22:00:45 <nancyk> #startmeeting KohaCon 13 May Planning Meeting
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22:01:01 <nancyk> #info NancyK Chair
22:01:18 <rangi> #info Chris C, catalyst IT
22:01:50 <nancyk> hey chris is it just us again?
22:01:58 <bag> #info Brendan Gallagher , Bywater
22:02:03 <bag> nope!!!
22:02:12 <bag> nancyk++
22:02:15 <trea> #info Thatcher Rea, Bywater Solutions
22:02:17 <cjh> #info Chris Hall, Catalyst IT
22:02:35 <John_C> #info John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
22:02:48 <bag> hey John
22:02:55 <melia> #info Melia Meggs, ByWater Solutions
22:03:28 <John_C> Hi Brendan!
22:03:34 <larryb> #info Larry Baerveldt, ByWater Solutions
22:03:57 <dani> #info Danielle Elder, ByWater Solutions
22:04:16 <nancyk> #topic Agenda I forgot to make one.  So I will report, and take any suggestions or questions
22:04:40 <nancyk> #info There are approximately 63 people registered for KohaCon 13
22:04:47 <rangi> nice, its building up nicely
22:04:52 <bag> oh great!
22:04:58 <pianohacker> #info Jesse Weaver, ByWater Solutions
22:05:01 <bag> I'd love to see 150
22:05:18 <nancyk> #info A Digital Flier will soon be ready to pass around.  It will invite people to come to KohaCon 13, especially those not yet using Koha
22:05:28 <rangi> i imagine a lot of htose are overseas so far .. cos they have to decide earlier :)
22:05:37 <bag> nancyk: NateC will ove you :)
22:05:48 <bag> s/ove/love
22:05:48 <rangi> nancyk: great idea
22:05:49 <bag> :P
22:05:54 <nancyk> He already does.
22:06:11 <nancyk> #info Call for Sponsors will be sent out next week and will be on the web site and wiki.
22:06:12 <drnoe> #info David Noe, ByWater Solutions
22:06:34 <bag> nancyk++
22:06:39 <nancyk> #info The Saturday trip will most likely be to Lake Tahoe, with a paddlewheel boat tour of Emerald Bay.  I hope to get a donation for the transport up and back.
22:07:01 <melia> yay! Emerald Bay is lovely
22:07:07 <rangi> w00t!!
22:07:10 <bag> sounds awesome - rangi you'll love that
22:07:19 <nancyk> #info There may also be a Makerspace tour at UNR University of Nevada Reno on Saturday for those who want to stay in town.
22:07:28 <rangi> cool
22:07:48 <nancyk> #topic Any suggestions or questions?
22:08:26 <rangi> programme is starting to look good
22:08:30 <rangi> all i might suggest
22:08:47 <rangi> is ask anthony (since he is coming all the way from taiwan)
22:08:52 <rangi> if he would like a bit more time
22:09:01 <rangi> im happy to take some off my talk if that helps
22:09:11 <nancyk> ok, good
22:09:50 <bag> are MakerSpaces big other places?  - that's a hot word here now and libraries are thinking/offering everyone space in their libraries around here.
22:09:57 <rangi> yeah
22:10:12 <bag> cool thanks rangi
22:10:13 <rangi> usually tho, the makers are resourceful enough to get their own space :)
22:10:20 * bag just curous
22:10:29 <nancyk> UNR has the makerspace as part of their library
22:10:50 <bag> yeah that's what I'm thinking of nancyk
22:11:06 <nancyk> It sure has been a busy month, but we seem to be on schedule
22:11:47 <rangi> yeah, it seems to be going well
22:11:51 <nancyk> Anyone watch the Burning Man video on the KohaCon web page?
22:11:56 <rangi> yup :)
22:12:05 <rangi> oh speaking of video
22:12:08 <bag> yup
22:12:15 <rangi> that might be a sponsorship opportunity
22:12:33 <bag> oh hey nancyk how are we doing with number of presentations?  you think we have enough going on to fill it up?
22:12:52 <bag> also how are we doing on the sponsorship?
22:12:59 <rangi> bag: its filled up :)
22:13:03 <rangi> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon13_Program
22:13:06 <nancyk> yes, Nicloe did some switching around today, and it is full
22:13:16 <nancyk> oops Nicole
22:13:30 <bag> nice
22:13:35 <rangi> but yeah i was thinking sponsorship for someone to video the presentations
22:13:41 <rangi> so they can go online after
22:13:54 <rangi> might be a nice thing
22:14:15 <nancyk> working on that, but don't want to advertize it until we get our reservations
22:14:20 <rangi> *nod*
22:14:39 <rangi> i have my flights booked, havent booked hotel yet, will do that asap
22:14:50 <bag> 1:30-2:30 Roundtables (Pick one): OPAC or Cataloging   ( I choose Cataloging )
22:15:06 <nancyk> good, I will be nervous until the hotel gets their rooms filled
22:15:21 <rangi> ill skip out for a beer during that one :-)
22:15:54 <bag> nancyk: how short are we of the hotel getting booked out?
22:16:10 <rangi> unless its how can we catalogue so that people can actually find stuff, not satisfy some arcane standard, in which case ill stay :-)
22:16:15 <nancyk> checking on that later today
22:16:36 <bag> cool let me know - maybe melia and nicole would like their own rooms ;)
22:16:48 <nancyk> i plan on giving a general report to the list
22:17:32 <nancyk> even though I live 18 miles away, I have booked 5 nights, and will be waiting for everyone when they get there
22:17:33 <rangi> cool
22:18:10 <bag> AWESOME!!!
22:18:11 <wahanui> That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, bag
22:18:26 <rangi> i read they have a complimentary shuttle
22:18:30 <rangi> which is cool :)
22:18:33 <nancyk> Nicole deserves her own room because she is awesome
22:18:52 <bag> agreed
22:19:51 <rangi> ill just be happy if my bag arrives before i have to present this time :)
22:19:58 <nancyk> Bus service up and down Virginia St. will be handy
22:20:28 <bag> well I will be there before you present rangi I guarantee it
22:20:35 <rangi> :)
22:20:37 * bag :)
22:20:52 <nancyk> We are having a reception for NLA at our branch Thurs night, with tours of the bomb shelter.
22:21:36 <rangi> cool
22:21:53 <nancyk> You all canb come too, cost $25 for food music and audlt drinks
22:21:54 <bag> bomb shelter?  sounds cool
22:22:01 <rangi> cool
22:22:28 <John_C> and pub quiz also
22:22:51 <nancyk> John C is NLA president this year
22:22:53 <bag> oh that's rad - I love pub quiz's
22:22:54 <John_C> adult drinks= locally brewed beer and wine
22:22:57 <rangi> oh im sure i asked this before
22:23:06 <bag> oh congrats John_C
22:23:07 <rangi> powerpoints and wifi
22:23:10 <bag> John_C++
22:23:17 <rangi> in the conference room
22:23:20 <rangi> that all covered?
22:23:30 <rangi> (you can never have too many power points)
22:23:43 <nancyk> yes, we took care of the bandwidth for everyone and equipment
22:23:43 <bag> or enough wifi
22:23:51 <rangi> excellent
22:24:26 <nancyk> #info what about hackerfest?  I feel like I have almost ignored them except for space wifi and food
22:24:31 <bag> nancyk++
22:24:44 <bag> coffee
22:24:45 <rangi> thats all we need
22:24:47 <bag> coffee
22:24:50 <bag> coffee
22:24:53 <rangi> oh yeah and caffeine
22:25:12 <rangi> nancyk: we pretty much usually self organise on the wiki
22:25:23 <rangi> sometimes there's a few presentations
22:25:32 <rangi> if ppl have cool tricks to show
22:25:41 <rangi> but mostly its just people working on things together
22:26:02 <rangi> a nice space with coffee and internet is all that we need ;)
22:26:11 <nancyk> ok we have it, with coffee!
22:26:24 <rangi> i will probably try to run a 'librarian to developer in 2 hours'
22:26:30 <rangi> session at the hackfest
22:26:31 <rambutan> #info Greg Lawson - Rolling Hills Consolidated Library
22:26:43 <rangi> as a follow up from my 'what have you done for me lately' talk
22:26:54 <nancyk> i want to see that
22:26:57 <rangi> but only if there is interest .. play it by ear :)
22:27:13 <bag> ok nancyk lattes?
22:27:28 <bag> heh - sorry had to go beyond coffee
22:27:39 <nancyk> Starbucks nearby
22:27:41 <bag> (I'm kidding - we can get our own lattes)
22:27:44 <larryb> donuts
22:28:01 <larryb> and powerbars to counteract the donuts
22:28:06 <nancyk> Jelly Donut store nearby
22:28:07 <rangi> ill bring some beans
22:28:16 <rangi> if someone has a grinder and a french press :)
22:28:17 <bag> beans = farts
22:28:25 <bag> oh those types of beans
22:28:28 <bag> HA
22:28:29 <bag> bag--
22:28:29 <huginn> bag: Error: You're not allowed to adjust your own karma.
22:28:46 <rangi> http://peoplescoffee.co.nz/  <-- that
22:29:02 <bag> looks good
22:29:23 <rangi> ill drink it outside starbucks :)
22:29:49 <rangi> nancyk: i cant think of anything else, i think you have it all under control
22:30:03 <bag> nancyk++  #agreed
22:30:06 <nancyk> Yes, it seems so
22:31:03 <nancyk> I'll have another short meeting next month to update everyone
22:31:20 <nancyk> #endmeeting