21:09:44 <tcohen> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 14 October 2015 - part 2
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21:09:57 <tcohen> #topic Introductions
21:09:58 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
21:10:07 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
21:10:10 <eythian> #info Robin Sheat, Catalyst IT, NZ
21:10:10 <tcohen> #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
21:10:39 <wnickc> #info Nick Clemens, VOKAL Consortium
21:10:49 <tcohen> ok, a couple more minutes just in case anyone else is around
21:11:11 <mtompset> Greetings, #koha.
21:11:22 <mtompset> Who is the 3.20.x maintainer again?
21:11:33 <tcohen> his name is Chris Cormack
21:11:46 <cait> heh
21:11:52 <tcohen> heh
21:11:58 <mtompset> vi /t/db_dependent/Circulation.t
21:12:01 <eythian> never heard of him
21:12:08 <mtompset> -- /<<<<<
21:12:21 <tcohen> ah. merge conflict markers?
21:12:24 <mtompset> Yes
21:12:43 <mtompset> Is there a patch for that?
21:12:48 <tcohen> we are beginning a meeting
21:13:05 <mtompset> Oh, is this the second one?
21:13:06 <tcohen> mtompset: I think he can do a quick and dirty followup if you leave him a @later
21:13:49 <cait> meeting? :)
21:14:37 <tcohen> #topic RM 3.22 comments
21:14:38 <mtompset> @later tell rangi t/db_dependent/Circulation.t has merge conflict markers in it. Shall I put patch up on bugzilla?
21:14:38 <huginn> mtompset: The operation succeeded.
21:14:53 <mtompset> #info Mark Tompsett
21:14:58 <tcohen> did you all read the logs?
21:15:03 * cait hides
21:15:03 <tcohen> (of course you did)
21:15:08 <mtompset> Not yet.
21:15:24 <eythian> http://meetings.koha-community.org/2015/development_irc_meeting_14_october_2015___part_1.2015-10-14-14.08.log.html <-- in case you need to
21:15:28 <tcohen> ok, I apologized to people with patches on the PQA queue
21:15:31 <pianohacker> no wizzyrea?
21:15:32 <wahanui> i guess no wizzyrea is not.
21:15:51 <tcohen> read the logs for that, i apologize, that's it
21:15:57 <eythian> pianohacker: no, she's busy this morning
21:16:00 <pianohacker> curses :/
21:16:11 <tcohen> I forgot (again)
21:16:11 <eythian> she'll be back in the arvo most likely
21:16:13 <tcohen> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_14_October_2015
21:16:16 <tcohen> that's the agenda
21:16:23 <pianohacker> arvo?
21:16:27 <pianohacker> afternoon?
21:16:27 <wahanui> i heard afternoon was good
21:16:40 <eythian> yeah
21:16:47 <eythian> lrn2english ;)
21:16:54 <tcohen> ok, meeting
21:16:57 <pianohacker> wahanui: arvo is afternoon
21:16:57 <wahanui> OK, pianohacker.
21:17:18 <mtj> #info Mason James, NZ
21:17:23 <mtj> hi folks
21:17:56 <tcohen> 3.22 is in good shape, some minor issues are raised by jenkins (devs, please take a look just in case is your fault or just want to fix something to feel good)
21:18:20 <tcohen> my main concern is the lack of testing the plack integration into the packages has
21:18:49 <tcohen> we can always put a big note saying "try at your own risk", but I think it is worth investing time on this last sprint
21:19:05 <tcohen> we've even set a kohadevbox:ansible branch so people can test it out of the box
21:19:06 <cait> tcohen++
21:19:17 <eythian> I'll see about giving it a review if I get the chance
21:19:26 <eythian> (I'll try to make the chance)
21:19:37 <tcohen> the main outstanding issues are integration issues
21:20:08 <tcohen> there seems to be a problem with headers, that ends  with Koha generating wrong links
21:20:19 <tcohen> see bug 15005
21:20:20 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15005 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , (Plack) Use of SCRIPT_NAME makes Koha generate wrong URIs
21:20:21 <mtompset> are you talking about a branch on Magnus' kohadev box git?
21:20:28 <tcohen> it is tricky to solve
21:20:49 <tcohen> mtompset: exactly
21:21:00 <tcohen> #link http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.education.libraries.koha.devel/12362
21:21:11 <mtompset> I do have Magnus' kohadevbox. I haven't touched it lately. :)
21:22:05 <tcohen> this kohadevbox branch just does things simpler (in some way)
21:22:19 <tcohen> and lets koha-plack handle the plack configuration/management
21:22:37 <tcohen> so it is more suitable for testing the plack integration on the packages
21:22:52 <tcohen> without breaking peoples' kohadevbox which everyone loves
21:22:53 <tcohen> ok?
21:23:30 * cait nods
21:23:31 <tcohen> i'm not pushing for this specific kohadevbox now, I'm just saying that it is the easiest way to test the plack integration
21:23:34 <mtompset> But isn't the kohadevbox meant for breaking? :)
21:24:16 <tcohen> they don't have feature-parity so in some scenarios it doesn't replace the original one, ok?
21:24:39 <tcohen> we could, eventually, who knows, do it, but is not the point right now
21:24:52 <tcohen> patches are accepted (jonathan already contributed fixes)
21:25:13 <tcohen> anyway, please test plack, and help us figure how to solve bug 15005
21:25:25 <tcohen> you will earns cookies from jcamins
21:25:28 <tcohen> which are the best
21:25:34 <tcohen> ever
21:25:55 <tcohen> questions?
21:25:55 <wahanui> questions are good :)
21:26:31 <cait> you mentioned a bywater server for testing plack in the other meeting?
21:26:37 <tcohen> ah, yes
21:26:45 <bag> yes
21:26:52 * cait was waiting for that heh
21:26:55 <tcohen> ByWater provided a server in which we will do some stress tests
21:27:13 <tcohen> i'll send an email to the list once it is set
21:27:20 <tcohen> (expect it for tomorrow morning)
21:27:43 <tcohen> if there aren't any more questions...
21:27:55 <tcohen> - please test master
21:28:02 <tcohen> - please test the plack integration
21:28:07 <tcohen> - please fix all the bugs
21:28:08 <tcohen> :-D
21:28:20 <bag> in reverse order
21:28:30 <cait> i might be able to do some stress testing while travelling, I iwll try
21:28:37 <cait> it's just... try all the things work right?
21:28:42 <cait> just...
21:28:53 <eythian> that's all, not hard :)
21:28:54 <liz> hi
21:28:55 <wahanui> kia ora, liz
21:28:55 <cait> hehe
21:28:56 <tcohen> yes, I already noticed a problem with the label batch creator
21:29:07 <tcohen> didn't fill a bug yet :-/
21:29:08 <cait> something specific that needs testing still? or a certain area?
21:29:26 <tcohen> file upload received a major refactoring on this release
21:29:41 <tcohen> it should be tested
21:29:48 <liz> what was the problem with the batch creator?
21:29:50 <tcohen> also cataloguing plugins
21:29:59 <tcohen> liz: in plack
21:30:02 <liz> oh coolio
21:30:09 <tcohen> when you create a batch, you don't
21:30:09 <tcohen> heh
21:30:15 <liz> ouch.
21:30:24 <bag> I think if we have many different people trying to break it - we’ll find the spots
21:30:33 <tcohen> bag: agreed
21:30:47 <bag> once it’s ready I will help break
21:31:17 <tcohen> eythian: we might need Plack::Middleware::ReverseProxyPath
21:31:28 <tcohen> it will depend on how we solve that bug
21:31:44 <tcohen> ok, shall we?
21:32:09 <tcohen> #topic RESTful API Implementation
21:32:19 <eythian> tcohen: thought we had that already, but sure
21:32:20 <tcohen> during part 1
21:32:33 <tcohen> (eythian, will recheck)
21:32:47 <tcohen> we had a long discussion about the REST api implementation
21:33:08 <tcohen> jonathan was afraid (and several were) that people were not actually
21:33:17 <tcohen> trying to code new endpoints
21:33:31 <tcohen> and there wasn't a clear path on how to do it (guidelines
21:33:42 <tcohen> for controller scripts, for swagger files, etc)
21:33:47 * ashimema made lots of promises to add documentation, guidelines and code examples
21:33:50 <mtompset> I'm not touching REST, because I don't know Mojo or swagger.
21:34:00 <tcohen> it is all spreaded in the RFC, on BZ comments, etc
21:34:05 <cait> ashimema: so you did :)
21:34:41 <ashimema> mtompset... my aim in the guidlines is to make it as trivial as possible to code up a controller without having had prior experience with either swagger or mojo
21:34:48 <tcohen> jOnathan is actively working on figuring how to do things, and he even posted an implementation (backend and UI tweaks) for handling cities
21:34:51 <ashimema> aid in adoption
21:35:19 <tcohen> bug 14974
21:35:20 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14974 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use the REST API for cities
21:35:35 <tcohen> mtompset: Jonathan's is a good example
21:35:55 <tcohen> the swagger files need to be splitted so they are maintainable, etc
21:36:16 * ashimema will be posting followups to showcase more on that bug ;)
21:36:19 <tcohen> that's what the guidelines are about: how to do things well and avoid (as much as possible) added technical debt
21:36:50 <tcohen> Kyle volunteered to create a wiki page, and Martin (ashimema) to solve all our problems
21:37:03 <tcohen> =D
21:37:16 <cait> ashimema++ kyleh++
21:37:29 <tcohen> khall++ ashimema++
21:37:36 <tcohen> Joubu++
21:37:37 <bag> :)
21:37:40 <pianohacker> and I volunteered to rewrite Koha in Perl 6
21:37:48 <tcohen> ah, I forgot!
21:37:53 <bag> in twice the number of lines
21:38:05 <pianohacker> of course
21:38:10 <tcohen> rewrite it in Perl 6 making it backwards compatible with Perl 5.6
21:38:47 <ashimema> perl 6 prototypes are 'interesting'
21:38:50 <ashimema> anywho
21:38:50 <tcohen> pianohacker volunteered too, to work on this
21:38:57 <pianohacker> yup yup
21:38:58 <mtompset> I think the marking... sigils?... aren't backward compatible.
21:39:01 <pianohacker> but yeah, anywho
21:39:19 <cait> pianohacker++
21:39:30 <tcohen> pianohacker++
21:39:47 <tcohen> questions about this? issues?
21:39:50 <cait> khall++ # correcting my typo
21:40:03 <pianohacker> tcohen: looks good
21:40:13 <tcohen> ok
21:40:26 <tcohen> eythian? liz? mtompset?
21:40:39 <eythian> yes?
21:40:46 <tcohen> comments on the REST thing?
21:40:49 <liz> um, please feel free to add me to the CC on anything you think needs backporting to 3.18 and I'll give it a go.
21:40:52 <liz> nope
21:40:57 <tcohen> ok
21:40:57 <eythian> not really, haven't looked at it for a while.
21:41:10 <mtompset> Not really. Still don't have time to touch it.
21:41:19 <tcohen> eythian: we decided that it needed to be simplified
21:41:27 <tcohen> and Julian worked on that
21:41:32 <eythian> Yeah, I'm very very pro that idea.
21:41:33 <liz> start small, dream big
21:41:35 <liz> :)
21:41:58 <tcohen> we still didn't provide patches for integrating it to plack-on-packages
21:41:59 * cait is too
21:42:04 <cait> small steps are great steps
21:42:09 <tcohen> yes, we got rid of rewriting C4::Auth
21:42:26 <tcohen> and reinventing Oauth2 too
21:42:29 <liz> phew
21:42:33 <liz> thanks for that
21:42:45 <tcohen> so it is simple now, it shares authentication and authorization mechanisms
21:42:58 <tcohen> with the rest of the codebase
21:43:01 <eythian> good
21:43:12 <tcohen> and if someone dares to rewrite C4::Auth
21:43:39 <tcohen> he/she can, following our workflow, and should have good reasons to do it
21:44:02 <eythian> it is something I want to do, it's a bit of an ugly monster
21:44:26 <mtompset> It needs a rewrite so that things like authentication fallback order can be implemented. :)
21:44:27 <tcohen> it is not a bad idea, but we cannot rewrite the whole project to have something as simple as a REST api
21:44:36 <eythian> no
21:44:48 <eythian> it'd be its own thing
21:45:13 <tcohen> BTW: kivilathio already wrote the code, it is a separate bug and anyone can comment on that and even provide followups, etc
21:45:36 <tcohen> eythian: exactly
21:45:49 * cait nods
21:45:55 <tcohen> ok
21:46:17 <tcohen> i grab this from part 1
21:46:30 <tcohen> #info Jonathan worked on his own REST implementation test-drive on bug 14974, please, Mojo/Swagger/REST experts take a look and provide feedback
21:46:30 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14974 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use the REST API for cities
21:47:26 <tcohen> I recall, pianohacker volunteered for implementing full  port to dbic
21:47:43 <tcohen> #topic 'Big stuff we are working on'
21:48:21 <tcohen> eythian: something to say about ES?
21:48:24 <eythian> sure
21:48:47 <eythian> first, big ++ to Joubu for helping work on it
21:49:20 <tcohen> Joubu++
21:49:25 <liz> joubu++
21:49:39 <cait> Joubu++
21:49:42 <cait> eythian++ too
21:49:56 <eythian> otherwise, it's in need of more testing, and more polish. I'm currently working on filing off the burrs, I think the bulk of the features are complete, though no doubt more will be found that were missed as people test.
21:49:59 <tcohen> eythian++
21:50:21 <eythian> for the next day or two I'm going to be making sure that zebra still works so it can be merged in without risking anything breaking.
21:50:48 <bag> that sounds good
21:50:59 <tcohen> sounds great
21:51:00 <bag> something we could push that is OFF by default
21:51:05 <eythian> totallyu yeah
21:51:06 <eythian> -u
21:51:15 <tcohen> cool
21:51:24 <cait> eythian: is the demo up to date currently with the latest patches?
21:51:45 <eythian> cait: it's close, but not quite.
21:51:47 <eythian> I'll do that today
21:51:52 <bag> awesome
21:51:53 <wahanui> That'll be $1 for the awesome jar, bag
21:51:56 <bag> awesome
21:52:12 <tcohen> eythian: one integration question
21:52:23 <tcohen> does it consider the multi-instance scenario?
21:52:32 <eythian> yes
21:52:35 <tcohen> (will it work on the packages?)
21:52:38 <tcohen> ok
21:52:43 <tcohen> single ES?
21:52:50 <eythian> yep
21:52:58 <eythian> the index base name is defined in koha-conf
21:53:07 <eythian> and will be generated from the instance name, like the database name is
21:53:12 <tcohen> ah, just like memcached namespaces
21:53:17 <eythian> yeah, exactly
21:53:26 <tcohen> perfect
21:53:45 <cait> eythian: are there some easy notes how to get it running yet somewhere? wiki?
21:53:51 <cait> or still too many things changing?
21:54:00 <eythian> I think there already are instructions on the wiki
21:54:08 <eythian> not much that would affect things is changing.
21:54:10 <bag> I’ve found it quite simple cait
21:54:15 <cait> ok
21:54:20 <bag> you can ping me if you have trouble
21:54:23 <bag> I will help
21:54:28 <cait> i am travelling a lot until feature slush... but will try to put in as much time as I can
21:54:35 <cait> hm a lot before...
21:54:37 <eythian> cool :)
21:54:38 <bag> sounds good
21:54:57 <cait> well, will have to do several things, but try to do as much as i can on each :)
21:55:02 <eythian> Reminds me, I do need to do a bit of work on the dependencies
21:55:53 <tcohen> #chair cait
21:55:53 <huginn> Current chairs: cait tcohen
21:56:02 <tcohen> :-D have to leave, urgently
21:56:05 <tcohen> sorry guys!
21:56:08 <cait> um
21:56:12 <pianohacker> :D
21:56:13 <eythian> surprise!
21:56:16 <cait> ok
21:56:16 <pianohacker> cait++
21:56:17 <tcohen> please read the last logs and comment on those bugs
21:56:19 * mtompset laughs.
21:56:21 <cait> someone reminds me where we are in the agenda? :)
21:56:30 <liz> big things we are working on I think
21:56:33 <eythian> the "big things" stage
21:56:37 <liz> jinx
21:56:42 <mtompset> Elastic search. "big things"
21:57:05 <cait> one sec
21:57:34 <cait> ok
21:57:35 <cait> found the log
21:57:47 <cait> some big stuff has been pushed recently
21:57:50 <pianohacker> rancor is still a creature from star wars, still a cataloging editor, still getting bugs fixed and I'm still trying to get it ready for the slush
21:57:54 <cait> file-upload capabilities and refactoring
21:57:59 <cait> OAI implementation changes
21:58:13 <bag> pianohacker: talked about rancor - same kind of deal - pushed in as defaulted off
21:58:16 <cait> bug 14321
21:58:17 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14321 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Pushed to Master , Merge UploadedFile and UploadedFiles into Koha::Upload
21:58:28 <cait> bug 14893
21:58:28 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14893 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Needs Signoff , Separate temporary storage per instance in Upload.pm
21:58:31 <bag> pianohacker++
21:58:45 <pianohacker> :)
21:58:48 <mtompset> Oh... that looks like a bug I should look at.
21:58:53 <cait> bag: pianohacker: i'd like osmeone to test if it doesn't break records/items
21:59:16 <cait> as a small thing out of a bit test plan that i think we need to make really sure of
21:59:26 <bag> we’ve got a library using it - so that’s totally possible cait
21:59:32 <bag> would that work for you?
21:59:35 <cait> of course
21:59:43 <bag> excellent that we can do
22:00:03 <cait> i think Joubu has also done some testing - there might be still problems with UNIMARC, but not sure
22:00:18 <cait> he left some comments on the bug
22:00:21 <bag> pianohacker any update on your work with Joubu on that?
22:00:46 <pianohacker> not yet, will be working on his and other comments on the bug today and tomorrow
22:00:57 <cait> :)
22:01:00 <bag> :)
22:01:03 <cait> there is another bug, mentioned in part 1
22:01:08 <cait> bug 15005
22:01:09 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15005 major, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , (Plack) Use of SCRIPT_NAME makes Koha generate wrong URIs
22:01:18 <cait> 'is really tricky to solve, with possible integration issues, and requires expert eyes'
22:01:49 <cait> tomas also offered to help anyone willing to test plack with setting up a suitable test environment
22:02:15 <eythian> cait: we covered that
22:02:28 <cait> oops
22:02:49 <cait> went to the wrong place in the logs...
22:02:53 <cait> ok
22:03:00 <cait> anything else big someone wants to mention then? :)
22:03:08 <cait> some big plans for the next release? :)
22:03:45 <cait> ok, then i am moving on
22:03:57 <cait> #topic Specific bugs that need feedback
22:03:59 <cait> bug 13618
22:04:00 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13618 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Needs Signoff , Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC
22:04:15 <cait> please test!
22:04:30 <cait> and help get rid of the xss problems once and for all (hopefully)
22:04:31 <cait> bug 14778
22:04:32 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14778 normal, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Failed QA , Get rid of DBIx::Connector
22:05:17 <cait> and then there was some discussion about DBI::Mock that you should read up on in the logs about
22:05:27 <cait> other bugs?
22:05:57 <cait> echo?
22:05:58 <wahanui> echo?
22:06:07 <pianohacker> echo?
22:06:08 <wahanui> echo?
22:06:19 <cait> ok, someone is still here apart from wahanui :)
22:06:23 <cait> moving on then
22:06:30 <cait> #topic set date and time of next meeting
22:06:32 <cait> #info there will be at least one more dev meeting, tcohen might call for a topic-specific dev meeting if there is something urgent that needs feedback
22:06:43 <cait> #info please communicate fluently regarding bugs and things that might hit the next release
22:06:54 <cait> #endmeeting