15:04:31 <cait> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 24 June 2015
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15:04:34 <tcohen> absinth hmmmm
15:04:36 <cait> #topic Introductions
15:04:37 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
15:04:38 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS-Europe
15:04:45 <cait> please introduce yourself using #info!
15:04:46 <drojf> #info Mirko Tietgen, Berlin, Germany
15:04:47 <tcohen> #info Tomás Cohen Arazi
15:04:56 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
15:04:57 <bgkriegel> #info Bernardo Gonzalez Kriegel
15:04:58 <jajm> #info Julian Maurice
15:05:06 <nengard> #info Nicole Engard, ByWater
15:05:13 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
15:05:15 <alex_a> #info Alex Arnaud, Biblibre
15:05:35 <cait> today's agenda is here:
15:05:37 <cait> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_24_June_2015
15:05:46 <tcohen> thanks cait
15:05:51 <khall> #info Kyle M Hall, ByWater Solutions
15:06:29 <cait> I have an hour 15 - after that i need to hand over to tcohen - but maybe it will be enough :)
15:06:30 <kivilahtio_> #info Olli-Antti Kivilahti, Vaara-kirjastot
15:06:54 <cait> let's move on
15:06:56 <drojf> dev-meetings are that long? eeek
15:07:07 <cait> #topic RM 3.22 comments
15:07:16 <tcohen> Hi everyone
15:07:21 <nengard> hi
15:07:22 <carmen> #info Carmen Hernandez, Bywater Solutions
15:07:23 <ashimema> hello
15:07:23 <wahanui> que tal, ashimema
15:07:26 <drojf> good day
15:07:33 <khall> hi tcohen!
15:07:33 <drojf> or night
15:07:44 <drojf> or the inbetween things
15:07:44 <TGoat> good day everyone :D
15:07:55 <tcohen> as you might have noticed, we've had some security bugs highlighted by rangi et al
15:07:59 <tcohen> at catalyst
15:08:31 <tcohen> they worked hard, along with frido, katrin and jonathan on having them solved -> tested -> pushed
15:08:38 <tcohen> so congrats :-d
15:09:07 <tcohen> i'd like to mention that my queue (PQA patches) has (and will) be bigger than I expected
15:09:28 <tcohen> I'm pushing around 10~ or more bugs each day, but the QA team is adding like 20 a day
15:09:42 <Joubu> Sorry about that ;)
15:09:47 <cait> Joubu++ :)
15:09:51 <tcohen> some of them are trivial and I just don't notice them at first sight
15:09:54 <drojf> damn busy qa people :P
15:09:55 <tcohen> cait++
15:09:57 <tcohen> Joubu++
15:10:00 <tcohen> marcelr++
15:10:03 <tcohen> khall++
15:10:06 <cait> :)
15:10:24 <tcohen> i've been trying to work on the bigger ones
15:10:33 <ashimema> well done qa peeps..
15:10:41 <tcohen> but it means I might lag stuff that should have been pushed already...
15:10:48 * ashimema not included.. he's been crap of late at QA
15:10:55 <tcohen> so
15:11:47 <tcohen> #info the RM considers 'normal' for patches on the PQA list to stay there for more than 2 weeks, if you think something needs to be pushed faster, please contact the RM personally
15:12:00 <tcohen> i do my best, you can be sure
15:12:07 <nengard> I finished up the help files for 3.20 and while we're talking 3.22 those do need to go to master and 3.20
15:12:48 <tcohen> but this people just hates me and works too hard to make me look like i'm relaxed and doing nothing
15:13:22 <tcohen> nengard: yeah, I'll push the latest patches ASAP, as they missed the string freeze i delayed them a bit
15:13:31 <nengard> no problem at all
15:13:44 <nengard> just didn't know how to note them on the bug report - I put them as 3.20 but didn't want them to get missed in 3.22
15:14:17 <tcohen> no worries, chris knows they need to be on master so he waits to cherry-pick them
15:14:35 <tcohen> ok, that's it, I'm looking forward to the next topic so, questions?
15:15:02 <cait> questions to the rm? :)
15:15:03 <tcohen> complains?
15:15:22 <cait> switching topics
15:15:27 <cait> #topic RESTful API implementation
15:15:29 <tcohen> before you ask: it is cold in cordoba this days. and i ran out of jagermeister
15:15:29 <nengard> no complaints!!!
15:15:38 <cait> #link http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799
15:15:39 <huginn`> 04Bug 13799: new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:15:56 <cait> #link http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13920
15:15:57 <huginn`> 04Bug 13920: new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , API authentication system - proposal
15:16:30 <cait> #link http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/New_REST_API_RFC
15:16:33 <kivilahtio_> I complaint for jägermesiter
15:16:53 <tcohen> kivilahtio_: thanks
15:16:56 <cait> i am not sure where to start here best - has someone prepared something?
15:16:59 * Joubu send some Fernet to tcohen
15:17:09 <tcohen> Joubu: will work
15:17:10 * drojf sends chartreuse
15:17:19 <cait> stop getting the RM drunk ;)
15:17:23 <tcohen> heh
15:17:24 <drojf> jägermeister deluxe, made by monks ;)
15:17:27 <tcohen> pastisssss
15:17:39 <tcohen> ok
15:17:46 * cait coughs to remind everyone of the meeting
15:17:49 <tcohen> lets talk about the implementation from jajm
15:17:56 <jajm> i think bug 13799 is ready to go in master, if nobody complains about it
15:17:57 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:18:25 <kivilahtio_> I think there are some big issues reagrading logging
15:18:45 <kivilahtio_> I think the way Mojolicious just kills the STDÓUT and STDERR is bad
15:18:59 <kivilahtio_> this means that when we get issues with DBIx it is not visible in the Mojolicious logs
15:19:09 <kivilahtio_> I have a patch to circumvent that but it is VERY hacky
15:19:24 <tcohen> kivilahtio_: can it be solved by using Koha::Logger?
15:19:33 <khall> that was my thought
15:19:34 <kivilahtio_> Mojolicious dev's think that we should intercept all error everywhere and put them to the Mojo::Log
15:19:45 <kivilahtio_> this is how it should be done in real world
15:19:52 <kivilahtio_> but since Koha is not quite there yet...
15:20:14 <kivilahtio_> I have a hack there and a script to make sure the code incisions in Mojolicious::Server (or whatever) are affecting
15:20:19 <khall> we should be able to tie it all together with MojoX::Log::Log4perl
15:20:26 <khall> maybe
15:20:36 <kivilahtio_> and I have no problem going to prod with those, just a warning that the logging has very diferent expectations
15:20:50 <ashimema> I'm wary of this bug adding so many large files as dependancies..
15:20:56 <kivilahtio_> khall: that is just a wrapper for Mojo::Log I think. This doesnt reopen STDOUt STDERR
15:21:01 <ashimema> for instance.. we're now packageing two jQuery versions?
15:21:10 <ashimema> moustache templates.
15:21:16 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: the Swagger2 UI is a standalone installation
15:21:17 <ashimema> handlebars js..
15:21:22 <ashimema> and it feels like loads of others
15:21:27 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: so that is specific to the Swagger2 UI -tool
15:21:30 <cait> I agree with ashimema
15:21:42 <ashimema> why add it to our repo in this one big bug.
15:21:45 <khall> in any case, I don't think that should be a blocker, but definitely something we should keep in mind
15:21:51 <kivilahtio_> basically we could jus put them into gitignore or something similar
15:22:12 <cait> i am also worried about the dependencies - if this gets really hard to set up - then we got a problem (think how long sip patches take to get in)
15:22:13 <wahanui> okay, cait.
15:22:14 <ashimema> Is the very not koha api documentation actually worth all that extra cruft
15:22:33 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: the cruft stays in its own place nicely and doesnt interfere with anything
15:22:53 <kivilahtio_> i think the swagger is so worth everything
15:23:18 <ashimema> also.. I'm not seeing anyoen having clearly written guidlines on how to write api routes using it..
15:23:19 <tcohen> cait: dependencies is a solved issue as far as I can tell, is that correct jajm?
15:23:32 <kivilahtio_> Today I managed barely to publish something nice where the swagger2 plugin extension deals with all Koha permissions based on the Swagger2 api definition in Koha
15:23:39 <ashimema> I want to see that as part of the core reasoning behind this patch..
15:23:52 <kivilahtio_> so we can drive features directly from the swagger definitions
15:23:57 <ashimema> else it won't actualyl make writing routes any easier.. instead it will add burden.
15:24:03 <jajm> cait, it's not hard to setup, thanks to robin, you only have to install 2 debian packages, and update the apache virtual host conf (or run the perl Makefile.pl process...)
15:24:26 <cait> tcohen: more thinking of things outside mojo - I got pretty confused where nginx and hypnotoads fit in :)
15:24:39 <kivilahtio_> cait: they are just for testing/development
15:24:44 <cait> well... yes
15:24:55 <kivilahtio_> cait: back then nobody was kind enough to publish any real server configurations
15:24:56 <jajm> cait, hypnotoad/nginx stuff has its own bug now
15:24:57 <cait> that's why i was referring to the sip patches :)
15:25:24 <cait> i need to have an essy dev/testing environment too so we can have this moving on fast :)
15:25:30 <kivilahtio_> cait: so I made my own for me and others to start using Swagger2 while waiting for tcohen to come up with the Plack verison of services
15:25:39 <cait> if you want me to qa something- i need to be able to set it up
15:26:22 <ashimema> I still don't like that we're bundling in all thos JS libs..
15:26:23 <kivilahtio_> jajm: But I digress. Setting up the Koha REST API is really difficult, since there is no ready virtual host configuration shared anywhere
15:26:27 <Joubu> jajm: Are the routes documented/listed somewhere?
15:26:35 <ashimema> why not pull them at clientside?
15:26:47 <ashimema> there simply is no need to package them all into this patch
15:26:54 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: when you deploy the Koha REST API infrasturcture they are most grandoiously deocumented
15:27:04 <kivilahtio_> go to v1/doc/index.html
15:27:13 <kivilahtio_> and you will understand why we like Swagger2 :)
15:27:14 <jajm> kivilahtio_, there is a virtual host conf in bug 13799
15:27:15 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:27:31 <ashimema> ack..
15:27:38 <Joubu> yes but someone should be able to have a look without having an install available
15:27:41 <ashimema> swagger does NOT document for you..
15:27:46 <ashimema> you still have to document the api..
15:27:58 <ashimema> Swagger builds an interactive client for you.. if you so choose it to.
15:28:19 <cait> ok, i think we have different things here: 1 setting up - jajm says it's easy :)
15:28:22 <Joubu> I have tested the patches yesterday in 15min max
15:28:26 <jajm> Joubu, no there's nothing lke that actually, you could look at the swagger spec, but it's quite verbose
15:28:29 <ashimema> simlarly.. you don't need that client bundled in with the app.. it can be completely distinct..
15:28:31 <Joubu> install + config, even with a wrong test plan :)
15:28:36 <ashimema> i.e. hosting the Swagger spec file is enough..
15:28:48 <ashimema> then one can use thier favourite API tool to build a client..
15:29:09 <Joubu> jajm: it would be great to have a wiki page with the different routes listed
15:29:26 <kivilahtio_> jajm: ok, maybe I missed it before, still no explanation how to run the Mojolicious?
15:29:27 <Joubu> to know quickly what is available when/where
15:29:36 <ashimema> postman for instance can take a swagger spec and generate a client to test all routes.
15:29:45 <kivilahtio_> jajm: or the reverse proxy configurations.
15:30:04 <jajm> Joubu, it could certainly be generated automatically from the swagger spec
15:30:07 <ashimema> Joubu.. I dissagree with havig a wiki page
15:30:15 <ashimema> the swagger spec IS the spec..
15:30:21 <ashimema> it's definative.
15:30:38 <ashimema> maintaining a seperate wiki page with them is just an extra burden
15:30:41 <cait> but I thnk we shoudl have something you can access without having an installation
15:30:44 <cait> can we do that?
15:30:49 <Joubu> At least during the dev step :)
15:31:04 <khall> can it be hosted on koha-community.org somewhere?
15:31:15 <cait> hm I am trying to get some summary
15:31:24 <ashimema> the swagger spec file is self contained.. we could host it anywhere..
15:31:29 <ashimema> and version it ;)
15:31:29 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: Put this http://pastebin.com/nP7c4PaU to this editor http://editor.swagger.io/#/
15:31:34 <khall> excellent
15:31:37 <cait> one of hte questions was ease of setup - what is needed to get it running
15:31:51 <cait> do we have instructions on that? and is mojo enough or is something else needed?
15:31:57 <Joubu> kivilahtio_: that's a quite good answer :)
15:32:05 <kivilahtio_> absolutely no wiki, like ashimema said, the Swagger definitions are the documentation
15:32:16 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: come clarity
15:32:30 <jajm> cait, 2 packages are needed: mojolicious and swagger2
15:32:48 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: ATM the Koha swagger2 definitions are really slimly documented. We can add all kinds of cool documentation to the definition
15:32:51 <cait> #info 2 packages are needed: mojolicious and swagger2
15:32:53 <ashimema> exactly as kivi just said..
15:33:04 <ashimema> he swagger spec file 'is the documentation'
15:33:20 <cait> jajm: so the next question was if we should include swagger in koha? (is that the js libraries?) is that another tool?
15:33:23 <ashimema> is can be used via loads of tools out there to generate a nice to read version..
15:33:30 <ashimema> editor.swagger.io is just one example.
15:33:48 <ashimema> the crap that's been added to koha as part of this patch is another
15:33:53 <ashimema> postman is another
15:33:58 <ashimema> httpinspector another..
15:34:02 <ashimema> the list goes on and on..
15:34:15 <khall> I would say the spec file is all we should have in Koha
15:34:20 <khall> keep is simple
15:34:36 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I am sorry but I don't see your point here? those are only used when using the Swagger2 UI -tool? Is tehre something specific which burdens you with it?
15:34:47 <ashimema> the js libraries are the client side of swagger..
15:34:51 <tcohen> it would at least ease the integration until we reach some consensus on how to expose the API docs
15:35:06 <khall> yes, it can always be pulled out later
15:35:27 <cait> #info Question: should we include the client side of swagger in Koha (for now)
15:35:30 <ashimema> khall I agree.. the spec file is the thing we should have in koha..
15:35:30 <kivilahtio_> tcohen: the Swagger2 UI -tool is super awesome in testing the API
15:35:33 <jajm> cait, Swagger2 is a Perl module and a Mojolicious plugin, aside from that there is Swagger UI, which allows to see the documentation and test the api at the same time
15:35:40 <ashimema> we don't need to embed the entire demo client builder
15:35:41 <cait> #idea only keep the spec file in Koha so it can be used with different tools
15:35:47 <cait> please correct me if i put nonsense int he logs
15:35:57 <ashimema> it's Swagger UI i have issues with..
15:36:06 <ashimema> I tihnk it adds a big chunk to our repository..
15:36:07 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: your point is valid
15:36:07 <wahanui> i already had it that way, kivilahtio_.
15:36:14 <cait> #info client side = Swagger Ui
15:36:15 <ashimema> which will quickly look old and take space
15:36:43 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: It add a one-time chunk. and it grows if we modify it. I don't see hoe Swagger2 UI is a big chiunk considering Koha git repos is 3GB+
15:36:43 <jajm> having Swagger UI in koha only adds a self-contained "webapp"
15:36:50 <cait> could it be like git-bz?
15:36:51 <ashimema> personally.. our documentation page for the api should be one simple page allowing you to download the included swagger spec..
15:36:56 <cait> something you clone extra?
15:37:17 <ashimema> and pointing you to a couple of tools to turn spec file into human readable interactive documentation.
15:37:22 <indradg> tcohen++
15:37:22 <cait> kivilahtio_: tI think comparing to the repo is not fair -have to think tarballs
15:37:57 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I think it could work. But how do we easily allow QA-people to work with the API?
15:38:08 <cait> ok, so i think we can note that one question is that we need to decide what to iclude in the repo and if we include Swagger UI
15:38:15 <cait> so there is another question about documentation, right?
15:38:22 <ashimema> QA people would be doing more than the client does anyway!
15:38:23 <cait> trying to structure this a bit
15:38:24 <ashimema> Right..
15:38:26 <ashimema> so QA wise..
15:38:36 <Joubu> I am lost, Are we talking about the 1Mo patch?
15:38:37 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I think tehre is a lot for QA people in the API
15:38:42 <ashimema> I expect I'll use Postman, as my favourite api inspector..
15:38:43 <Joubu> first patch of bug 13799?
15:38:44 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
15:38:51 <ashimema> I'd load the swagger spec..
15:39:00 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I need to duckduckgo postman
15:39:11 <kivilahtio_> please explain the process with posstman ashimema
15:39:12 <ashimema> and run tests agains the api using it.
15:39:25 <tcohen> can we better think of making kohadevbox take care of setting swagger-ui for a qa env?
15:39:50 <tcohen> decouple to simplify things
15:40:00 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: is postman free and open source?
15:40:15 <ashimema> it's free..
15:40:22 <kivilahtio_> but not OS?
15:40:23 <ashimema> it's no longer open source :(
15:40:36 <ashimema> I'd liek to replace it some time when I find something equally powerful
15:40:36 <Joubu> ...
15:40:41 <ashimema> but the point is..
15:41:00 <ashimema> Swagger UI doesn't give you anything beyond what a huge number of public tools out there do..
15:41:09 <jajm> i don't understand why integrating swagger ui is a problem
15:41:40 <Joubu> Could you just confirm me that the problem is the 1Mo patch on bug 13799?
15:41:42 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: you stand correct there. But Swagger UI is Apache2
15:41:50 <kivilahtio_> Joubu:  yes
15:42:00 <Joubu> hmm:)
15:42:03 <Joubu> really ? :)
15:42:12 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: 1MB is too much
15:42:16 <kivilahtio_> :)
15:42:38 <Joubu> Do you want me to point you out other of patches in the QA which are > 1 Mo ?
15:42:47 <Joubu> (don't say yes, I don't want to find them)
15:42:50 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I think using Open Source is more important.
15:43:03 <Joubu> but I think that the doc of the API is important
15:43:03 <kivilahtio_> and we need a easy tool for QA people to start inspecting our API
15:43:06 <ashimema> I think freedom to choose is more important
15:43:07 <Joubu> and 1Mo is nothing...
15:43:16 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: you can still use wahtever you want
15:43:18 <ashimema> imho.. why bundle someone elses client in our app
15:43:25 <Joubu> and there are certainly other topics to talk about
15:43:28 <ashimema> especially as your literaly just embeding a point in time copy..
15:43:49 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: so could we make a wiki instructions on how to easily deploy the Swagger UI?
15:43:50 <Joubu> for instance, Does everybody agree with the routes?
15:43:52 <cait> how easy would it be to set up the tool if it was not bundled?
15:43:56 <kivilahtio_> so we don't have to include it in Koha git?
15:43:57 <cait> does it need a lot of config?
15:44:02 <Joubu> or the implementation, or something else.
15:44:03 <kivilahtio_> cait: not very much
15:44:11 <ashimema> excactly..
15:44:20 <cait> ok i will add as idea
15:44:28 <kivilahtio_> we could add instructions on how to deploy API inspection tools for our API
15:44:33 <cait> and we really need to move on alittle bit ok? we can put this on the wiki and continue on ml
15:44:47 <cait> #idea add instroctions on how to bundle Swagger UI but don't bundle it
15:44:57 <kivilahtio_> I think ashimemais corerct about bundling a place-in-time copy
15:44:59 <ashimema> I just don't like embedding another app ad-nausiam into ours..
15:45:14 <kivilahtio_> especially since there seems to be a whole ecosystem of API inspectors out there
15:45:25 <kivilahtio_> but we need good instructions for QA people to deploy the API inspector
15:45:41 <cait> antoher question was documentaton
15:45:44 <ashimema> having a apge say 'here's the swagger spec file, load it into your favourite client" makes much mroe sense to me.. rather than maintaining an embeded copy of another app..
15:45:47 <kivilahtio_> which is not easy for a linux-newbie
15:45:50 <tcohen> I think we should move the swagger-ui stuff somewhere else for now, I proposed kohadevbox already, so it is ready for QA people to test
15:45:54 <cait> can we agree to say that the swagger... spec? conf? is the documentation?
15:45:57 <cait> that you use with a tool?
15:46:00 <ashimema> if we also put on the same page a few links out to some popular swagger cleints.. all the better.
15:46:05 <kivilahtio_> cait: yes
15:46:10 <tcohen> and focus on the design decisions and technicall stuff that needs to be addressed right now
15:46:11 <cait> what#s the right term?
15:46:12 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: that is a good idea
15:46:29 <jajm> deploying swagger ui will not be that easy, changes have be made in it for the authentication  (bug 1392)
15:46:30 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=1392 major, P3, ---, paul.poulain, CLOSED FIXED, Card number does not save with autoMemberNum turned on
15:46:31 <cait> #idea add a wiki page with different alternative UIs
15:46:40 <jajm> 13920
15:46:51 <Joubu> bug 13920
15:46:52 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13920 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , API authentication system - proposal
15:47:28 <cait> #info Swagger UI has been changed for authentication
15:47:31 <ashimema> ok.. other stuff then..
15:47:40 <jajm> and i don't think there are alternative UI that understand the swagger spec, but maybe i'm wrong
15:47:57 <ashimema> So.. am I right in thinking robin has built packages fro a point in time release of Mojolicious and Mojolicious::Plugin::Swagger2?
15:47:58 <cait> #info the documentation is in the swagger specs - can be inspected using tools
15:48:05 <kivilahtio_> jajm: that is a good point
15:48:08 <ashimema> jajm..
15:48:19 <kivilahtio_> it is not easy to deploy it
15:48:38 <ashimema> lol...
15:48:41 <kivilahtio_> :)
15:48:47 <cait> ok, you lost me here :)
15:48:48 <kivilahtio_> but we can continue
15:48:57 <kivilahtio_> I think we can just write a wiki page to do that
15:49:02 <ashimema> jajm: swagger-codegen, postman, httpinspector..
15:49:05 <kivilahtio_> and tcohen can set up a devbox
15:49:08 <cait> can i get a volunteer to add the ui in/out thing to the wiki as something to be worked out?
15:49:09 <ashimema> they all buld you a client form aswagger spec..
15:49:22 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: how about the Koha authentication?
15:49:24 <jajm> ashimema, robin has backported the existing package of Mojolicious for wheezy, but created a new package for Swagger2
15:49:25 <cait> i'd rather hae another volunteer than tcohen - rms are super busy
15:49:35 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: you need to tweak the tool because Koha cannot use a standard basic auth
15:49:38 <ashimema> that's another issue I have with this..
15:49:38 <kivilahtio_> or digest auth
15:49:51 <ashimema> what do you mean by.. the koha authentication.
15:49:53 <cait> is authentication a good topic to talk about  next hten?
15:50:00 <jajm> ashimema, ok so i was wrong :)
15:50:04 <kivilahtio_> it is the next topic accoriding to the agenda
15:50:11 <ashimema> :)
15:50:16 <tcohen> we should try to organize the discussion a bit
15:50:20 <cait> yep
15:50:25 <kivilahtio_> I am following :)
15:50:28 <cait> i am trying, but you guys are talking so fast :)
15:50:32 <ashimema> my sliht worry about mojo and it's swagger plugin is I konw how fast mojo moves..
15:50:32 <tcohen> heh
15:50:42 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I don't
15:50:45 <ashimema> way way way faster than packages generally do.
15:50:49 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: please enlighten
15:51:03 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: do we need to upgrade?
15:51:17 <ashimema> Mojolicious is 'breaking edge'.. meaning they introduce breaking changes in releases pretty often..
15:51:36 <ashimema> so we'll need to be rather carefull that we stick to certain versions of it and it's plugin..
15:51:53 <khall> that shouldn't be hard to do
15:51:54 <tcohen> ashimema: we rely on Jessie's Mojoliciousm so we expect to be able to keep the version for a while
15:51:56 <ashimema> just a maintanence thing.. i'm not voicing it as a bad thing (I have mojo apps here and love them)..
15:52:00 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: point taken. So far we use Mojolicious because of the Swagger plugin
15:52:13 <ashimema> but for packages we'll need to be careful when debian upstream brings in a new mojo for example..
15:52:14 <kivilahtio_> and other issues
15:52:19 <ashimema> as it's liveky to break our api
15:52:29 <ashimema> coolios..
15:52:34 <ashimema> in which case that's a non point :)
15:52:34 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: the api is done 95% bu the Swagger-plugin
15:52:35 <ashimema> great
15:52:48 <ashimema> auth..
15:52:55 <kivilahtio_> check it out :)
15:53:04 <ashimema> someone explain to me the koha authentication stuff you've built into it..
15:53:06 <kivilahtio_> Bug 13920 - 9. API authentication system - Swagtenticator authentication - WIP
15:53:07 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13920 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , API authentication system - proposal
15:53:08 <cait> #info Mojolicious is moving fact, need to keep an eye on new versions
15:53:09 <ashimema> I've not had a chance to read it yet..
15:53:18 <kivilahtio_> read the commit message
15:53:25 <cait> authentication
15:53:26 <kivilahtio_> Koha permission driven by the swagger specification
15:53:33 <cait> can we get a quick summary about hwo it works, jajm?
15:53:39 <kivilahtio_> so you dont need to put anything related to authentication in the Controllers
15:53:46 <cait> or kivilahtio_?
15:53:47 <wahanui> i heard kivilahtio_ was going on a holiday this saturday so...
15:53:50 <kivilahtio_> cait: we have two versions
15:54:05 <kivilahtio_> I can explain
15:54:20 <pianohacker> (am here, bit late to introduce myself but hi)
15:54:52 <kivilahtio_> First version /jajm) uses a Mojolicous route to authenticate user with the API-key, then permissions are checked in each Controllers action_handler seaprately, without touching Swagger at all
15:55:19 <ashimema> OK.. agree I don't like that..
15:55:26 <ashimema> auth should be handled before the controller
15:55:33 <ashimema> in the router as such
15:55:36 <kivilahtio_> my version authenticates in the swagger-plugin. Permissions required are defined in the swagger.json and server implementator doesnt need to touch the authentication anyway
15:55:39 <ashimema> go on kivi
15:55:45 <cait> #info 2 versions for authentication rightnow
15:56:07 <kivilahtio_> also permission for each route and action are definend in the Swagger2 definitions and are used by Koha to authenticate the user. So we dont need to document and implemetn permissions in separate places
15:56:08 <cait> jajm - do you agree with the description?
15:56:09 <jajm> ashimema, auth is handled before the controller in the first version, but doesn't check for Koha permissions
15:56:41 <cait> I wonder... do we need mroe specific permissions than koha has?
15:56:44 <kivilahtio_> see the commit message here for better explanation and examples
15:56:45 <kivilahtio_> http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/attachment.cgi?id=40592
15:56:46 <cait> be able to read a borrower but not update?
15:56:48 <cait> or similar
15:56:54 <kivilahtio_> cait: it is inlcued
15:57:22 <kivilahtio_> swagger.json allows setting different permissions for reeading (GET) and updateing (POS) and inserting (PUT) a borrower
15:57:44 <ashimema> hmmm..
15:57:49 <cait> how do i give someone access to the api?
15:57:50 <ashimema> I'm sort of seeing where your going with it..
15:57:52 <kivilahtio_> or my version of it allows, this is not a Swagger spcification standard but an allowed extension to it
15:58:09 <kivilahtio_> so we get behaviour from documentation
15:58:19 <kivilahtio_> thus, we only update documentation and we get updated behaviour as well
15:58:28 <kivilahtio_> no need to define the same thing in 5 places like with Zebra indexes
15:58:32 <ashimema> can you still work with permissions from within a controller though..
15:58:38 <kivilahtio_> yues you can
15:58:44 <ashimema> k
15:58:45 <cait> #chair tcohen
15:58:45 <huginn`> Current chairs: cait tcohen
15:58:49 <kivilahtio_> but no in the Swagger2 context, because that context is never given to the Controller
15:58:54 <cait> #chair ashimema
15:58:54 <huginn`> Current chairs: ashimema cait tcohen
15:59:03 <cait> please add #infos where you see fit
15:59:37 <kivilahtio_> I think my feature is superior to anything I have ever made, but there is a disadvantage, where the Swagger2-plugin is subclassed by my KohaliciousSwagtenticator
15:59:56 <kivilahtio_> the subclassing is quite extensive, because of the way the Swagger2-plugin is implemeted
16:00:14 <kivilahtio_> I already emailed the author to make some modifications to make it more extendable
16:00:23 <kivilahtio_> but I doubt we will get help from him
16:00:30 <ashimema> he's a nice bloke..
16:00:34 <ashimema> ;)
16:00:57 <kivilahtio_> I guess he would be nicer if money was involved instead of just good will
16:01:00 <jajm> kivilahtio_, he has been very helpful for me ;)
16:01:07 <kivilahtio_> jajm: I try :)
16:01:11 <kivilahtio_> I promised in the HAckFest
16:01:30 <kivilahtio_> and I need to get this things sorted out. So I can start working on Serails improvement our Serials department really must have ASAP
16:01:33 <ashimema> verdict is out on authorization in sepc for me I'm afraid..
16:01:40 <ashimema> still mulling it over in my head
16:02:09 <ashimema> but I don't see it as a blocker
16:02:16 <kivilahtio_> If we use Swagger, we should embrace it. Getting documentation and behaviour in one place is a huge benefit in telling others how to use our api
16:02:27 <kivilahtio_> and w edon't "just forget" some things
16:03:27 <ashimema> so does your system throw meaningful errors when someone attempts to hit a route they don't have the right priviledges fro?
16:03:30 <ashimema> so does your system throw meaningful errors when someone attempts to hit a route they don't have the right priviledges for?
16:03:55 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: yes, and it tells which permission they need. Pending they succeed at the API key authentication first
16:04:09 <ashimema> ok..
16:04:18 <kivilahtio_> that is why I didBuugg 14437 - Refactor C4::Auth::haspermission() to Koha::Object and return better
16:04:18 <kivilahtio_> errors.
16:04:19 <ashimema> I need to shoot off in a tic..
16:04:24 <ashimema> but that's sounds promising
16:04:29 <kivilahtio_> It is aweeeesome
16:04:39 <ashimema> authentication wise.. I think we need to also enusre we can handle some other forms..
16:04:44 <kivilahtio_> it is just a "tad" hard to maintain when upgrading Mojolicious and Swagger2-plugin
16:04:47 <cait> i am very sorry i have to go :(
16:04:48 <ashimema> I need to read into this API-Key stuff..
16:05:01 <ashimema> feels like we're re-inventing OAuth
16:05:08 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: me too, this is not my strong point. And we should look into OAuth2.0 and just basic api_key authentication
16:05:19 <cait> tcohen will take over I hope - chairs are set
16:05:26 <tcohen> no worries cait
16:05:28 <kivilahtio_> I am just refactoring jmjm's authentication system to work better with Swagger2
16:05:32 <ashimema> OK.. for a 'nice' user experience with api development we should
16:05:43 <cait> please be good and have some great ideas/plans :)
16:05:46 <ashimema> use http basic auth (over https of course)
16:05:51 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: also, my feature is easily extendable to support other types of authentiocations
16:05:52 <ashimema> this allows querying the API via curl
16:06:09 <cait> and action items to move things forward :)
16:06:22 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: well not easily extendable, but you see that each authentication type is encapsulatedin it's own subroutine, so just add them and mix
16:06:23 <ashimema> authentication and authorization should definitely be in two completely separate pieces of code
16:06:39 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: they are
16:06:46 <ashimema> again.. withou hving read the code i can't comment
16:06:47 <ashimema> great..
16:06:50 <ashimema> so..
16:06:52 <kivilahtio_> but under the sigular check in the swagger2-plugin extension
16:06:53 <ashimema> for me..
16:07:28 <Joubu> ashimema: do you think you could have a look at the code soon?
16:07:30 <ashimema> I want' Basic auth for api discoverability.. cookie inspection (for binding the the same cookie as we currently give out) and any tohers are nice extra's
16:07:37 <ashimema> but those two are my first priorities
16:07:44 <kivilahtio_> yup
16:07:45 <ashimema> hopefulyl Joubu..
16:07:51 <kivilahtio_> but could we still push this to master without those?
16:07:54 <ashimema> up to my ears at the minute as usual.. but this is important
16:08:01 <Joubu> you seem to have strong opinion on the code
16:08:01 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: I agree
16:08:05 <Joubu> but the dev is already done
16:08:06 <ashimema> I think the cookie one is super important..
16:08:13 <jajm> ashimema, cookie ?
16:08:14 <Joubu> so if you have think to say... ;)
16:08:25 <ashimema> without it we can't use the api calls natively in koha
16:08:28 <ashimema> only for external apps
16:08:40 <tcohen> jajm: so we can hook angular to be more specific :-D
16:08:45 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: Look like I have to implement that, because I need this from Koha :)
16:08:49 <ashimema> exactly :)
16:08:57 <khall> agreed
16:09:10 <kivilahtio_> what does hooking angular has to do with this?
16:09:22 <ashimema> also.. are we using mojo sessions calls anywhere?
16:09:27 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: nope
16:09:31 <ashimema> if we are we're creating duplicate user cookies..
16:09:33 <ashimema> great..
16:09:36 <ashimema> tick
16:09:39 <khall> angular + rest = good
16:09:46 <jajm> i feel that cookie and rest api should not appear in the same phrases...
16:09:59 <jajm> -s
16:10:06 <kivilahtio_> jajm: I was hoping to use the REST API to augment existing Koha features
16:10:17 <ashimema> kivi++
16:10:18 <kivilahtio_> thus we need to share the cookie-authentication
16:10:19 <khall> myself as well
16:10:19 <ashimema> exactly
16:10:39 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: why we should use Mojo::Session calls?
16:10:46 <ashimema> jajm.. I know exactly where your coming from..
16:10:55 <ashimema> we shouldn't use Mojo::Session calls ;)
16:11:00 <tcohen> jajm: think search results, updating holdability of items on the resultset, using ajax to make rendering faster
16:11:01 <kivilahtio_> I could easily add existing authentication mechanisms from C4::Auth to the Swagtenticator?
16:11:06 <ashimema> though that's more of a personal thought..
16:11:23 <ashimema> Mojo::Sessions bascialyl create a session cookie..
16:11:42 <ashimema> to be properly restul we don't want a session cookie.. just an auth
16:11:43 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: so we should use the Koha CGISESSID instead
16:11:50 <ashimema> yes..
16:11:53 <ashimema> I beleive so..
16:11:59 <ashimema> or eventally move to Mojo::Session..
16:12:00 <kivilahtio_> but we need the CGISESSID as well to work with Koha
16:12:16 <ashimema> but not have both as they'll get confusing fast having two cookies that in effect handle the same information ;)
16:12:23 <kivilahtio_> I can add the CGISESSID tomorrow to the Swagtenticator
16:12:35 <ashimema> all we want to use the koha CGISESSID cookie for is authentication.
16:12:38 <kivilahtio_> this will help me a lot as well in testing :)
16:12:43 <ashimema> jajm.. that's what makes it restfull.
16:12:55 <tcohen> we *need* to reuse CGISESSID if we were to use the RESTful api from Koha's UI
16:13:14 <ashimema> restfull means you send all you need with every request to get a response.. including Authentication..
16:13:18 <kivilahtio_> but somebody should take another look at the propsed authentication system
16:13:23 <kivilahtio_> I mean the api-key system
16:13:38 <kivilahtio_> and how does REST do auth?
16:13:47 <ashimema> so.. if we have a auth fallback system.. username:password in the url will work.. or the cookie will work.. or an OAuth token will work.
16:13:50 <kivilahtio_> you need to hae the api-key/signature there as well
16:13:56 <ashimema> in effect they're all jsut mediums for the same data..
16:13:59 <ashimema> a signatrue saying..
16:14:01 <ashimema> it'#s me
16:14:26 <pianohacker> kivilahtio_: The API-key system looks good, but why the list of API keys on the OPAC?
16:14:27 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: could you make a document on how you think the Koha API should authenticate, in addition to the GCISESSID
16:14:37 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: ask jmjm
16:14:42 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: ask jajm
16:14:51 <ashimema> right..
16:14:54 <ashimema> i really need to had off..
16:15:00 <jajm> pianohacker, each user should be able to create api keys, don't they ?
16:15:05 <kivilahtio_> we know you don't want to :)
16:15:06 <ashimema> I'll read the minutes when I get back and make any notes on he wiki.
16:15:15 <ashimema> sorry chaps.. daughter is waiting at school for pickup ;)
16:15:16 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: PM me!
16:15:23 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: fiorst things first. thanks for feedback
16:15:40 <ashimema> jajm..
16:15:43 <pianohacker> jajm: general public users?
16:15:51 <ashimema> a user should just use their credentials to login..
16:15:52 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: any registered Koha user
16:15:57 <tcohen> jajm: creating an API key works for using the API explicitly, but what about using it from the UI?
16:15:58 <ashimema> no need for a seperate api key
16:16:00 <kivilahtio_> ashimema: go get your daughter
16:16:04 <tcohen> in the form of AJAX calls?
16:16:12 <ashimema> bye
16:16:15 <tcohen> brb
16:16:15 <kivilahtio_> bye!
16:16:54 <kivilahtio_> I think jajm's idea that every registered borrower can get their own API keys is superb
16:17:01 <pianohacker> this seems like something that has a lot of potential to confuse the general public. And aren't API keys only really useful for entities completely outside of Koha?
16:17:10 <kivilahtio_> we just limit what they can do with Koha borrower permissions
16:17:47 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: that is true as well, we could have a borrowercategory "AUTOMAT" which get this API view displayed
16:17:53 <pianohacker> if each borrower can create their own API keys, then the API keys are pointless, no?
16:17:54 <kivilahtio_> but then again
16:18:02 <kivilahtio_> I see  no harm in presenting the view to everybody
16:18:04 <pianohacker> as the borrower can just authenticate normally
16:18:21 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: he can use his key like a ssh-key to more easily authenticate
16:18:41 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: or maybe one of our patrons wants to make a mobile phone app to use our library?
16:18:53 <tcohen> as ashimema is a plus, but the basic authentication mechanisms are mandatory to be implemented for the feature to be useful
16:18:55 <jajm> pianohacker, some borrowers could be interested in using this api outside of the opac
16:19:00 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: giving the keys out publicly is a great idea and just another way of authenticating
16:19:18 <kivilahtio_> tcohen: I will implement the CGISESSID tomorrow
16:19:27 <kivilahtio_> or this week, this is a top riority for me
16:19:28 <tcohen> s/is/ said, is/
16:19:39 <pianohacker> true, but that raises a very tricky point
16:19:40 <tcohen> kivilahtio_: great
16:19:41 <kivilahtio_> I just need confirmation that the Swagtenticator is a good idea
16:19:50 <kivilahtio_> so I wont spend another 3 days for nothing :)
16:20:01 <tcohen> maybe we could rename it :-D
16:20:04 <kivilahtio_> hahaha
16:20:06 <jajm> i mean, i use google docs and google docs make some ajax calls for me, but sometimes i want to do something more, and this is possible because google give me access to the api
16:20:17 <kivilahtio_> I have a sound reasoning for the name :)
16:20:24 <pianohacker> someone developing a mobile app like you mentioned might want to allow patrons to log into their accounts within that app, right?
16:20:33 <pianohacker> check fines, checkouts, etc etc
16:20:42 <Joubu> Could it be possible to have a wiki page (or whatever!) as an overview of 1/ what is done 2/ what should be done 3/ what should be modified (why)? Written by the different authors of this discussion
16:21:11 <kivilahtio_> I have some post-its lying around :)
16:21:37 <kivilahtio_> tcohen: would it make you happy if I renamed it?
16:21:48 <pianohacker> if the borrower in question can just generate an API key, there's no way the library can revoke access to the app for bad behavior
16:21:55 <kivilahtio_> Koha::Rest::V1::Plugins::TomasCohenAutenticator
16:22:07 <tcohen> :-P
16:22:28 <jajm> pianohacker, this is a good point
16:22:40 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: if the account is debarred, then no API keys
16:23:06 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: the API key is just a substitute for the CGISESSID-authentication. all same borrower restirctions apply. Tehre is a permission handling mechanisms here
16:23:16 <tcohen> i'd say that the use case the api-key mechanism is interesting, with some edge cases that might be tricky
16:23:39 <pianohacker> well, yes, but your ability to check out books shouldn't necessarily be linked to your possibly being a bad API customer :)
16:23:52 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: good point
16:23:54 <pianohacker> regardless, though, kivilahtio_, I like swagtenticator, it seems like the cleaner option
16:23:55 <tcohen> i need to leave for a meeting
16:24:00 <tcohen> kivilahtio_: can u chair
16:24:01 <kivilahtio_> pianohacker: bless you
16:24:09 <kivilahtio_> tcohen: I have absolutely no idea how to
16:24:25 <tcohen> #chair kivilahtio_
16:24:25 <huginn`> Current chairs: ashimema cait kivilahtio_ tcohen
16:24:32 <kivilahtio_> but I think we could make a document about issues
16:24:38 <kivilahtio_> and see what we need and where to go
16:24:43 <gaetan_B> bye
16:24:54 <Joubu> so, actions?
16:25:03 <kivilahtio_> I think 13799 can be pushed to master, but not recommended for production use
16:25:22 <kivilahtio_> the other related bugs are not so functional and lack authentication
16:25:29 <kivilahtio_> there are some bigger issues there
16:25:43 <tcohen> what about ashimema's suggestion to strip swagger-ui out?
16:25:44 <Joubu> I think you are the one :)
16:25:55 <kivilahtio_> mainly Authentication is critical to make any other features
16:26:07 <tcohen> bbl
16:26:17 <kivilahtio_> tcohen: I think it is a solid point, but we should provide easy way for QA peeps to test the API
16:26:51 <kivilahtio_> so lets pull out Swagger UI nad add wiki pages for instructions
16:27:14 <jajm> tcohen, i think we can remove swaggerui for now, if it really blocks the integration, but it would be really useful for testing
16:27:23 <kivilahtio_> #vote Pull Swagger UI out and create a wiki-page for instructions on how to deploy various API inspectors.
16:27:28 <kivilahtio_> #yes
16:27:57 <Joubu> who? :)
16:28:01 <kivilahtio_> no idea
16:28:10 <kivilahtio_> it is many months since i did this
16:28:13 <jajm> a wiki page ? or a separate bug ?
16:28:25 <kivilahtio_> jajm: hmmm, a separate bug might be better
16:28:38 <kivilahtio_> jajm: but dont we have already a ton of separate bugs?
16:28:45 <kivilahtio_> can i cancel this vote?
16:28:53 <Joubu> #endvote
16:29:07 <kivilahtio_> #vote Pull Swagger UI out and create a bug for instructions on how to deploy various API inspectors.
16:29:08 <kivilahtio_> better?
16:29:09 <wahanui> i think better is "take cover." :)
16:29:18 <kivilahtio_> #yes kivilahtio
16:29:19 <jajm> little separate bugs are better than big bug imo
16:29:21 <kivilahtio_> #kivilahtio, yes
16:29:45 <kivilahtio_> jajm: I think we wont have so many instructions
16:29:56 <kivilahtio_> jajm: we have instructions for Swagger2 UI and maybe postman
16:30:05 <kivilahtio_> they all fot there nicesly as separate commits
16:30:10 <Joubu> kivilahtio_: I think a vote is not needed
16:30:18 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: I didn't want to chair :)
16:30:22 <Joubu> we need actions for the next steps
16:30:29 <kivilahtio_> #endvote
16:30:32 <jajm> i can split bug 13799
16:30:33 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=13799 new feature, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Add base for building RESTful API
16:30:39 <kivilahtio_> jajm: ok
16:30:53 <kivilahtio_> I need to add Nginx and Hypnotoad as  a bug
16:31:16 <jajm> kivilahtio_, the bug is already created
16:31:24 <kivilahtio_> you did it for me?
16:31:27 <kivilahtio_> that is nice :)
16:31:38 <jajm> bug 14448n
16:31:38 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14448 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Hypnotoad and Nginx config for REST API
16:31:40 <Joubu> I reiterate my wish: I really would like more communication and have a better visibility on what is going on. Who is working on what, what is done, what should be changed, etc.
16:31:41 <jajm> bug 14448
16:31:43 <Joubu> with the bug numbers
16:31:50 <Joubu> I cannot do it
16:32:11 <Joubu> and I think several people should do it, collaborate, you know?
16:32:54 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: to facilitate better visibility we need a better project manangement tool than Bugzilla
16:33:14 <Joubu> let's start with mail and a wiki page...
16:33:19 <kivilahtio_> Joubu: I can recommend Redmine, I just dpeloyed a redmine installation to serve the Finnish Koha-community
16:33:44 <jajm> a wiki page seems good :)
16:34:05 <kivilahtio_> we already have 4 peeps working on Koha, doing migrations and testing stuff
16:34:08 <kivilahtio_> it's cool :)
16:34:25 <kivilahtio_> 4 technicals
16:34:39 <kivilahtio_> or maybe a google doc?
16:34:42 <Joubu> kivilahtio_, jajm: are you willing to start it ?
16:34:42 <kivilahtio_> anywayu
16:34:47 <kivilahtio_> I can start it
16:34:49 <Joubu> with maybe ashimema
16:35:05 <Joubu> thanks
16:35:06 <kivilahtio_> I have a lot of ideas and I think I have a quite a clear vision of what is happening
16:35:34 <Joubu> #action kivilahtio_ will initiate a wiki page as an overview of the REST work
16:35:37 <Joubu> something like that
16:35:42 <kivilahtio_> #yes
16:35:49 <kivilahtio_> #vite, yes :)
16:35:54 <kivilahtio_> #vote, yes :)
16:36:17 <kivilahtio_> who want to stay informed?
16:36:23 <Joubu> And I think you can end the meeting
16:36:28 <kivilahtio_> #endmeeting