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14:23:13 <kidclamp> #topic Introductions
14:23:13 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
14:23:29 <kidclamp> #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
14:23:36 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
14:23:40 <barton> #info Barton Chittenden, bws, Louisville, KY, USA
14:23:40 <mkuhn> #info Michael Kuhn, Admin Kuhn (Switzerland)
14:23:43 <schnydszch> #info Eugene Espinoza
14:23:54 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
14:23:57 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, USA
14:24:06 <schnydszch> #info Eugene Espinoza Philippines
14:24:23 <rsantellan> #info Rodrigo Santellan, Montevideo, Uruguay
14:24:32 <khall> #info Kyle M Hall, ByWater Solutions
14:24:39 <kidclamp> last call
14:24:57 <kidclamp> #topic Announcements
14:25:14 <kidclamp> Anyone have anything? khall?
14:25:23 <khall> yeah
14:25:55 <khall> Brendan wanted me to let everyone know we are starting a project to integrate RDF functionality into Koha!
14:26:16 <khall> First, we are looking into MARC to RDF conversion, then finding a suitable database
14:26:34 <khall> After that we'll work on indexing the data into Elastic, and getting the search working in Koha!
14:26:47 <khall> We hope to have something useful in 6 months or so
14:27:06 <kidclamp> #info ByWater is developing RDF for Koha
14:27:30 <thd> khall, have you added some content to the wiki describing your plans?
14:27:35 <oleonard> Related? https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Linked_Data_RFC
14:27:51 <caboose_> #info Michael Cabus, BWS princeton NJ...teaching web development but listening in
14:28:02 <khall> thd: I cannot say, I'm not involved in the project yet
14:28:25 <kidclamp> early stages thd, but as things progress we will add something to wiki
14:29:23 <kidclamp> any more announcements?
14:29:28 <Joubu> about ES, there is bug 17500 waiting for feedbacks and testing
14:29:29 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17500 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Use Elasticsearch to search for patrons
14:29:51 <magnuse> khall: some swedes are paying me to work in that direction - we need to talk! but now i gotta run.
14:30:00 <thd> There are multiple competing approaches to implementing RDF do you have a client for any particular one?
14:30:24 <khall> magnuse: yes, we are planning to get together!
14:30:45 <kidclamp> not yet thd, just starting research, any info you have would be appreciated, ping/email me after meeting
14:30:46 <magnuse> khall: and dcook is working on oai-pmh + rdf
14:30:49 <khall> thd: not that I'm aware of, we are still evaluating
14:31:11 <khall> sounds like we need to start a Koha RDF working group
14:31:16 <magnuse> yup
14:31:23 <khall> maybe a mailing list or such
14:31:32 <magnuse> andreas from SUB should be there too
14:31:35 <kidclamp> Joubu: do you know if that bug will work with ES2.X? I have been holding off testing until we upgrade
14:32:16 <Joubu> kidclamp: since it's basic indexing+searching it should work with both branches
14:32:21 <kidclamp> #info Discussion/Thoughts needed on using ES for patron search: bug 17500
14:33:12 <kidclamp> last call for announcements
14:33:46 <kidclamp> #topic Update on releases
14:34:36 <kidclamp> khall: any 17.05 info
14:34:48 <kidclamp> I don't think we have other maintainers here
14:35:01 <khall> Primarily pushing bugs to be backported at this time
14:35:19 <khall> I'll begin pushing enhancements more aggressively in the coming week or two
14:36:03 <kidclamp> Joubu? You mentioned some things in 'what's on' anything to emphasize?
14:36:04 <khall> cait has been backporting bugs for 16.11.01
14:37:16 <Joubu> kidclamp: just read it :)
14:37:26 <kidclamp> #info Kyle is pushing bug fixes at the moment, enhancements in the next week or so
14:37:29 <cait> yep i have :)
14:37:44 <kidclamp> #info cait is backporting needed fixes to 16.11.01
14:38:07 <kidclamp> #info read Jonathan's latest 'What's on in Koha devel' for more info
14:38:34 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
14:38:53 <kidclamp> #topic KohaCon
14:39:11 <kidclamp> schnydszch: updates?
14:39:11 <wahanui> updates are terrible
14:40:17 <schnydszch> As I've already said above, we have managed to have the venue for free, the main conference, we're still negotiating the two day hackfest. 2017 Kohacon will be free of charge
14:41:17 <kidclamp> #info KohaCon 2017 will have no registration fee - hackfest venue is in negotiations
14:41:27 <schnydszch> However, we have to change the date June 19-23 as agreed with the venue sponsor
14:42:22 <schnydszch> We are now opening call for sponsorships from the Koha community, you can email us at KohaCon17@gmail.com
14:42:37 <kidclamp> #info KohaCon 2017 dates are now June 19-23
14:43:10 <kidclamp> #info KohaCon 2017 seeking sponsorships - contact KohaCon17@gmail.com
14:43:23 <schnydszch> June 19-21 main conference, June 22-23 hackfest, still in Metro Manila
14:43:46 <schnydszch> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Manila
14:44:30 <kidclamp> #link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro_Manila KohaCon 2017 location info
14:45:20 <kidclamp> comments anyone?
14:45:31 <schnydszch> formal letters to follow, to those who will be emailing for the call for sponsorships
14:45:53 <schnydszch> and also, the online preregistration is still the same as posted in the list
14:46:48 <kidclamp> #link https://goo.gl/forms/BSZz8NT46u4pBqT23 KohaCon2017 registration
14:47:03 <schnydszch> thanks kidclamp
14:49:10 <kidclamp> can you send an email update to the mailing list schnydszch - or did I miss one?
14:49:55 <kidclamp> and if nothing else I will move on to KohaCon 2018
14:49:56 <schnydszch> we will update or post in the mailing list the details
14:50:11 <schnydszch> yeah nothing else from us
14:50:32 <kidclamp> #action schnydszch will send an update on KC 2017 to the mailing lists
14:50:55 <kidclamp> #topic KohaCon18 - Does it make sense to open bidding now?
14:50:57 <thd> I think that we should wait until January before opening bidding on KohaCon18.  I offer to create a wiki page and announce it on the mailing list around the second week in January.
14:51:52 <kidclamp> that sounds reasonable to me
14:52:53 <kidclamp> no other comments?
14:54:10 <kidclamp> #action thd will create a wiki page and announce bidding second week in January
14:54:26 * kidclamp thinks a round of coffee is in order
14:54:41 <kidclamp> #topic Update: Marketing Group or Committee for spreading word about Koha
14:54:58 <kidclamp> anyone have info on this one?
14:56:09 <kidclamp> #info tabled until next meeting
14:56:21 <kidclamp> #topic Next Meeting
14:57:28 <kidclamp> January 4th, 20 UTC?
14:57:46 <thd> We have bee interpreting the meeting preferences survey https://framadate.org/3dAEB8zqQLzzTptD wrongly.
14:57:56 <kidclamp> discussion before this meeting seemed to indicate 13/20 alternating covers most people
14:58:02 <kidclamp> elaborate thd?
14:58:29 <thd> We should be more mindful of when people cannot come and not merely when most people prefer.
14:59:14 <thd> We also have no data from some people about maybe time or exclusion times which distorts or frustrates interpretation.
15:00:03 <thd> Yes, I think 2017-01-04 20 UTC would be good as an alternate even if it may work poorly for me personally.
15:00:28 <oleonard> thd: You think our survey misses people who want to come to meetings because they didn't take the survey?
15:01:01 <thd> oleonard: The survey is not widely enough known.
15:01:26 <kidclamp> #link https://framadate.org/3dAEB8zqQLzzTptD Meeting Time survey
15:02:04 <thd> The biggest problem is really, poor data with no maybe or exclusion times even worse than not enough data points from people who might attend.
15:02:05 <oleonard> We know neither how widely the survey is known nor how many people *don't* show for meetings because the chosen time is generally bad
15:02:46 <kidclamp> I think it has been posted to the lists several times, and I think the lists are where we should have more discussion on meeting times, since everyone can participate there
15:03:07 <kidclamp> otherwise is the already participating group deciding :-_
15:03:08 <oleonard> In fact we don't know at all why people don't show up for meetings. Perhaps we should post a survey asking why people don't come to meetings?
15:04:18 <Joubu> I have posted the link at least 4x here on the channel, and during 3 months in the monthly email + extra email
15:04:33 <Joubu> I don't know what we can do to get more attention
15:04:58 <Joubu> and a survey asking why people don't answer surveys?
15:05:08 <thd> oleonard: We have tried to make times in the past which would be helpful to people in India and had almost no participation.  We have to give most weight to people who have a tradition of attending, unless we have a new willingness to participate expressed from some underserved time zone.
15:05:26 <oleonard> Perhaps we should encourage people to add their apologies to the agenda so that we know who would have come if they could have
15:06:19 <thd> Joubu: Do you have a procedure for managing people who would vote again to give more complete or different times than previously?
15:06:32 <thd> oleonard++\
15:07:19 <kidclamp> #action please add your name to apologies on the meeting wiki page if you wanted to attend but couldn't
15:07:58 <kidclamp> #action also, take the survey or respond on the list if current meeting times (rougly 13 or 20 UTC) are unworkable for you
15:08:13 <thd> Joubu: As survey owner can you replace the old info with new info if the same person votes again but does not remember or did not create a login?
15:08:28 <Joubu> thd: no you cannot edit a vote, but I guess I can remove lines as I have admin rights
15:08:53 <thd> Joubu: That is what I meant, good.
15:09:10 <Nuentoter> good morning everyone!
15:09:35 <kidclamp> #info resubmit meeting info to survey, previous votes can be removed by admin if you need to update
15:10:01 <kidclamp> going ahead with 20 utc for next meeting?
15:10:40 <thd> Joubu: You should encourage people with blue backgrounds to update their info and explain how they might do so even by adding a variant of their name after which you could mark out the old one.
15:11:11 <Joubu> thd: I already did all what I could to get attention on this survey
15:11:28 <Nuentoter> survey?
15:11:29 <wahanui> survey is not widely enough known.
15:11:42 <kidclamp> thd: would you send an email out to the lists with your suggestions?
15:11:54 <thd> Joubu: I mean that some people have given incomplete information.
15:12:04 <kidclamp> #info Next meeting: January 4th, 20 UTC
15:12:55 <kidclamp> last call for new topics, time can continue on lists
15:12:58 <Joubu> I don't understand how it could help to get reds instead of blues
15:13:18 <thd> In January I will send a message encouraging better info for the survey from some participants.
15:13:39 <kidclamp> #action thd  will send a message encouraging better info for meeting time survey from some participants
15:13:45 <kidclamp> #endmeeting