
02:38:38 <thd> Image size could be a problem which gmcharlt would need to correct for maximum file / memory size in php.ini.
02:38:48 <Brooke> #topic time and date of next meeting
02:39:56 <Brooke> so
02:40:05 <Brooke> 7 December 6 UTC?
02:40:13 <druthb> +1
02:40:20 <Brooke> no that's not right
02:40:53 <Brooke> 1800 UTC I think...
02:41:00 <thd> It may not be right but I like it.
02:41:16 <jwagner> If it rotates in order, shouldn't it be 10 UTC?
02:41:17 <Brooke> meant to be 18.00
02:41:21 <Brooke> then 10.00
02:41:44 <Brooke> so 7 December 18.00
02:42:05 <thd> jwagner, the order has a direction which may change from time to time.
02:42:22 <jwagner> In other words, no direction :-)
02:42:31 <thd> :)
02:42:33 <BobB> :)
02:42:58 <thd> +1 7 Dec. 18,00 UTC
02:43:13 <BobB> All done?
02:43:55 <Brooke> yeah as soon as we get more than 1 person agreeing to a time XD
02:44:17 <edv> +1
02:44:20 <jwagner> +1
02:44:21 <rhcl_home> I concur
02:44:26 <Brooke> k
02:44:37 <Brooke> #info 7 December 18.00 Next Meeting
02:44:43 <Brooke> scurry
02:44:46 <Brooke> less than an hour
02:44:49 <Brooke> #endmeeting