20:59:29 <Joubu> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 27 June 2018
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20:59:38 <Joubu> #topic Introductions
20:59:43 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
20:59:47 <tcohen> #info Tomas Cohen Arazi
20:59:48 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, USA
20:59:57 <josef_moravec1> #info Josef Moravec
21:00:05 <greenjimll> #info Jon Knight, Loughborough University
21:02:47 <Joubu> #topic Announcements
21:02:47 <oleonard> New Zealand, where are you?
21:02:53 <Joubu> Anyone have something?
21:03:39 <tcohen> nope
21:04:20 <Joubu> #topic Update from the Release manager (18.11)
21:04:22 <Joubu> kidclamp: ?
21:05:01 <Joubu> #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
21:05:04 <Joubu> rmaints?
21:05:10 <Joubu> ashimema1: ?
21:05:12 <Joubu> ashimema: ?
21:05:30 <tcohen> he's on the apologies
21:05:41 <Joubu> #topic Updates from the QA team
21:06:08 <Joubu> I have almost FQA bug 20271
21:06:08 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20271 major, P1 - high, ---, oha, Signed Off , Merge deleted biblio, biblioitems, biblio_metadata, and items tables with their "alive" cousins
21:06:11 <Joubu> It seems that it's not ready yet
21:06:22 <Joubu> we will need more pair of QA eyes on this one
21:06:32 <Joubu> I am waiting for author's answer
21:07:02 <Joubu> There are 10 major bugs waiting for SO
21:07:07 <Joubu> nothing else from me
21:07:15 <josef_moravec1> Joubu: I will retest it, I have feeling that i didn't see deleted items in zebra search results...
21:08:21 <Joubu> I did not test it much, but it seems that we will need to test it a bit more before pushing it
21:08:26 <josef_moravec1> but you are right, it will need even more attention...
21:09:24 <Joubu> ha, maybe I should add:
21:09:43 <Joubu> I have attached 2 patches on bugs related to bug 21010
21:09:43 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21010 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add a script to search for data inconsistencies
21:09:54 <Joubu> I'd like to get feedback on the idea
21:10:06 <josef_moravec1> Joubu: I signed them ;)
21:10:25 <Joubu> maybe it's redondant with the about page, or we will want to move some checks to the script
21:10:34 <Joubu> josef_moravec1: indeed, thanks :)
21:10:34 <josef_moravec1> I like that idea and this is good start
21:10:38 * cait waves
21:11:08 <Joubu> Hi cait, do you have update for the QA team topic?
21:11:23 <cait> ah sorry, just got home
21:11:47 <josef_moravec1> I could even imagine to have it as tool in UI - with links and fixes where possible
21:12:04 <cait> nothing special i tihnk
21:12:09 <Joubu> josef_moravec1: much more work :)
21:12:33 <josef_moravec1> Joubu: true, but may be much more usefull ;)
21:13:05 <Joubu> yep, I would first start with a simple script, then identify the different needs/checks we want to implement
21:13:22 <josef_moravec1> I agree ;)
21:13:46 <Joubu> moving on?
21:13:47 <greenjimll> Will this just before database bugs, or will it include things like duff MARC fields?
21:13:59 <greenjimll> s/before/be/
21:14:20 <tcohen> yes
21:14:27 <Joubu> It's for DB inconsistencies
21:14:30 <greenjimll> OK
21:15:13 <Joubu> the 2 checks so far are 1. authority types that are used in auth_header.authtypecode but not defined as authority types
21:15:45 <Joubu> and 2. items.holdingbranch and items.homebranch that are not defined (set to NULL in DB), that will make some script explode
21:16:11 <Joubu> it will help people identifying consistencies in the migrated data
21:16:23 <greenjimll> It'll be interesting writing unit tests for this script. :-)
21:16:56 <Joubu> yes, the script is 20 lines long. As I said previously I would like to get feedback first
21:17:13 <Joubu> then I could spend more time if we identify more checks to implement
21:17:56 <Joubu> For instance we will certainly want one for the item types (depending on the pref)
21:18:23 <Joubu> if you have more ideas you can open bug reports and link them with 21010
21:18:39 <Joubu> #topic General development discussion
21:18:51 <Joubu> #topic REST API
21:18:53 <tcohen> and vs &&
21:18:55 <tcohen> haha
21:19:18 <Joubu> it's not in the agenda ;)
21:19:23 <tcohen> he
21:19:26 <tcohen> about the API
21:19:41 <tcohen> On implementing bug...
21:19:52 <tcohen> bug 20942
21:19:52 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20942 new feature, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Add route to get patron's account balance
21:20:17 <tcohen> I tried to imagine the use case for rewriting the patron's account balance page
21:20:29 <tcohen> and noticed we really needed a more useful spec
21:20:32 <tcohen> so I changed it
21:20:39 <tcohen> and already implemented the change on the bug
21:20:44 <tcohen> I just wanted to let you know
21:20:56 <tcohen> and have you comment on that if you feel like
21:21:23 <tcohen> I've been looking at accountancy software and how they display this kind of stuffs,
21:21:25 <Joubu> ok, so no behaviour's changes expected with these changes?
21:21:28 <tcohen> and realized it is the way to go
21:21:46 <tcohen> it is basically splitting account lines into debits and credits
21:22:00 <tcohen> (so when they write a new UI don't need to think about Koha's internals)
21:22:02 <Joubu> forget this last question
21:22:24 <tcohen> and then I have another subject, which is more related to accounts
21:22:26 <tcohen> but required
21:22:29 <tcohen> for the API
21:22:46 <greenjimll> Handy for GDPR output as well (eg Bug 20028)
21:22:46 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20028 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Export all patron related personal data in one package
21:23:09 <tcohen> basically, when it comes to credits
21:23:14 <tcohen> the current codebase uses
21:23:23 <tcohen> accounttype + payment_type
21:23:39 <tcohen> accounttype uses hardcoded values
21:23:48 <tcohen> and payment_type allows more flexibility
21:23:55 <tcohen> through authorized values
21:24:00 <tcohen> I'll make it short
21:24:05 <tcohen> debits are a problem :-D
21:24:18 <tcohen> because we have hardcoded values AND user-defined ones
21:24:23 <tcohen> both in accounttype
21:24:29 <tcohen> I would love to
21:24:39 <tcohen> - Create a debit_type column
21:24:44 <Joubu> it's what my banker told me as well
21:24:52 <tcohen> - Identify all hardcoded values
21:24:59 <tcohen> - Move all user-defined values to debit_type
21:25:12 <tcohen> and have it behave like credits/payments
21:25:26 <tcohen> Joubu: :-P
21:25:42 <tcohen> does anyone see a problem with this?
21:26:00 <greenjimll> What will it break? :-)
21:26:26 <tcohen> I think it won't, greenjimll :-D
21:26:41 <greenjimll> I like it already then. :-)
21:26:46 <Joubu> it will break things, but we do not know yet, it's Koha's fun
21:27:20 <Joubu> user-defined values?
21:27:23 <josef_moravec1> I like that idea too
21:27:26 <tcohen> it will be covered by tests and they will pass, no matter they break all the other stuffs
21:27:30 <tcohen> hahaha
21:27:48 <tcohen> Joubu: for credits we have PAYMENT_TYPE, and for debits is MANUAL_INV
21:27:56 <tcohen> both are used for the same
21:28:05 <tcohen> but debits don't have a column
21:28:44 <tcohen> if you feel like something might not suit your POV, please pm me or better send me an email
21:28:59 <tcohen> I will just implement it and put it in consideration of the rest of the devs anyway
21:29:28 <tcohen> I've been looking at Evergreen interface (thanks to jeff) so I found nice things they do, and things we have they don't
21:30:13 <tcohen> ok, that's all from me
21:30:28 <tcohen> the /patrons/{patron_id}/account endpoint is ready for QA
21:30:32 <Joubu> #topic Review of coding guidelines
21:30:43 <Joubu> #topic Documentation - Cookies
21:30:51 <Joubu> #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Coding_Guidelines#Documentation_.28DRAFT.29
21:31:22 <Joubu> "Documenting the use of cookies in Koha for the purpose of abiding to European GDPR and other data privacy regulations is required. If a new cookie is added, an old cookie is removed or updated, the documentation on Use of Cookies needs to be updated accordingly."
21:31:43 <Joubu> Does anyone disagree with that new DOC1 guidelines?
21:31:57 <greenjimll> Sounds good to me.
21:32:15 <tcohen> same
21:32:39 <tcohen> does it need to be complete?
21:32:51 <Joubu> whaT?
21:32:53 <Joubu> what
21:32:55 <Joubu> the guideline?
21:33:00 <tcohen> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Use_of_Cookies
21:33:02 <Joubu> or the list?
21:33:03 <tcohen> ^^ right?
21:33:08 <tcohen> we should version it
21:33:13 <Joubu> no I think it's exhaustive already
21:33:13 <tcohen> and shift to 17.11+
21:33:37 <Joubu> There is a "version" column
21:34:20 <Joubu> #info Guideline DOC1 has been accepted unanimously
21:34:51 <Joubu> nothing more? next meeting?
21:35:16 <Joubu> #topic Set time of next meeting
21:35:47 <Joubu> 11 July 2018, 14 UTC?
21:36:11 <greenjimll> +1
21:36:13 <Joubu> nope
21:36:22 <Joubu> there is the general meeting
21:36:49 <Joubu> I can do one then the other, right?
21:37:03 <greenjimll> Good idea - might get more attendees
21:37:20 <Joubu> #info Next meeting: 11 July 2018, 15 UTC
21:37:29 <Joubu> #endmeeting