02:00:07 <Brooke> #startmeeting
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02:00:08 <wahanui> if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
02:00:23 <Brooke> #topic Introductions
02:00:23 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
02:00:37 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries
02:00:38 <druthb> #info D Ruth Bavousett, ByWater Solutions.
02:00:39 <Brooke> Haere Mai and welcome
02:00:54 <Brooke> please introduce yourself with #info if you want to be counted
02:00:55 <Irma> #info Irma Birchall CALYX Australia
02:01:18 <jwagner> #info Jane Wagner LibLime/PTFS
02:02:50 * druthb watches wahanui carefully.
02:03:31 <Brooke> okie dokie, I'm thinking this is prolly gonna be a content light meeting, but we'll see
02:03:36 <mtj> #info Mason James, kOHAaLOHA, NZ
02:04:16 <Brooke> does anyone have any announcements?
02:04:57 <Brooke> #topic Update on Roadmap to 3.4
02:05:09 <Brooke> not sure we really need a bullet point for this anymore..
02:05:27 <Irma> possibly a few ... but I think it will be nice to keep them for the next Koha newsletter ...
02:05:38 <Brooke> okie dokie
02:05:50 <Brooke> I think Daniel's doing a nice job with that
02:06:13 <oleonard> Anyone recall if an end-of-life deadline has been announced for 3.4?
02:06:28 <Brooke> it seemed to be moving that way
02:06:35 <Brooke> and then summat happened
02:06:55 <Irma> yes DAniel is doing a fine job ++
02:07:47 <Brooke> #help End of Life for 3.4 or no?
02:08:02 <BobB> #info BobB
02:08:07 <Brooke> hopefully someone will mark that up by the next meeting
02:08:10 <BobB> Sorry I'm late
02:08:28 <Brooke> Jared is asleep, but left this on the wiki
02:08:37 <mtj> i think 3.4 automatically becomes EOL after the release of 3.8
02:08:42 <Brooke> Jared is still learning his way around the release maintainer tools, but hopes to release 3.6.5 by May 23; he will announce a string freeze as soon as he has something with strings that require freezing
02:09:02 <eythian> #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT
02:09:17 <Brooke> I'm betting that if you #info or #help, you might be able to draw his attention, else AT later
02:10:54 <Brooke> Rangi?
02:10:55 <wahanui> I LIKE ALMONDS! HAVE SOME NUTS!
02:11:15 <oleonard> Last I heard rangi was traveling today
02:11:19 <Brooke> oh duh
02:11:21 <Brooke> ta
02:11:32 <Brooke> Robin do you happen to know anything?
02:11:51 <eythian> yeah, rangi won't be around today
02:12:02 <eythian> I'm not sure of any details of his 3.8 plans
02:12:36 <Brooke> rog
02:12:54 <Brooke> (bet Paul's asleep)
02:13:13 <oleonard> 4AM? I hope so.
02:14:44 <druthb> no slef, either.
02:14:45 <Brooke> the big one for this one is that we need a lot more dough from sponsorship
02:14:56 <Brooke> #help find sponsors
02:15:29 <Brooke> there's a reminder on the wiki that there are meetings on Wednesdays at 18.00
02:15:40 <Brooke> the good news is
02:15:42 <oleonard> Brooke, is there a run-down of expenses which still need to be covered? I'm just curious.
02:15:51 <Brooke> we had a boatload of papers submitted
02:16:02 <Brooke> he's got a weird skelebudget posted owen
02:16:05 <Brooke> lemme dig up the link
02:16:06 * druthb codes up a bigger boat.
02:17:40 <Irma> #info sponsors can be individuals or companies or libraries ...
02:18:03 <Brooke> it's on the vol page
02:18:04 <Brooke> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon12_Volunteers
02:18:24 <Irma> #info Could/should a "donate" button be added on the KohaCon12 page?
02:18:41 <Irma> #info http://koha-community.org/kohacon12/
02:19:00 <Brooke> already is
02:19:01 <Brooke> http://koha-community.org/kohacon12/sponsoring-kohacon12/
02:19:19 <Brooke> :)
02:19:53 <Irma> I can't see a donate button on the KohaCon12 page
02:20:37 <eythian> It's at the bottom
02:20:40 <Irma> ahh thanks Brooke I am using Chrome
02:21:07 <Brooke> that's why they pay me the big bucks ;)
02:21:38 <Irma> and some ...
02:21:48 * druthb offers to double Brooke's wage for chairing the meetings.
02:22:01 <Brooke> so, I think it's a good idea to fish or cut bait on the KohaCon2013 bids
02:22:12 <Brooke> there was a flurry of interest on the listserv
02:22:29 <Brooke> but only a fraction of the folks that said they were interested posted to the wiki
02:23:00 <Brooke> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon2013
02:23:13 <Brooke> if you want to bid please edit it ^
02:23:37 <Brooke> the way it's gone recently is that that page gets an edit
02:23:45 <Brooke> at some point, we say alright already
02:23:54 <Brooke> Nicole's been kind enough to gen a proper ballot
02:23:57 <Brooke> that then goes out
02:23:58 <Brooke> folks vote
02:24:01 <Brooke> and hooray
02:24:12 <Brooke> anyone have problems with that procedure?
02:24:57 <Irma> #info We need a http://koha-community.org/kohacon13/ page soon to ...
02:26:03 <Brooke> okie dokie
02:26:06 <Irma> procedure is good Brooke
02:26:13 <Brooke> I'll prolly send (another) reminder to the list to edit the wiki
02:26:30 <Brooke> does closing that portion in a fortnight sound reasonable, or is that too quick?
02:26:39 <Irma> too quick
02:26:54 <Brooke> [just recalling that folks wanted a location by KohaCon, sooo]
02:27:22 <Brooke> what's your timeframe then, Irma?
02:27:32 <Irma> #info is it not important to remember that there should not be 2 Koha conferences in the same financial year. So KohaCon13 would need to be after July 2013
02:28:38 <Irma> close 2 months after KohaCon12 ... that's my current suggestion
02:29:08 <Brooke> wow. That's long.
02:29:52 <eythian> well, '11 and '12 were closer together
02:30:13 <BobB> I guess the issue is whether we want to announce the KohaCon13 venue at KohaCon12.  If so, you have to close it next meeting.
02:30:19 <Irma> actually my logic is wrong as KohaCon12 will be over in the FY 2012...
02:31:10 <BobB> There are a couple of folks who can't get budget for KohaCon twice in the same financial year.  That's happened with Mumbai and Edinburgh.
02:31:17 <BobB> Just something to bear in mind.
02:31:18 <Brooke> right
02:32:00 <BobB> For the US the financial year is Jan to Dec I thinK?  So prolly not an issue for folks there.
02:32:05 <Brooke> no
02:32:10 <Brooke> most Libraries are Juneish
02:32:15 <jwagner> It depends on the institution
02:32:20 <BobB> oh, ok
02:32:27 <jwagner> Jan-Dec, Oct-Oct, June-June, etc.
02:32:27 <oleonard> Yeah, fiscal years differ from place to place
02:32:42 * oleonard 's library's fiscal year doesn't even match his state's
02:32:48 <Irma> thanks jwagner. CAn you elaborate re the type of libraries?
02:32:51 <Brooke> I think it was the six month thing that really tanked it
02:33:17 <jwagner> Not really -- it depends on the individual institution, except federal government sites which start FY October 1
02:33:29 <Irma> Financial year in Australia and New Zealand is 1 July to 30 June
02:33:55 <kathryn> hi sorry didn't intro earlier - Kathryn from Catalyst : )
02:33:56 <Brooke> so
02:34:07 <kathryn> in nz it can also be march - apr
02:34:15 <Irma> hi kathryn :)
02:34:28 <kathryn> june-july is for public sector mostly
02:34:32 <Brooke> I think we need a proper idea as to when to close the wiki and forward it to Nicole if she's willing to do up the ballot
02:34:51 <Irma> well here we go , I better stick to local knowledge!
02:35:26 <jwagner> I don't see any particular reason to have a final vote before KohaCon12.  Let's give more time for bids to develop
02:36:01 <Gbengaadara> Intro here too. Olugbenga from Projektlink
02:36:10 <oleonard> Let's put it to the list. There aren't enough people here to make a good decision
02:36:45 <druthb> oleonard++
02:36:56 <Irma> hi Gbengaadara thanks for your bid for KohaCon13
02:37:02 <Brooke> the vote is going to the list regardless of what we decide
02:37:09 <Brooke> and I'm going to send a reminder anyway
02:37:20 <Brooke> but we'll toss the timeframe in there as well
02:37:48 <Brooke> there were no actions from the previous meeting that I spotted in the minutes
02:38:01 <Brooke> but speak now or forever hold your peace if there's other stuff
02:38:42 <Irma> The success (I also mean the content) of KohaCon12 >>  generates hopefully more bids for KohaCon13
02:41:39 <Brooke> anything out there at all?
02:41:58 <BobB> Lunch?
02:41:58 <wahanui> i think Lunch is a good idea :)
02:42:13 <druthb> :)
02:42:16 * jwagner would prefer bedtime to lunch....
02:43:10 <Irma> back to work?
02:43:20 <Brooke> not just yet :P
02:43:28 <Irma> ok then ...
02:43:38 <Brooke> looking at you 6 June
02:44:05 <Brooke> should be 18.00 regardless
02:44:31 <Irma> during KOhaCon12 ...
02:44:37 <Brooke> d'oh
02:44:38 <Brooke> screw that
02:44:54 <Brooke> 13thish then?
02:44:55 * kathryn thought that was the idea
02:45:09 <kathryn> (but won't be at Kohacon so not relevant)
02:45:17 <Irma> it could be ok but has to be during a break time Scotland time
02:45:28 <Brooke> nah not gonna fidget with that
02:45:29 <jwagner> Might work during hackfest, but that's a regular program day -- awkward for a mtg
02:45:38 <oleonard> Won't work
02:45:50 <Brooke> 13th won't work too oleonard?
02:46:09 <oleonard> I mean scheduling a meeting around Kohacon meetings wont work
02:46:24 <Brooke> conflicts with the 13th?
02:46:39 * oleonard doesn't know the hackfest schedule
02:46:59 <Brooke> hackfest is til 11th
02:47:02 <Irma> depending of the time of day...I could bring some hot Belgian waffles along ...
02:47:50 <Irma> so 13th ok for CALYX
02:48:34 <Brooke> folks will prolly be a little jetlaggy, but prime conference memories should still be fresh :)
02:48:37 <Brooke> so
02:48:48 <Brooke> +1 for 13th June 18.00 UTC
02:49:23 <oleonard> +1
02:49:26 <Gbengaadara> +1
02:49:34 <Irma> +1
02:49:58 <druthb> +1
02:50:23 <mtj> +1
02:51:13 <Brooke> right that carries then
02:51:16 <Brooke> #endmeeting