15:06:37 <cait> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 15 April 2015 - part 1
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15:06:52 <cait> #topic Introductions
15:06:52 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
15:06:58 <cait> please introduce yourself with #info
15:07:17 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart, BibLibre
15:07:20 <ColinC> #info Colin Campbell PTFS-Europe
15:07:22 <tajoli> #info Zeno Tajoli, CINECA Italy
15:07:28 <khall> #info Kyle Hall, ByWater Solutions
15:07:29 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
15:07:48 <bag> #info Brendan Gallagher, ByWater
15:08:34 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:09:15 <fridolin> #info Fridolin Somers, Biblibre, France
15:09:20 <ablj> #info Jacek Ablewicz, Cracow Univ. of Technology
15:10:44 <cait> hm pinged tcohen - no response
15:10:56 <tcohen> hi
15:11:01 <cait> oh goood!
15:11:03 <tcohen> sorry, really busy day
15:11:08 <cait> can you info please? :)
15:11:11 <tcohen> give me 2 minutes
15:11:24 <tcohen> #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
15:11:27 <cait> i got 2... we will give you 2 too :)
15:11:29 <cait> #topic RM 3.20 comments
15:13:18 <tcohen> hi everyone
15:13:42 <tcohen> i've been troubled and i'm sorry for not being around too much, i'm almost back
15:14:03 <tcohen> and will try to use most of my office time for RM tasks until release
15:14:26 <tcohen> there's been a lag on pushing enhancements and new features
15:14:41 <tcohen> i tried to focus on bugfixes once i got back
15:14:51 <tcohen> so they hit the stable branches ASAP
15:15:01 <khall> good plan of attack
15:15:09 <tcohen> so, I'm in the process of testing/pushing enhancements and new features
15:15:44 <cait> tcohen++
15:15:51 <tcohen> 3.20 is looking good so far, stable, issues have been fixed really quick once we noticed
15:16:05 <tcohen> so
15:16:06 <tcohen> koha++
15:16:29 <tcohen> we need to set a cut day for enahncements
15:16:57 <tcohen> and I'd say stuff that isn't passed-qa next week should be left for 3.22
15:17:14 <cait> friday next or monday next week?
15:17:23 <tcohen> i have some concerns about some stuff on my queue (next topic)
15:17:28 <tcohen> but we can talk about them
15:17:35 <tcohen> next week: wednesday :-D
15:17:59 <tcohen> so we can release a beta during the weekend or so
15:18:02 <cait> soon now :)
15:18:23 <tcohen> you had fun filling my queue, you had enough time .-D
15:18:31 <cait> just to be precise.. the wednesday still counts? your timezone? or tuesday midnight your timezoneß ;)
15:18:34 * cait kows the devs
15:19:07 <tcohen> i come to the office at 9am ART
15:19:21 <tcohen> around 9:10 thursday :-D
15:19:38 <tcohen> i'll take a screenshot at that time
15:19:43 <tcohen> =D
15:20:10 <cait> #info Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 30, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:20:42 <francharb> Good morning all
15:20:49 <tcohen> so you want one more week? :-D
15:20:56 <cait> arg.
15:21:07 <cait> i just can't type
15:21:20 <cait> #info CORRECTION: Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 22nd, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:21:31 <cait> sorry!
15:21:46 <tcohen> #info CORRECTION 2: Freeze for 3.20: What's not passed QA by April 23nd, 9:10 Argentinian time... won't make it in
15:21:57 <tcohen> =D
15:22:01 <cait> oh my
15:22:06 <cait> could you have said that a bit earlier?
15:22:12 <cait> #chair tcohen
15:22:12 <huginn`> Current chairs: cait tcohen
15:22:15 <tcohen> concerns?
15:22:42 <francharb> Is it possible, with xslt, to display the authorised value's description but build a search link on the authorised value's code?
15:23:18 <cait> francharb: currently not i think
15:23:33 <tcohen> #info please let tcohen know if your feature needs attention to make it move, or have his opinion on the odds of it making into 3.20
15:23:44 <francharb> thanks cait ! Sorry, I just realised there was a meeting...
15:23:52 <tcohen> francharb: it might be possible
15:24:00 <tcohen> move on
15:24:17 <fridolin> francharb: (nope, we use reverse maps desc to code as a hack)
15:24:28 <tcohen> #topic General technical discussion
15:24:53 <tcohen> anyone willing to raise something on this subject?
15:25:40 <khall> Not sure if this is the topic for it, but I would *really* like to see bug 13799 signed off. I've been planning to QA it. I'd love to see it in the next release
15:25:41 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:26:18 <tcohen> i think we should move to the next topic, and discuss that there
15:26:25 <khall> ok
15:26:26 <tcohen> #topic Bugs
15:26:43 <tcohen> first one
15:26:44 <wahanui> somebody said first one was looking weird - it says 9 centerville, but there is also an item at liberty
15:26:47 <tcohen> Moose dependencies (Bug 11190)
15:26:48 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11190 new feature, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Passed QA , sitemap.pl -- Generate a Catalog sitemap
15:26:49 <tajoli> I can say something about metasearch
15:27:10 <tajoli> Ok after this topic
15:27:33 <tcohen> tajoli: use the "Big stuff youre working on section"
15:27:40 <tajoli> Ok
15:27:56 <tcohen> has anyone seen the tool introduced by bug 11190?
15:28:16 <tcohen> it is a really interesting one, and i'd like it to make it for 3.20
15:28:27 <tcohen> the only concern is that it introduces Moose dependencies
15:28:46 <cait> hm in the past we had decided against that
15:28:57 <tcohen> true
15:28:58 <cait> is it an optional feature? could the dependency be optional?
15:29:10 <tcohen> it is an optional script
15:29:13 <cait> i think benchmarks indicatd that we shoudl favor moo over moose - or that was the compromise
15:29:18 <tcohen> that needs to be cron-ed
15:29:58 <tcohen> cait: is Moo a  dependency already?
15:30:06 <cait> i am not entirely sure, it might be
15:31:20 <cait> hm
15:31:25 <cait> http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=install_misc/debian.packages;hb=2e1d64d056a63c0eac412c2cbb7b72da5bd4a08c - is libmoose already there?
15:31:26 <tcohen> it isn't
15:31:44 <tcohen> that's not used I think
15:32:20 <tcohen> cait: C4::Installer::PerlDependencies
15:32:25 <cait> ok
15:33:05 <tcohen> anyone? opinions besides the comment that we historically rejected Moose?
15:34:32 <tcohen> ok, I'll try on part 2
15:34:42 <Joubu> Moose is quite heavy
15:34:50 <Joubu> to very interesting to add the deps for 1 script
15:34:56 <Joubu> s/to/not
15:35:22 <tcohen> i'll try using Moo, probably enough for the simple sitemap.pl script
15:35:31 <tcohen> (and its related packages)
15:35:32 <cait> +1 agreeing with Joubu
15:35:36 <cait> it seems too heavy for 1 script if we don't intend to use it in general
15:36:03 <tcohen> the question is: it doesn't have any impact on how Koha responds
15:36:04 <cait> i think if Moo isn't used yet.. we shoudl have some Class::Accessor in the codebase
15:36:07 <cait> not sure if that woudl work
15:36:08 <tcohen> speed or anythin
15:36:25 <tcohen> it is just if it needs to be listed as a dependency or not
15:36:50 <tcohen> i'll talk to fredericd about it, maybe it is an easy change
15:37:00 <tcohen> ok, moving on for now
15:38:05 <tcohen> #info people didn't like to include Moose as dependency, even for a cli script. tcohen will approach fredericd to see if we can make the changes needed for it to make it into 3.20
15:38:39 <cait> #action tcohen to approach fredericd about Moose dependency for bug 11190
15:38:40 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11190 new feature, P5 - low, ---, frederic, Passed QA , sitemap.pl -- Generate a Catalog sitemap
15:38:43 <tcohen> #info if part 2 concludes the opposite, a vote will be held ASAP
15:39:12 <tcohen> moving on
15:39:25 <tcohen> what will we do with the QueryParser ?
15:39:37 <tcohen> it is an awesome idea
15:39:42 <tcohen> but an orphan one
15:40:19 <tcohen> and we have a situation where a feature targets non-QueryParser setups
15:40:23 <tcohen> bug bug 13528
15:40:24 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13528 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Ability to search on the different isbn variations
15:40:37 <cait> Joubu: can you explain why it won't work with QueryParser?
15:41:31 <cait> I remember an email about a problem with mulitple arguments... is that related?
15:42:33 <Joubu> cait: don't remember exactly, I sent an email on koha-devel
15:42:40 <cait> hm that might be the one i remembe rmaybe
15:42:42 <Joubu> because QueryParser is broken with several operators
15:43:02 <cait> I feel like it shouldn't stop this for now
15:43:06 <Joubu> a OR b OR c results in a AND b AND c
15:43:09 <Joubu> something like that
15:43:49 <Joubu> so when you want to check for barcode : bc = $bc1 OR bc = $bc2 OR bc = $bc3, it causes some problems...
15:43:51 <cait> and this seems like a really good enhancement that we coudl extend later to queryparser maybe
15:44:04 <cait> but the pref shoudl be clear that there is a catch
15:44:05 <thd> What are the consequences of disabling QueryParser aside from allowing the patch for ISBN searches to work?
15:44:05 <Joubu> bc = 'foo' AND bc = 'bar' will never work
15:44:19 <cait> thd: we are not usign it in any of our installations currently - it's optional
15:44:20 <ColinC> I'm not seeing any benefits from QueryParser being in the release at present
15:44:37 <cait> and queryparser is off by default
15:45:21 <tcohen> gmcharlt_: available?
15:45:30 <tcohen> jcamins: available?
15:45:46 <ColinC> It does further complicate some already complicated code which is a pain for code maintenance
15:46:25 <Joubu> would be good to know if Robin planned to use it
15:46:28 <tcohen> ColinC: it should "simplify" code actually. Changing ad-hoc code for YAML configuration on how to interpret/translate operators
15:46:35 <Joubu> (for ES)
15:46:48 <cait> tcohen: but the problem with operators is a pretty big blocker ot use it :(
15:46:56 <tcohen> the problem is we have several problems that prevent it from fully replacing the ad-hoc code that "just works"
15:46:59 <cait> also, the swtich was not completed i think
15:47:00 <thd> I imagine that having some possible query parser would be a very good thing but perhaps not the present code.
15:47:04 <cait> it doesn't work in all places it could be used
15:47:05 <tcohen> Joubu: exactly
15:47:42 <cait> Joubu: woudl it be hard to extend your feature when the operators bug got fixed?
15:47:46 <cait> and do we have a bug report for it?
15:48:23 <cait> i think i'd be ok with pushing your patch if the problem is documented in the pref description and we also have a bug on bugzilla... so we know where the problems are
15:48:38 <Joubu> Who would be able to fix it?
15:49:09 <cait> i think ripping the code out now woudl not be good
15:49:17 <cait> we need to talk more about this after 3.20
15:49:22 <cait> the queryparser code
15:49:29 <cait> and fixig it... also a bit short on time now
15:51:43 <cait> um.someone else?
15:52:08 <Joubu> What was the question? :)
15:52:16 <Joubu> Should we remove it?
15:52:21 <tcohen> #action tcohen will go ahead with the inclusion of bug 13528, along with a followup stating that it won¡t work with UseQueryParser=on
15:52:22 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13528 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Passed QA , Ability to search on the different isbn variations
15:52:33 <cait> ifit should block bug 13528 that it doesn't support queryparser
15:52:34 <Joubu> Should we accept ft even if does not work with QP?
15:53:21 <tcohen> Joubu: you only found a bug on QueryParser's PQF driver
15:53:32 <ColinC> I think there are a number of sysprefs that dont work if QP enabled already
15:53:33 <Joubu> I won't answer, I am the author of the patch :)
15:53:34 <tcohen> i think we just need to fix it
15:53:51 <Joubu> 'just' :)
15:54:02 <Joubu> I tried, I failed. Good luck
15:54:03 <tcohen> i mean, i don't think it blocks your feature
15:54:57 <tcohen> I'm in favour of pushing the feature with a docuentation followup
15:55:16 <tcohen> and will definitely talk to gmcharlt_ about Evergreen's use of QueryParser
15:55:23 <tcohen> because they've been using it for years now
15:55:40 <tcohen> and it doesn't fail like this, so it is specific to Koha's driver
15:56:10 <Joubu> tcohen: not sure you have to highligh it in the doc, the limitation is in the syspref description
15:56:12 <tcohen> Joubu: you wrote a regression test for the QA problem I recall?
15:56:32 <tcohen> Joubu: i mean the syspref docs/description
15:56:41 <Joubu> ?
15:56:56 <tcohen> i was talking about the syspref description
15:56:59 <tcohen> wording issue
15:57:06 <cait> move on? :)
15:57:17 <tcohen> i think so
15:57:29 <Joubu> will see later :)
15:57:52 * tcohen knows Joubu is hopeless
15:58:21 <tcohen> next one is bug 13912
15:58:22 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13912 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, gmcharlt, Failed QA , System preference for default place of publication (country code) for field 008, range 15-17
15:58:51 <thd> tcohen: You should note my comments to the bug added today.
15:59:06 * tcohen goes to read
15:59:33 <barton> #info Barton Chittenden, BWS, Louisville, KY
16:00:36 <tajoli> As user of unimarc:
16:00:47 <mtompset> #info Mark Tompsett
16:00:55 <tajoli> better a develop Marc-neutral
16:01:24 <tajoli> but if  not, Ok on name 'DefaultCountryField008'
16:01:31 <thd> While tcohen reads I will summarise that my main objection is that an empty value in a system preference should not set the country for an installation.
16:02:04 <tajoli> baecause now i use a setup on marc frameworks
16:02:27 <tajoli> but in unimarc 008 ins not present
16:02:39 <tajoli> so doesn't' do anything
16:02:40 <thd> I think that the MARC 21 bias is less serious but should still have some more neutral presentation.
16:02:45 <gaetan_B> bye
16:04:02 <thd> Explaining, if the user has not set the system preference, the default should also not be set and a warning should be triggered.
16:04:05 <tajoli> Yes on 'empty value set nothing'
16:04:23 <tcohen> thd: I agree with your comments, just a little difference
16:05:14 <tcohen> I would set the country_of_production (and for example original_language) framework-wise
16:05:31 <tcohen> so it would be easier to link to an authorised value list too
16:05:51 <tcohen> the use case that raised my concern is thesis here
16:05:57 <tcohen> that are written in spanish
16:06:14 <thd> tcohen: That would require work to modify the Koha MARC frameworks design to support fixed fields better.
16:06:14 <tcohen> but most of the bibliography is originally written in english
16:06:42 <tcohen> thd: just a new field for the frameworks
16:06:53 <tcohen> and adjust the marc_21_008.pl plugin
16:07:04 <tcohen> extra work, I know
16:07:47 <thd> tcohen: How would the new column for the frameworks specify the range to which part of a fixed field it applies?
16:08:29 <tcohen> don't need to, the the specific plugin hould know
16:09:10 <tcohen> anyway
16:09:44 <tcohen> is the introduced technical debt something to worry about?
16:09:51 <thd> tcohen: Would you have any and all values in the fixed field specified in the default field?
16:10:08 <thd> tcohen: If so, then no new column is required.
16:10:33 <thd> tcohen: There is already a defaultvalue column.
16:10:51 <tcohen> thd, that works for subfields
16:10:59 <thd> tcohen: Yes.
16:11:14 <tcohen> i would rather add country_of_production to `biblio_framework`
16:11:18 <cait> tcohen: to some extend it works for controlfields as well
16:11:39 <tcohen> cait: you mean adding the full fixed lenght string?
16:11:42 <cait> yeah
16:11:51 <tcohen> i'm being empathetic with librarians
16:11:56 <tcohen> empathic?
16:12:06 <cait> i am not sure this small feature is worth too much work right now
16:12:24 <thd> tcohen: That was also my current suggestion with no sympathy to librarians ;)
16:12:41 <mtompset> -- displaying empathy for. ;)
16:13:21 <mtompset> ^for^with^? Anyways...
16:13:22 * tcohen loves having idiomatic aid
16:14:45 <thd> tcohen: Adding a column with such specificity to the framework would essentially have an almost entirely empty column.  You should think of a more generic approach which uses the frameworks.
16:14:48 <tcohen> i'll think of cait's idea of using the default value, maybe it is worth making a better value builder for the framework editing tool
16:15:22 <cait> the only problem might be if the plugin correctly detects it always
16:15:38 <cait> but it hink i would not blow this up to be too huge - and also not sure it need to be by framework, might be ok globally
16:15:41 * mtompset thinks he better scroll back to get fully context.
16:15:58 <cait> shoudl we move on?
16:16:01 <tcohen> cait: i give up
16:16:09 <cait> i hope not!
16:16:30 <tcohen> once i have a proper solution (not just ideas) that convinces me, i'll come back to this
16:16:36 <thd> There are many problems which the frameworks could be extended to address.  Maintenance of the default frameworks is the difficulty.
16:16:49 <tcohen> thd: tru
16:16:50 <tcohen> e
16:17:59 <tcohen> thd: are you able to provide a followup for the bug?
16:18:12 <tcohen> (implementing the changes you propose?)
16:18:39 <thd> I actually think that we should be moving the generic form of things out of the existing Koha MARC frameworks and use a form which will work with BIBFRAME or whatever.
16:19:14 <thd> I am able to follow up on the bug.  Even the full featured version would not be difficult but merely take some time.
16:19:21 <mtompset> Yuck, system preference?!
16:20:16 <tajoli> Sorry, I need to leave. I will write about metasearch on koha-devel
16:20:17 <cait> thd: i think it can't go in changig existing behaviour if the pref is not set
16:20:21 <cait> as qa point of view
16:20:22 <tcohen> thd: just renaming the syspref and making sure a good default behaviour?
16:20:27 <cait> so we fqa is right and it needs a follow up
16:20:28 <thd> System preferences may not be the ideal location but the Koha MARC frameworks model is too inflexible for some important tasks of which the present case is not really an example.
16:20:45 <mtompset> True, thd.
16:21:14 <mtompset> But the advantage of a column is the whole Koha::Object thing we've started.
16:21:57 <thd> I can work on changing the fix to do something more global where the plugin would also need changing to give a warning if not set.
16:22:14 <mtompset> And if you are worried about blank columns, split off a table?
16:22:44 <tcohen> thd: thanks
16:22:55 <tcohen> i'll keep an eye on it
16:23:12 <thd> mtompset: Yes, we should see if we could find a better place for expressing what is needed.
16:23:34 <tcohen> ok, we need to move on
16:23:53 <tcohen> thd: related to that on "remaining new features" i will mention an interesting bug
16:24:22 <tcohen> there have been several bugs filled proposing the addition of new fields to XSLT's
16:24:43 <tcohen> to cope with RDA and whatever metadata is missing on the XSLT's
16:25:11 <tcohen> i want to say that i'm concerned about people relying on the shipped XSLTs
16:25:15 <tcohen> for regular use
16:25:28 <tcohen> so this changes would be a behaviour change for them
16:25:39 <tcohen> probably a positive one
16:26:06 <tcohen> but I heard several times that people prefered the non-XSLT view because it was "not as bloated as the XSLT view"
16:26:29 <mtompset> -- Shouldn't both views aim to be identical?
16:26:31 <cait> hm i can see your point... but it woud be really easy to hide htings from the xslt if a library felt that way
16:26:54 <cait> mtompset: the normal view hasn't been maintained
16:26:59 <cait> in forever.
16:27:09 <tcohen> deprecated since 2013 I think
16:27:22 <mtompset> Ah.
16:27:55 * tcohen just realised... this discussion is void... if we make field/subfield visibility work... damn
16:27:58 <cait> we can easily help everyone who wants to to hide something... much harder to help adding something
16:28:07 <cait> also that yes
16:28:14 <tcohen> d*mn
16:28:16 <mtompset> bug 10589?
16:28:17 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10589 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Failed QA , Override OpacHiddenItems based on Patron Category
16:28:26 <mtompset> Oops... bug 11592
16:28:27 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11592 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Signed Off , opac detail scripts do not respect MARC tag visibility
16:28:48 <mtompset> Is that what you are thinking, tcohen?
16:29:09 <tcohen> mtompset: almost, my XSLT approach, but basically yes
16:29:42 <tcohen> #actions the RM won't argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:29:51 <tcohen> #action the RM won't argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:30:09 <cait> #actions tcohen not to argue about patches that add fields to XSLTs
16:30:10 <cait> :P
16:30:17 <mtompset> Third time's a charm! :)
16:30:25 <cait> remaining new features?
16:30:40 <Joubu> tcohen: please stop to argue about patches that add fields to xslts
16:30:47 <thd> Field subfield visibility is actually something which had been controlled at one time by arcane values set in the Koha MARC frameworks even for the OPAC.
16:31:20 <cait> thd: the arcane values are nice checkboxes now - bu tit's not taken into account in a lot of places
16:31:32 <tcohen> thd: it is but needs some fices
16:31:33 <cait> thd: we often export a COMPLETE marc record, including things like internal notes
16:31:34 <tcohen> fixes
16:31:44 <tcohen> moving on
16:31:50 <tcohen> "Remaining new features"
16:32:05 <thd> cait: Yes, I know that they are honoured more in the breach than the observance.
16:32:38 <tcohen> i0d like to raise bug 10480, which is basically passed-qa
16:32:39 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10480 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, m.de.rooy, Signed Off , Improvements for framework plugins in cataloguing/item editor
16:32:58 <tcohen> (i.e. signed by two QA team members)
16:33:33 <tcohen> Joubu: would you encourage another QA member to take a look?
16:33:44 <tcohen> i see the value of the bug
16:34:03 <cait> that one is on me i think... i said i would, but time has been running away
16:34:18 <cait> my next big thing I need to work on for next week is the tax related patches
16:34:28 <cait> and they will take time
16:34:31 <khall> cait: I can take that one on then
16:34:38 <cait> thx khall :)
16:34:39 <tcohen> khall++
16:34:41 <khall> np!
16:35:46 <tcohen> thanks again, khall
16:35:47 <tcohen> and
16:35:53 <tcohen> marcelr++
16:36:23 <tcohen> is anyone doing the REST API implementation present?
16:36:48 <Joubu> jajm_: ?
16:37:05 <Joubu> no
16:37:13 <cait> too late by now i think
16:37:34 <Joubu> bug 13799
16:37:35 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
16:37:39 <tcohen> #actions cait will write Julian to ask him for a quick update to koha-devel about the status of the REST API implementation
16:38:10 <cait> ah what?
16:38:11 <wahanui> well, ah is that what goes after the last
16:38:13 <khall> I've already emailed Julian to ask if he can followup on robin's comments
16:38:47 <cait> ok, so maybe that's ok for now?
16:39:05 <khall> I don't know, depends on if more requests are more motivating ; )
16:39:08 <tcohen> that's ok for now
16:39:18 <Joubu> tcohen: all patches need signoffs :)
16:39:41 <tcohen> ok
16:39:44 <cait> i think we didn't agree on the terms
16:39:49 <cait> holds/reserves patrons/borrowers
16:40:02 <cait> woudl be good to have a general guideline - going by the code or going by the gui
16:40:10 <tcohen> really? holds and borrowers
16:40:14 <tcohen> :-D
16:40:15 * mtompset notes that 'In Discussion' are beginning to be close to, if not exceed 'Needs Sign Off'.
16:40:36 <khall> I'd like to see our internal terminology match our external terminology
16:40:59 <tcohen> i'd like to make our internal terminology match the one we use externaly
16:41:08 * mtompset agreed.
16:41:10 <cait> we have members, borrowers, patrons...  only consistent palce currently is the gui
16:41:16 <tcohen> khall: you type faster than me
16:41:16 <cait> i'd say new code should follow it
16:41:23 <khall> the new object system gives us a chance to start making that move without radical searching and replacing
16:41:42 <tcohen> ok, I need to end the meeting
16:42:06 <tcohen> a physical one requires me to leave, and I already missed lunch
16:42:09 <cait> should we info something?
16:42:15 <thd> tcohen: Do we have a next meeting date?
16:42:16 <cait> poor tcohen
16:42:19 <cait> tonight
16:42:21 <cait> 22 utc
16:42:25 <tcohen> yup
16:42:38 <thd> tcohen: Do we have a next meeting date for after today?
16:42:39 <tcohen> thd, the week after the freeze
16:42:50 <tcohen> maybe wednesday too, same hours
16:42:57 <tcohen> to check the remaining stuff for the release
16:43:00 <tcohen> ok?
16:43:07 <tcohen> i'm leaviiiiing pleaseeeeeeeee
16:43:08 <cait> makese sense to me
16:43:09 <cait> go :)
16:43:12 <tcohen> thanks
16:43:15 <thd> :)
16:43:20 <tcohen> thanks everyone for attending!
16:43:27 <cait> #info next dev meeeting probably wednesday week after freeze - april 29
16:43:28 <thd> some should endmeeting.
16:43:33 <cait> #endmeeting