19:00:54 <nancyk> #startmeeting Kohacon plan Feb2013
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19:01:07 <nancyk> #chair nancyk
19:01:07 <huginn> Current chairs: nancyk
19:01:48 <nancyk> who is with us today?
19:02:04 <nengard> #info Nicole Engard, ByWater Solutions
19:02:12 <talljoy> #info Joy Nelson ByWater Solutions
19:02:36 <John_Crockett> John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
19:02:45 <John_Crockett> #info John Crockett, Washoe County Library System
19:03:31 <edveal> #info Ed Veal, ByWater Solutions
19:03:44 <nancyk> anybody else?
19:03:50 <nengard> it's the bywater gang :)
19:04:08 <edveal> :)
19:04:16 <jcamins_away> #info Jared Camins-Esakov, C & P Bibliography Services, RM for Koha 3.12 (sort of here only)
19:04:28 <nancyk> Ok let's get started
19:05:06 <nancyk> #topic Overview of proposed schedule and discussion
19:05:38 <nancyk> We have oct 16 - oct 18 as presentations
19:06:04 <nancyk> #info oct 16-18 presentations
19:06:28 <nancyk> #info roadtrip sat oct 19
19:06:55 <nancyk> #info Oct 20-22 Hackfest
19:07:13 <nancyk> anyone have a better or different idea?
19:07:13 <nengard> Sounds good
19:07:33 <nengard> That's usually how it goes
19:07:40 <talljoy> roadtrip++
19:08:03 <nancyk> #info i was thinking last year it was 9-4
19:08:15 <nengard> You mean time of day?
19:08:18 <nengard> 9am-4pm?
19:08:30 <nancyk> yes
19:08:35 <nengard> I forget :)
19:08:50 <talljoy> might have been 10am
19:08:51 <nengard> but that works - I'd say we wait until we get our speaking proposals in to set the times of day
19:08:58 <nengard> we might not have enough to fill 9-4 or we might have too much
19:10:15 <nancyk> then we talk to each other , and share info
19:10:31 <nancyk> #info Brooke wants to go to UNR to see their Makerspace
19:11:03 <nancyk> maybe we can squeeze that in somehow.  It will take logistics
19:11:39 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer - sorry for being late
19:11:46 <nancyk> on to next topic
19:12:20 <nancyk> #topic how many we will be expecting
19:12:50 <cait> not an easy question :)
19:12:55 <talljoy> i'll be there.
19:12:58 <nengard> I think we need to know the cost of the hotel for sure
19:13:00 <cait> I will try to
19:13:02 <nengard> All of ByWater will be there
19:13:09 <nengard> The entire team
19:13:18 <nancyk> #info we are planning on 200 for the first three days and 50 for each hackfest day,  too many?
19:13:22 <nengard> I think people need prices and dates so that they can go to their admin for budgeting approval
19:13:46 <cait> I think a programme would help too
19:13:51 <cait> or knowing that you will get to speak
19:13:56 <cait> for some
19:14:09 <nengard> true
19:14:15 <nengard> some places will only pay if you're speaking
19:14:19 <cait> I feel like it will probably be bigger than last kohacons... but not sure how much bigger
19:14:44 <cait> yes, especially for some countries outside of the US
19:14:53 <nengard> nancyk will the washoe libraries who all voted be there?
19:14:58 <nengard> that should give you an idea
19:15:08 <nancyk> #info that's up on the site
19:15:22 <nancyk> #link http://koha-community.org/kohacon13/
19:15:28 <John_Crockett> rooms at the Atlantis are $81/night (includes $12 resort fee) + tax
19:15:55 <cait> woohoo :) that's affordable :)
19:16:09 <nengard> yeah very
19:16:37 <magnuse> cheap by norwegian standards :-)
19:16:51 <John_Crockett> @nengard, most of the Washoe County staff will be attending the Nevada Library Association Annual Conference which will be held concurrently with KohaCon13 at the Atlantis.
19:16:52 <huginn> John_Crockett: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:16:54 <nancyk> #info actually some are $69 plus resort fee and tax
19:17:35 <John_Crockett> right,  $69 + $12 resort fee is $81
19:17:53 <cait> true, paid more for that room in oslo and got no pool!
19:18:03 <nengard> hehe
19:18:06 * talljoy gets out her abacus to confirm that math
19:18:07 <nengard> I forget what the room in Bergen was
19:18:08 <nancyk> #info we will need 125 for the three programming days and I forget for hackfest
19:18:13 <nengard> but Nevada is known for cheap accomodations
19:18:44 <cait> nancyk: can you explain?
19:18:53 <drojf> it depends on how much tax is whether that is affordable ;)
19:18:56 <nengard> @John_Crockett wasn't the idea to hold KohaCon and NLA near each other so people could attend both?
19:18:56 <huginn> nengard: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:19:03 <nancyk> #info the hotel will provide free meeting space, internet for meetings 10MB up and down all meeting days.
19:19:06 <nengard> oh ... no @
19:19:07 <nengard> stilly me
19:19:10 <nengard> silly
19:20:13 <nancyk> i can get the tax rate information so we all will know the bottom line
19:20:48 <nancyk> #topic NLA  Nevada Library Association
19:21:03 <John_Crockett> @nengard, absolutely.  Koha attendees are most welcome to attend NLA speakers and workshops, however we do charge a registration fee of $20 per day.
19:21:04 <huginn> John_Crockett: I'll give you the answer as soon as RDA is ready
19:21:33 <nengard> John_Crockett I meant the other way around - KohaCon is free so NLA folks can come to ours
19:21:34 <nengard> :)
19:21:59 <nancyk> #info We are sharing some break time .space with NLA on Thursday and Friday
19:22:17 <cait> :)
19:22:23 <John_Crockett> yes, Washoe County staff and NLA attendees will be made aware they are welcome at KohaCon workshops
19:22:38 <John_Crockett> yes, we definitely want to maximize mingling during breaks
19:22:50 <nancyk> #info we did the sharing to get better room rates.  You can also chat with Nevada librarians during the breaks
19:23:31 <nancyk> #topic Further discussion on presentations
19:23:49 <cait> I think it would be good to get the call for papers out soon
19:23:55 <nengard> Yes - you want me to set that up
19:23:57 <cait> so people can start planning and the programme is set early
19:23:58 <nengard> like in previous years?
19:24:29 <cait> I wouldn't try to ask for special topics I think - maybe have a wiki page again for suggestions what people wnat to hear and just see what comes in
19:24:36 <cait> so um. like in previous years maybe?
19:24:53 <nancyk> #info so far we have newbie tips, panel discussions, for hackfest, virtual servers
19:24:54 <nengard> I find a form much easier as a program planner to sort through then a wiki page
19:25:03 <nengard> but we can have a wiki page where people ask for topics they'd like to see
19:25:11 <nengard> but we had an official form for proposals in previous years
19:25:22 <nengard> And then that info went on to the wiki once approved
19:25:27 <cait> nengard: right, I meant a form to send in your abstract
19:25:35 <cait> but maybe a iwki page for people to note what they would like to hear
19:25:36 <nengard> yup
19:25:41 <nengard> agreed
19:25:43 <nengard> sounds great
19:25:54 <cait> sorry :) bit tired
19:26:02 <nancyk> #info we are going to get a call for papers ready soon, just wanted any suggestions
19:26:05 <nengard> I can get that done today and share the link with John for the conference page
19:26:31 <nengard> nancyk you want to do it? I had volunteered for program planning so I can set it up
19:26:51 <nengard> I think I still have previous year's templates
19:26:58 <nengard> and can just change the date and publish :)
19:27:48 <cait> quite sure the one from last year I did for slef shoudl be still around in wordpress too
19:27:56 <nancyk> ok nicole, we should talk about getting that out asap
19:28:07 <nengard> I can do it now
19:28:09 <nengard> be done today
19:28:18 <nancyk> great
19:28:19 <nengard> be done in a few minutes actually
19:28:56 <nancyk> ok
19:29:26 <nancyk> #topic plans for a trip somewhere fun on saturday
19:29:57 <nancyk> #info What do you think about arranging for a bus to and from a couple of locations?
19:30:04 <nengard> #info call for speakers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHVKNGpPdUJIaGtXR2hJQ2U4S3hXX2c6MA
19:31:35 <nancyk> ok
19:31:50 <talljoy> what kind of locations nancyk
19:31:54 <cait> nengard: can you make the fields a bit longer? title is very short :)
19:32:12 <nengard> I'll try ... it's a google thing
19:32:37 <nengard> don't think they let you change field sizes
19:33:07 <John_Crockett> call for programs link added to http://koha-community.org/kohacon/kohacon13/
19:33:15 <nancyk> #info Lake Tahoe, either a cruise or just messing around, or Virginia City, an historic  western town
19:33:23 <cait> nengard: the link to registration needs an update :)
19:33:28 <nengard> already did
19:33:29 <nengard> refresh
19:33:54 <nancyk> nicole, you are making my head spin
19:34:07 <talljoy> she does that to us all.  whirling dervish she is
19:34:18 * nengard takes it as a compliment
19:34:21 <talljoy> as you should
19:34:39 <nancyk> #topic Anything else for now?
19:34:59 <talljoy> nancyk can you post some interesting sites to visit and ask for interest on the wiki?
19:35:20 <talljoy> or did nengard already do that?  ;-)
19:35:36 <nengard> i don't know a darn thing about NV :) so that's all Nancy :)
19:35:41 <nancyk> #info I'll get John C. to do that next week
19:35:55 <talljoy> get to it John_Crockett
19:36:06 <John_Crockett> I'm on it!
19:36:11 <nancyk> #info We also have phone apps for visiting reno
19:36:56 <talljoy> cool
19:37:08 <drojf> for firefox os?
19:37:20 <nengard> oh - phone tips - we needed tips when we went to the UK about how to get our phones to work and where to get sim cards, etc etc
19:37:33 <John_Crockett> the Reno-Tahoe Visitors Association link that's on the wiki now is most helpful http://www.visitrenotahoe.com/
19:37:34 <nengard> that would be nice for those coming from outside of the US
19:38:17 <John_Crockett> great suggestion, we'll be sure to add that
19:38:59 <nancyk> #info the phone apps are for apple and android
19:39:30 <nancyk> #info So I guess we will wait to see what comes in for programs, and I'll get the room tax info out to the list with links
19:40:07 <nengard> John_Crockett can you put a blog post on Koha-Community about the conference page and the info on it - and the call for speakers
19:40:14 <nengard> or do you want me to?
19:40:18 <jcamins_away> If it hasn't been done or mentioned yet, someone should announce the call for speakers.
19:40:23 <nancyk> yes please
19:40:29 <jcamins_away> Oh, and nengard said that while I was waiting for my keylag to catch up.
19:40:35 <nengard> hehe
19:41:22 <nancyk> #topic next meeting March 19, same time or another time?
19:41:46 <nancyk> are you tired of meeting at 19UTC?
19:41:57 <John_Crockett> @nengard, will do
19:41:58 <huginn> John_Crockett: I've exhausted my database of quotes
19:41:59 <cait> it's a good time for europe - early evening
19:42:14 <cait> probably bad for india?
19:42:15 <nengard> the time works for me
19:42:28 <nengard> but it does seem like we're a small group today
19:42:51 <nancyk> #info ok March 19   19 UTC for our next meeting
19:43:24 <drojf> isnt europe travelling to france at that time?
19:43:27 <nancyk> #info I'll be contacting the screeners soon
19:43:30 <nengard> I will not be able to attend (just an fyi)
19:43:37 <nancyk> anything else?
19:43:38 <wahanui> rumour has it anything else is a guess
19:43:45 <nengard> hehe
19:43:51 <nengard> Nothing else I can think about
19:43:52 <nancyk> nice
19:43:52 <cait> drojf: true, but not all europe :)
19:44:26 <nancyk> ok that's it for now, lots of info to come.
19:44:39 <nancyk> #endmeeting