21:05:48 <LeeJ> #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 13 July 2018
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21:06:06 <LeeJ> #topic Introductions
21:06:16 <LeeJ> #info Lee Jamison, Marywood University
21:06:32 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
21:06:45 <davidnind> #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
21:07:06 <georgew> #info George Williams, Lawrence, Kansas
21:07:13 <LeeJ> #topic What's been done so far
21:07:48 <LeeJ> I know I've seen some taiga updates coming through..anyone want the floor to go over what they've worked on (if anything)?
21:07:54 <cait> I submitted a little rewrite for patron import
21:08:03 <cait> waiting for being pushed :)
21:08:36 <LeeJ> cait: sorry about that! today was our Library Director's last day here so the past few weeks we've been scrambling to get stuff done before he left
21:08:47 <LeeJ> I'm re-dedicating myself to documentation starting monday :)
21:09:07 <cait> np at all :)
21:09:15 <LeeJ> #info LeeJ will be going full throttle on Documentation work starting Monday July 16th
21:09:22 <LeeJ> anyone else have anything?
21:09:22 <davidnind> I've not been working on anything particular...
21:10:15 <LeeJ> btw, thank you all for coming to my awkwardly-scheduled meeting because I'm a doofus and was looking at the June calendar when scheduling the July meeting :)
21:10:49 <LeeJ> #topic Workflows
21:11:38 <LeeJ> #info caroline has done a fantastic job updating the wiki documentation for Editing from local repository in the Editing the manual wiki page https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Editing_the_Koha_Manual
21:11:56 <LeeJ> if you haven't looked at it I highly suggest it...I really like how she did it :)
21:12:23 <cait> caroline++
21:12:28 <davidnind> caroline++
21:12:31 <LeeJ> caroline++
21:12:51 <LeeJ> #topic Next steps
21:13:38 <LeeJ> alright folks, I will be scouring through the Taiga tasks/user stories starting again on Monday and get any/all pushes taken care of
21:13:51 <LeeJ> now that my brain is finally out of vacation mode ;)
21:13:57 <cait> :)
21:14:03 <cait> stock rotation has been submitted, but is not pushed yet
21:14:05 <cait> a first i think
21:14:13 <LeeJ> ooh
21:14:15 <cait> having the documentation before
21:14:20 <LeeJ> I'm excited!
21:14:25 <davidnind> cait++
21:14:28 <cait> not me
21:14:29 <cait> ashimema
21:14:33 <cait> ashimema++
21:14:34 <LeeJ> ashimema++
21:14:46 <davidnind> ashimema++
21:14:46 <cait> just a little heads up for LeeJ :)
21:14:58 <LeeJ> #info stock rotation patch has been submitted to docs, needs to be pushed
21:15:02 <georgew> I haven't done anything with documentation lately, but I did have a question
21:15:12 <LeeJ> georgew: what's up?
21:15:15 <cait> i mean the feature is not in Koha yet
21:15:19 <georgew> Is anyone going to do a presentation or discussion of documentation at the conference?
21:15:21 <cait> sorry, late here :)
21:15:34 <LeeJ> georgew: I think cait can field that question :)
21:15:40 <georgew> cool
21:15:41 <cait> rangi and I submitted a presentation, but we will gladly step back if someone else wants to
21:15:59 <cait> we wanted ot make sure there is one, learning that LeeJ won't make it
21:16:16 <georgew> That's great.  I've been out of touch with a lot of things lately so I wasn't sure if anyone was doing anythig at Kohacon
21:16:28 <LeeJ> kohadocs++
21:16:36 <georgew> And I missed the last Kohacon planning meeting so I haven't seen any of the proposals yet
21:16:46 <LeeJ> I'm still upset I can't make it :(
21:16:54 <LeeJ> maybe next year I can afford it! haha
21:17:00 <georgew> LeeJ, we're all upset about that
21:17:07 <LeeJ> :(
21:17:09 <cait> LeeJ: me too
21:17:15 * LeeJ plays sad trombone
21:18:03 <LeeJ> [off] maybe if I was promoted to professional staff I could have gone
21:18:55 <LeeJ> #info cait and rangi have submitted a proposal for Kohacon regarding documentation
21:19:20 <LeeJ> anyone have final words before we set next meeting (with a reasonable date!)
21:19:30 <davidnind> Question about #472 Fix capitalization https://tree.taiga.io/project/ldjamison-kohadocs-1805/us/472
21:19:37 <davidnind> Does this apply to headings and sub headings, or only interface elements?
21:20:36 <LeeJ> hmm
21:20:50 <LeeJ> I *believe* it applies to everything..?
21:21:31 <cait> i think the idea was to match the rules in the gui of koha
21:21:46 <cait> not usre if people generally agree to that
21:22:05 <davidnind> That's how I interpreted it, and makes sense to me - sentence case for headings, which I agree with
21:22:41 <davidnind> Also, something easy for me to do...
21:22:47 <LeeJ> davidnind++
21:22:53 <cait> :)
21:24:27 <LeeJ> anyone have anything else? :)
21:24:31 <cait> nope
21:24:45 <davidnind> Nothing from me!
21:24:49 <LeeJ> okay!
21:24:49 <cait> abit more focused on qa right now, but will try to find some time for manual too
21:24:56 <LeeJ> cait: happens!
21:25:18 <LeeJ> #topic Set time of next meeting
21:26:11 <LeeJ> what date/time works for everyone in August? any preferences?
21:27:06 <davidnind> No preference for me, whatever time suits most of you
21:27:59 <LeeJ> august 14th, 14 UTC?
21:28:42 <LeeJ> any objections?
21:28:48 <georgew> no objections here
21:28:48 <davidnind> None from me
21:29:23 <LeeJ> #info Next meeting: 14 August 2018, 14 UTC
21:29:27 <LeeJ> #endmeeting