21:01:53 <nancyk> #startmeeting - KohaCon 13 Planning meeting April 23
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21:02:05 <nancyk> thanks
21:02:22 <William> Hello Jcamis will this help http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/keywords/pilot.html
21:02:51 <nancyk> #topic - Registration and program update
21:03:17 <jcamins> William: I just wanted to know if huginn was working. No need for actual quotes. :)
21:03:31 <William> OH apologies :)
21:03:36 <nancyk> We currently have 38 people registered, and 19 programs proposed, and an opening speaker.
21:03:37 <rangi> hmm
21:03:42 <rangi> oh cool
21:03:57 <jcamins> How many slots are there to fill?
21:04:00 <nancyk> Some people have indicated they will be bringing others, but they have not yet registered.
21:04:19 <rangi> 38 before a programme is published is a really good number
21:04:19 <nancyk> Subjects covered will be training, 14 years of the Koha project, hardware requirements for standard, and virtual servers, access all library materials at one time with VuFind, round table discussions, using telephone notification in Koha, Koha live USB for LIS teaching purposes
21:04:43 <nancyk> And Libki demo, plug-ins, access all library materials at one time with DSpace, how to test and sign off on bugs, history of Koha, community organization, Koha use cases, new web services and Drupal integration, a Nevada cultural moment, serials management on a shoestring, open source ERms and GoKB
21:05:26 <rangi> those all sound good
21:05:29 <cait> yep
21:05:36 <nancyk> We still need someone to present newbie resources, discussion on future development of Koha’s multi-language capabilities.
21:05:59 <nancyk> The April 15 deadline was to get people to submit their programs.  We can still take more.
21:06:16 <rangi> cool
21:06:37 <nancyk> #topic - Programs group needs to meet
21:06:39 <rangi> if you want to do a 'deadline extended' type email im happy to send it forward it far and wide
21:06:55 <nancyk> ok rangi
21:07:06 <jcamins> About how many sessions would you estimate there is time for on the schedule?
21:07:15 <cait> maybe we could ask some poeple for presentations?
21:07:23 <cait> I would think one on acq would be cool to go with the serials one
21:07:26 <rangi> that is a good idea cait
21:07:50 <nancyk> I will meet with Nicole soon to get an idea of the program and it's holes.
21:07:57 <rangi> nancyk: will we be breaking for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea?
21:08:00 <cait> and I think oleonard wnated to do something maybe?
21:08:07 <cait> having him talk about the new opac design might be nice
21:08:12 <nancyk> Of course
21:08:41 <rangi> so 4 sessions, of around 1.5 - 2 hours each
21:08:42 <rangi> * 3
21:08:53 <nancyk> we are planning on lots of great topics and breaks.
21:09:01 <rangi> need 12 sessions worth
21:09:08 <rangi> so thats about 30ish
21:09:19 <jcamins> Thanks.
21:09:20 <rangi> less if some ppl do 1+ slots
21:09:33 <rangi> like a panel might take 1.5 hours
21:09:38 <jcamins> Just trying to get a sense of whether there was a desperate need for more talks.
21:09:55 <rangi> id say we need around 5-10 more at a total guestimate
21:10:08 <nancyk> I think we will be doing fine with just a few additions, and we have the round table discussions that could be extended.
21:10:17 * gmcharlt can fill in another slot if needed
21:10:18 <jcamins> But not desperately. Thanks.
21:10:28 <rangi> yay!
21:10:41 * rangi is nosey who the keynote is
21:10:53 <nancyk> #topic Opening speaker
21:10:55 <cait> gmcharlt: maybe update on next version?
21:11:06 <nancyk> Galen Charlton, next RM, on where Koha is headed, and something inspirational!
21:11:18 <rangi> sweet
21:11:26 <jcamins> cait: so much for that. ;)
21:11:29 <jcamins> It's already taken.
21:11:46 <nancyk> #topic Mistress of Ceremonies
21:12:33 <cait> :)
21:12:38 <nancyk> Megan Conelly, our local gal
21:13:09 <nancyk> #topic - Donations and Sponsorships
21:13:11 <rangi> excellent
21:13:29 <nancyk> We are getting ready to send out sponsorship invitations to vendors.  They will be invited to sponsor food for our break times, buses for our trips on Saturday, or just to give money.
21:13:50 <nancyk> Sponsors will be acknowledged before and during the conference.   We will be asking local restaurants for discounts.  More information will be on the KohaCon13 web site soon.
21:13:55 <rangi> awesomesauce
21:14:06 <gmcharlt> they serve that in Reno?  Wow!
21:14:09 <nancyk> is that a real word?
21:14:14 <rangi> it is now
21:14:18 <jcamins> It is on #koha.
21:14:39 <nancyk> #topic - Road Trip
21:14:43 <William> reno has wicked awesomesauce
21:14:54 * wizzyrea pours the awesomesauce all over Kohacon, and proclaims it "good"
21:14:59 <cait> I would say that sounds like it#s going to be a great event :)
21:15:08 <nancyk> We are investigating Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Virginia City, University of Nevada, Reno Makerspace.  Special event NLA President’s reception:  Beer, wine and food at the Downtown Reno library branch Thursday night.  Cost most likely $20 U.S. dollars, and a directly north from the Atlantis via short bus ride.
21:15:30 <rangi> ohh those all sound good
21:15:53 <nancyk> #topic - Vendor requests
21:16:05 <nancyk> I forgot what this was to be about
21:16:10 <cait> :)
21:16:26 <nancyk> But -Any vendors requesting booth space at KohaCon13, are being directed to our NLA (Nevada Library Association) friends who will be just next door.  Our attendees will be welcome to visit NLA vendors if they desire.
21:16:51 <rangi> cool
21:17:06 <gmcharlt> will KohaCon folks be able to access the NLA meeting (or its exhibits space, at least), free of charge?
21:17:11 <nancyk> #topic - What have we forgotten?
21:17:28 <rangi> at the last few kohacons, we've had a table where vendors can put material .. all on the same table, but no boothy salesy stuff
21:17:37 <rangi> i think that worked ok?
21:17:38 <nancyk> exhibit space is free, conference not.
21:17:45 <gmcharlt> nancyk: thanks
21:17:48 <cait> having them next door sounds like a good solution to me :)
21:18:05 <jcamins> Anyway, our talks will be cooler so no one will want to go to them anyway. :)
21:18:08 <rangi> you'd have to be mad to be at a booth and miss the talks
21:18:11 <rangi> exactly!
21:18:12 <cait> we can still have a table I guess? can put where to find them next door there too
21:18:57 <nancyk> next up - A digital flier will be sent to Library organizations, and anyone who requests one.
21:19:43 <rangi> whats going to be in that?
21:20:28 <nancyk> links to info about Koha, and the conference.  This will be for interested libraries.
21:20:41 <rangi> ah righto
21:21:02 <nancyk> We want to have non users come too
21:21:11 <rangi> yup
21:21:22 <rangi> its usually around 50/50
21:21:23 <nancyk> anything else?
21:21:24 <wahanui> anything else is, like, a guess
21:21:46 <cait> nancyk: sounds all well planned out :)
21:21:57 <nancyk> wow, it's almost like I know what I'm doing!
21:22:31 <nancyk> #topic - how about next meeting will be May 23rd at 22 UTC?
21:23:21 <nancyk> thanks for attending and giving feedback today.
21:23:25 <cait> sounds good to me :)
21:23:38 <cait> nancyk++
21:23:44 <jcamins> The day after the release!
21:23:53 <nancyk> #endmeeting