02:01:06 <Brooke> #startmeeting
02:01:06 <wahanui> if there is a meeting then Brooke must want me
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02:01:28 <Brooke> #topic Introductions
02:01:29 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
02:01:41 <Brooke> Welcome, welcome please introduce yourselves with #info
02:01:55 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
02:01:56 <slef> #info MJ Ray, software.coop, Miami
02:02:08 <kathryn> #info
02:02:09 <libsysguy> #info Elliott Davis, ByWater Solutions, Tyler Tx
02:02:14 <jwagner> #info Jane Wagner, LibLime/PTFS
02:02:35 <dcook> #info David Cook, Prosentient Systems
02:02:36 <kathryn> #info Kathryn Tyree, Catalyst IT, NZ
02:04:36 <mtj> #info mason james - kohaaloha
02:05:39 <Brooke> okie dokie, Chris is at a different meeting. Magnus is sleeping (as I'd hope most Europeans are doing.)
02:05:59 <mtj> hi all
02:06:00 <Brooke> movin' on
02:06:05 <Brooke> #topic announcements
02:06:14 <Irma> #info Irma Birchall CALYX Australia
02:06:34 <Brooke> anyone have any neato nifty keen announcements?
02:08:28 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.6
02:08:28 <slef> not I
02:09:30 <libsysguy> maybe next time ;)
02:10:15 <Brooke> hi cait
02:11:07 <Brooke> anyone want to chime in on 3.6?
02:11:24 <mtj> i've been 'prettiying' chris' koha-dashboard  -> http://dash1.kohaaloha.com/
02:11:46 <mtj> re: neato, nifty, keen
02:12:34 <thd> mtj: That link did not work for me.
02:12:51 <kathryn> nor me
02:12:55 <libsysguy> me either…maybe we ddosed it
02:13:24 <Brooke> I get an it works without the 1
02:13:31 <Brooke> so the test page does XD
02:13:57 <Brooke> so we'll look forward to seeing that soon :D
02:14:15 <kathryn> thanks mtj look forward to prettier kittens :)
02:14:16 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.8
02:14:31 <Brooke> I'm just going to read directly from the agenda
02:14:52 <Brooke> Still plan to release 3.8.4 on schedule, I am picking patches that have passed qa, and that fix bugs, directly into 3.8.x. But leaving them set passed QA so paul can push them to master when he gets back. Please continue signing off and doing QA, especially bug fixes.
02:15:13 <Brooke> for those that do not know
02:15:19 <Brooke> since it's so under the radar
02:15:24 <Brooke> Paul is actually French
02:15:35 * libsysguy gasps
02:15:57 <Brooke> (and there was another Frenchie just like him at WikiMania, and I had to do my best to not swallow my teeth when he used the same introduction XD)
02:16:10 <Brooke> Frenchie national holiday now
02:16:10 <slef> So takes a long holiday:-)
02:16:18 <Brooke> ^ what that guy said
02:16:34 <Brooke> #topic Roadmap to 3.10
02:16:48 <Brooke> #info read the RM notes and agenda for progress on 3.8 and 3.10
02:16:50 <slef> and doesn't work from it like us crazy anglos
02:17:39 <Brooke> #topic KohaCon2013
02:17:57 <Brooke> it's in Reno for folks that weren't here last time
02:18:17 <libsysguy> are there still casinos in Reno?
02:18:28 <slef> Anything more known yet?
02:18:50 <Brooke> I just checked the provisional site, and there's naught up there
02:19:01 <thd> Yes, and casinos mean cheap air fare, at least from the US.
02:19:02 <Brooke> and yes as far as I know libsysguy
02:19:03 <slef> Shall I send them am invite to the next irc meeting?
02:19:16 <rangi> back
02:19:18 <Brooke> sure why not
02:19:21 <Brooke> it's supper time there
02:19:24 <Brooke> so perhaps eating
02:19:26 <rangi> #info chris c - late because of another meeting
02:19:39 <slef> Next meeting time ok for them?
02:19:43 <Brooke> yep, read your apology and your agenda note :)
02:19:49 <Brooke> slef: not sure
02:20:00 <slef> he he I'm slow typing on phone here
02:20:35 <Brooke> #info watch http://kohacon2013.wordpress.com/venue/ or wherever else the Reno folks decide to update stuff.
02:20:47 <rangi> actually
02:20:49 <Brooke> I'm not #linking that
02:20:54 <rangi> watch
02:20:57 <Brooke> cause that might not end as their official site
02:21:08 <rangi> http://koha-community.org/kohacon13/
02:21:15 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon13_Summary
02:21:20 <rangi> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon13_Summary
02:21:26 <Brooke> hooray
02:21:29 <rangi> #link http://koha-community.org/kohacon/kohacon13-2/
02:21:55 <mtj> [off] oops, teh correct url was http://dash.kohaaloha.com
02:22:16 <Brooke> sweet!
02:22:20 <Brooke> mtj++
02:22:23 <rangi> nice! if you push that mason
02:22:33 <Brooke> that is totally going in info :P
02:22:41 <rangi> ill change the logos, and get it running on the actual url
02:22:42 <Brooke> #info new dashboard
02:22:51 <Brooke> #link http://dash.kohaaloha.com/
02:22:54 <rangi> ack
02:23:15 <rangi> mtj: did you want that linked?
02:23:40 <mtj> pass, either/or is ok :)
02:23:45 <thd> Is there an unlink command?
02:24:29 <thd> ... or merely manual editing of the summary.
02:24:53 <mtj> thd:  nope -> http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
02:25:01 <rangi> if mtj doesnt care thats fine, its just that it wont ever update :)
02:25:22 <rangi> but once he commits the code to git, ill merge and get it running on the server that talks to the live db
02:25:50 <Brooke> so things will be prettier soon
02:26:23 <rangi> just need a little koha logo, and change the background to not be twitter :) but it looks awesome
02:26:24 <Brooke> #topic Roles for 3.12
02:26:35 <Brooke> I'm going to assume this is a let's talk about this a little
02:26:44 <Brooke> cause it's the first time in a bit I've seen summat like this
02:27:00 <Brooke> as in "Heads up, 3.12 is a coming!"
02:27:15 <rangi> hmm im sure its been on the mailing list
02:27:20 <BobB> #info Bob Birchall, Calyx - just joining, sorry I'm late
02:27:30 <rangi> and yep, in the newsletter
02:27:41 <rangi> http://koha-community.org/koha-newsletter-volume-3-issue-7-july-2012/#roles
02:28:09 <rangi> its more a, sign up if you want to do something, or else ill just volunteer you anyway
02:28:24 * Brooke nods.
02:28:25 <libsysguy> Koha draft
02:28:41 <Irma> #info sorry I must run ... Cheers all.
02:28:46 <Brooke> it's just Jared so far, so more thinking, but thinking must turn into doing
02:29:38 <rangi> just one volunteer for RM is fine
02:29:54 <rangi> you have to be a nutjob to want to do it anyway
02:30:20 <thd> However, jcamins should have an actual proposal at some point.
02:30:25 <Brooke> yep, but RM is not the only post
02:30:26 <rangi> he does
02:30:27 <Brooke> *hint hint*
02:30:32 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Roles_for_3.12
02:30:34 <rangi> did you look?
02:30:36 <mtj> you definitely speak from experience there, chris
02:30:36 <rangi> :)
02:30:57 <slef> Organised is not the only fruit
02:31:01 <thd> oops, wrong link.
02:31:12 <mtj> -> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Jcamins_Proposal_for_RM-3.12
02:31:21 <slef> Love this predictive text...
02:31:42 <rangi> its a very very good proposal imho
02:31:47 <Brooke> Kiwi wavelength, Bru.
02:32:00 <Brooke> 0200 is psychic!
02:32:19 <thd> It is a fantastic proposal, and much better than his identity page :)
02:33:04 <rangi> we need a rmmaint for 3.10 and maybe 3.6
02:33:05 <Brooke> *cough* meeting chair is vacant *cough*
02:33:14 <rangi> and we need lots and lots more bug wranglers
02:33:18 <rangi> and meeting chair
02:33:21 <rangi> and QAM
02:33:40 <rangi> so spread the word
02:33:45 <rangi> or mtj will be doing all of them
02:33:47 <rangi> :)
02:33:52 <Brooke> will a kitten in fact die if no one adopts 3.6?
02:34:08 <thd> Does wahanui volunteer to chair meetings?
02:34:22 <rangi> nope Brooke
02:34:26 <Brooke> waha would prolly do a better jorb
02:34:38 <slef> I didn't want to code that
02:34:49 <Brooke> anything else about roles for 3.12?
02:35:02 <rangi> normally you get a year out a stable series, but if someone was really attached to 3.6.x
02:35:09 <mtj> hay - now about 2 meeting-chairs - for better timezone coverage?
02:35:14 <rangi> and wanted to continue it for longer than the year, wouldnt hurt
02:35:23 <rangi> mtj: if you can find 2 ...
02:35:26 <BobB> Brooke are you serious about stepping down from meeting chair?
02:35:45 <Brooke> BobB I was serious last time until I was drafted to dictate :P
02:36:01 <BobB> :)
02:36:06 <mtj> no-one wants the 4am meeting-char slot :/
02:36:53 <Brooke> #topic Miscellaneous
02:37:08 <Brooke> random stuff goes here
02:37:56 <slef> Can't get more random than predictive text
02:38:31 <slef> Except it types that fine:-)
02:38:42 <mtj> i've got some koha+bootstrap stuff that i plan to show-off soon-ish...
02:39:09 <mtj> bootstrap ==  http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap
02:39:31 <thd> We have overlooked rangi's proposal from the previous meeting.
02:39:54 <rangi> what was that?
02:40:17 <thd> Using a tool such as gerrit.
02:41:02 <thd> rangi: You were not present for the previous meeting so there was no real consideration in your absence.
02:41:03 <rangi> ahh, that came up at kohacon
02:41:33 <rangi> there wasnt a huge amount of enthusiasm
02:42:04 <thd> rangi: Why was enthusiasm lacking?
02:42:07 <rangi> i think itd be something an RM could propose as part of their proposal in the future perhaps
02:42:23 <mtj> hmm, at the meeting perhaps not - but most devs are very keen for gerrit?
02:42:49 * Brooke smells a survey waiting to happen.
02:42:51 <rangi> not at the hackfest nope
02:43:10 <mtj> wow, thats very surprising to me ?!
02:43:11 <rangi> i think a survey without people trying it
02:43:18 <slef> Looked good but up g torm
02:43:39 <rangi> would promote a lot of uniformed decisiosn, ie people really need to see it in action first
02:43:49 <rangi> what slef said
02:43:51 <slef> Maybe a small risk of becoming a popularity contest?
02:44:06 <Brooke> one would hope that folks wouldn't take a survey they didn't know a drop about, or would be screened out XD
02:44:14 <slef> Stuck it and see
02:44:21 <rangi> the RM would have to deal with it on a daily, nay hourly basis, so I really think its their call
02:44:24 <thd> The issue which confused me is the relation between gerrit and mahara.
02:44:24 <slef> Brooke
02:44:31 <rangi> thd: none at all
02:44:34 <rangi> mahara use gerrit
02:44:45 <slef> You know that don't always work
02:44:46 <rangi> its like the relationship between koha and apache
02:45:43 <thd> Koha does not do much without apache or some other webserver.
02:45:43 <rangi> their gerrit is nice and open so its an easy one to look at, to see it in action
02:46:25 <mtj> thd:  like the relationship between koha and git?
02:46:36 <rangi> thd: its a tool that the project uses, like we use tools
02:46:40 <rangi> thats it
02:46:46 <mtj> one uses the other.... optionally
02:46:55 <slef> Yeah agree with rangi
02:46:56 <kathryn> oh like me and my cake mixer :D
02:47:03 <slef> Rm call
02:47:07 <rangi> +1
02:47:38 <thd> mahara is a project which happens to use gerrit?
02:47:42 <rangi> gotta go
02:48:07 <mtj> thd, yep - you've got it
02:48:47 <thd> mtj: Thanks for the clarification.  I had been trying to find some deeper association which did not exist.
02:49:08 <Brooke> bingo
02:50:00 <mtj> i agree with slef and rangi - the RM makes the call for/against gerrit
02:50:32 <Brooke> movin' on
02:50:56 <Brooke> I assume this will resurface if folks want to pursue it between now and next month, but I expect it might die in a back alley
02:51:13 <Brooke> #topic Time of Next Meeting
02:51:41 <mtj> Brooke: i think gerrit has some champions within Koha...
02:51:49 <Brooke> could be
02:52:03 <Brooke> and hopefully they step up and convince the RM to take it on or no
02:52:21 <mtj> yep, thats the one :)
02:53:19 <mtj> ok, who is the best here at next-meeting math?
02:53:40 <mtj> slef or thd usually :)
02:53:58 <Brooke> so it's 18 UTC I think
02:54:03 <Brooke> unless I'm going the wrong way again
02:54:16 <Brooke> which is quite possible with 3 hours of exercise and this hour of night XD
02:54:21 <slef> I van never remember which easy it goes
02:54:32 <jwagner> next one should be 18
02:54:49 <slef> Cool
02:55:54 <mtj> so, 18 utc,  in one month, on sept 8th ?
02:55:55 * thd is uncertain which way the clock is turning.
02:56:42 <jwagner> Should be Sept 5, if we're sticking to Wednesday
02:56:46 <Brooke> I've the 8th as a Sat
02:57:17 <mtj> oops, ok ... sept 5th , 18 UTC it is then  :)
02:57:32 <slef> Cool
02:57:51 <mtj> cheers #koha
02:57:59 <Brooke> proposal is 5 Sep 18 UTC
02:58:02 <Brooke> +1 if that works
02:58:05 <libsysguy> +1
02:58:17 <thd> +1
02:58:38 <mtj> +1
02:59:08 <jwagner> +1
02:59:23 <slef> +1
03:00:05 <Brooke> clearly your silence is a sign of assent
03:00:17 <Brooke> #info next meeting is 5 Sep 18 UTC
03:00:20 <Brooke> #endmeeting