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21:08:36 <kellym> leej I didn’t get the message ! That merge request was from awhile ago!
21:08:49 <kellym> thanks! leej
21:09:04 <LeeJ> kellym my pleasure! :)
21:09:16 <LeeJ> #topic Introductions
21:09:16 <wahanui> #info wahanui, a bot that has become sentient
21:09:24 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
21:09:27 <LeeJ> #info Lee Jamison, Marywood University
21:09:27 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro (Canada)
21:09:30 <georgew> #info George Williams, Northeast Kansas Library System
21:09:35 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
21:09:35 <kellym> #info kelly mcelligott bywater solutions
21:09:41 <rangi> #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst IT, NZ
21:09:58 <m23_> # Michal Denar, KohaCZ
21:10:00 <LeeJ> hi all and welcome to the meeting...again, sorry about the last one. That was on me :)
21:10:15 <LeeJ> everyone present and accounted for?
21:10:23 <LeeJ> cool
21:10:38 <LeeJ> #topic What's been done so far
21:11:04 <LeeJ> Joubu: I'm going to assume you may have news about the help files?
21:11:22 <Joubu> nope, I do not
21:11:36 <LeeJ> okay
21:11:47 <Joubu> bug 19817 is in discussion
21:11:47 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19817 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Merge local and online documentations
21:11:49 <LeeJ> does anyone have any updates, news, etc.?
21:12:02 <Joubu> I wanted to provide patches to have something ready for 18.05, but without feedbacks I cannot
21:12:39 <LeeJ> #info Bug 19817 is still in discussion. Joubu wants to provide patches for 18.05 but needs feedback from the community to do so
21:13:36 <LeeJ> #topic Workflows
21:14:10 <LeeJ> okay..so it appears as though some/most who have a desire to help write documentation don't understand the gitlab workflow
21:14:33 <LeeJ> so I'm prepared to offer a Zoom session/webinar to anyone interested in order to help
21:14:41 <georgew> I'd be interested
21:14:42 <cait> LeeJ++
21:14:44 <kellym> leej i would say at one meeting awhile back it was talked about creating a vidoe about the process
21:14:58 <kellym> yes I would be interested leej especially adding images to the manual
21:15:14 <cait> there is a video linked on the wiki page: edit manual?
21:15:17 <cait> editing manual?
21:15:23 <cait> editing the manual?
21:15:23 <wahanui> somebody said editing the manual was https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Editing_the_Koha_Manual
21:15:43 <LeeJ> kellym: yes I remember that meeting note. I had actually thought about it and realized it might be more effective having a recorded webinar to work from
21:16:21 <kellym> definitely!  yes there is a video on adding content but not adding images.  I had problems with the steps on the wiki…so I would love a webinar leej
21:16:34 <cait> ah yep :)
21:16:40 <LeeJ> I figured I'd take a page out of BWS' playbook :)
21:16:50 <kellym> great idea!  leej
21:16:52 <Joubu> kellym: what kind of images do you want to add?
21:16:56 <kellym> leej++
21:17:00 <kellym> screenshots
21:17:00 <wahanui> screenshots are best
21:17:06 <Joubu> of Koha?
21:17:28 <Joubu> Seen my emails to the list about manual screenshots?
21:17:28 <wahanui> I haven't seen 'my', Joubu
21:17:29 <kellym> yes screenshots of koha.  it was also discussed to have images/screenshots of koha without customizations.
21:17:38 <LeeJ> #info LeeJ will send out an email the week of February 26th to determine the best meeting time for a webinar
21:17:58 <kellym> joubu I don’t remember seeing an email- can you send it to me?  kelly@bywatersolutions.com
21:18:27 <Joubu> https://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2018-January/049807.html
21:18:58 <kellym> thanks joubu
21:18:58 <LeeJ> thanks for bringing that up kellym! Joubu, do we have a written policy in place about using non-customized Koha for images/screenshots? I don't recall seeing one
21:19:06 <m23_> what about screenshots in other languages in manual?
21:19:07 <Joubu> the idea was to provide a way to generate screenshot automatically
21:19:17 <LeeJ> ahh
21:19:32 <Joubu> which would lead to autogenerated screenshots, updated from one version of Koha to another, and for any languages
21:19:45 <Joubu> m23_: same link
21:20:10 <Joubu> nobody reads my emails :-/
21:20:10 <cait> LeeJ: we agreed on it at the last meeting
21:20:15 <cait> but i don't think we put it on the wiki
21:20:16 <m23_> some languages are longer, other shorter .. how solve this in automatic way?
21:20:51 <LeeJ> #info https://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2018-January/049807.html contains information about the idea of automatically generating screenshots
21:20:59 <LeeJ> cait: right..now it's coming back to me :)
21:21:09 <Joubu> we screenshot boxes (with class or id), so the sizes can vary
21:21:20 <Joubu> boxes == HTML elements
21:21:37 <LeeJ> #info LeeJ will add the policy to the wiki of using non-customized Koha screenshots for documentation to keep documentation images uniform
21:21:42 <cait> LeeJ: do you want me to add a note on the wiki?
21:21:45 <cait> ah :)
21:21:46 <cait> even better
21:21:46 <wahanui> even better is what oleopard said just after that
21:22:17 <m23_> It can work, I think
21:22:41 <LeeJ> alright..I think that covers what I had in mind. I plan on also covering information on the kanban during the zoom webinar
21:22:42 <kellym> leej do you think there should be something about standard size of images also?
21:22:54 <m23_> how we can help with it?
21:22:57 <Joubu> m23_: it works
21:22:57 <wahanui> For now...
21:23:01 <Joubu> lol
21:23:41 <LeeJ> kellym: that would make sense to me..however are there any cases (wide pages, etc.) where uniform image sizes would make the screenshot unreadable?
21:23:58 <kellym> yes true- leej
21:24:41 <LeeJ> Joubu and cait..what are your thoughts on requiring a uniform screenshot size?
21:24:50 <Joubu> maybe you should just read my emails
21:25:10 <cait> i am not sure - maybe only a max size?
21:25:11 <Joubu> there are examples for ar, en, es, it, pt_BR and zh_TW
21:25:19 <Joubu> for the first screenshots I generated automatically
21:25:30 * LeeJ feels sheepish
21:25:47 <Joubu> there are links to the different manuals at the end of the email
21:26:20 <Joubu> http://download.koha-community.org/manual/wip_screenshots/ar/html/02_administration.html
21:26:25 <Joubu> for instance
21:26:57 <LeeJ> I see
21:27:01 <caroline> Joubu, you should send emails to the general mailing list. I notice this one is the bugs mailing list?
21:27:22 <Joubu> it's the general mailing list
21:28:17 <LeeJ> hmm
21:29:04 <LeeJ> well I am willing to help with what I can per that mailing list email Joubu
21:29:38 <LeeJ> I just realized I don't remember seeing it because I had my bugs list filtered to a folder
21:29:55 <LeeJ> but let me know what you need me to do and I'll be more than happy to
21:30:38 <rangi> has anyone mentioned the manuals are automatically updated now, as soon as changes are merged, it rebuilds all the languages
21:31:03 <LeeJ> rangi: not that I can recollect..? But that's fantastic
21:31:17 <rangi> for 18.05 and 17.11
21:31:23 <rangi> https://koha-community.org/manual/18.05/zh_TW/html/
21:31:30 <rangi> https://koha-community.org/manual/18.05/en/html/
21:31:32 <rangi> etc
21:31:55 <LeeJ> #info the manuals are automatically updated now since 18.05 and 17.11. As soon as changes are merged, it rebuilds all the languages
21:32:09 <LeeJ> that's very convenient
21:32:22 <LeeJ> anyone have anything else? :)
21:32:26 <rangi> yeah it allows people to see if the changes they made look good
21:32:43 <LeeJ> okay..moving on then
21:32:55 <LeeJ> #topic Next steps
21:33:19 <LeeJ> To summarize (please point out if I've missed something)...
21:33:52 <LeeJ> uhh
21:34:01 <kellym> what happened?
21:34:06 <LeeJ> no clue..
21:34:22 <rangi> netsplit
21:34:44 <LeeJ> ooh
21:34:56 <georgew> irc apocalypse
21:34:56 <LeeJ> I'll wait until people come back
21:35:05 <LeeJ> ..if they do :O
21:35:40 <LeeJ> don't you mean a splitpocalypse georgew? :)
21:36:16 <Joubu> back?
21:36:16 <wahanui> and forth.
21:36:23 <Joubu> pfiou
21:36:32 <LeeJ> some never left it seems
21:36:55 <LeeJ> that was weird..I've never been here for that.
21:36:59 <Joubu> rangi: What I said: but pootle is not updated
21:37:19 <rangi> nope, that needs to be automated too
21:37:45 * cait waves
21:37:49 <cait> sorry got disconnected
21:38:17 <georgew> _everybody_ got disconnected
21:39:08 <LeeJ> so to summarize... Joubu needs help from the community to work on getting the documentation/help files/screenshots automated, etc. I'll be sending out an email next week to coordinate a webinar on kohadocs as well as I'll add our dediced policies about non-customized Koha to be used for all screenshots
21:39:13 <LeeJ> did I miss anything?
21:39:53 <Joubu> LeeJ: for the automated screenshots: I need to know if what I suggest is a possible solution
21:40:15 <Joubu> i.e. does the syntax make sense for people without technical skills
21:41:35 <LeeJ> #info read over the information at this link https://lists.katipo.co.nz/pipermail/koha/2018-January/049807.html and let Joubu know if what he suggests is a possible solution (i.e. does the syntax make sense for people without technical skills). Notify Joubu ASAP
21:41:46 <cait> it got lost in the netsplit
21:41:53 <cait> but what about the screenshots we can't generate?
21:42:06 <cait> pages that are not koha, enhanced content (needs keys etc)
21:42:27 <Joubu> let start with the ones we can generate :)
21:42:32 <cait> ok
21:42:35 <caroline> What about new features? How do we say to add a screenshot for this or that if it isn't already in the manual?
21:43:02 <LeeJ> caroline: that's definitely a topic I want to cover in the zoom webinar I'll be scheduling!
21:43:40 <caroline> yes, but will they be automated? Is that something you will cover in the webinar?
21:44:07 <LeeJ> #info also it's critical to provide feedback on Bug 19817 for Joubu
21:44:07 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19817 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, In Discussion , Merge local and online documentations
21:44:26 <LeeJ> I think that's something I might have to sort out with Joubu
21:45:21 <LeeJ> caroline: I don't have an exact answer at the moment, but as soon as I do have an answer I'll relay it to everyone
21:45:43 <LeeJ> okay...I think everything's been covered
21:46:05 <caroline> ok, I was just mentionning it so we think about it, not to get an answer today
21:46:09 <LeeJ> unless anyone has last minute additions?
21:46:29 <LeeJ> caroline: I know :) and the input/reminder is appreciated!
21:46:56 <caroline> :)
21:47:06 <LeeJ> okay..since no one has anything further
21:47:16 <LeeJ> #topic Set time of next meeting
21:49:06 <LeeJ> alright..I think because the May release gaining on us quickly perhaps the 2nd week of March..any conflicting holidays?
21:49:33 <Joubu> may be good/bad during the hackfest?
21:49:44 <LeeJ> do you know the dates of hackfest?
21:50:12 <LeeJ> I wanna go to it next year :(
21:50:20 <Joubu> 12 to 16
21:50:20 <wahanui> 184884258895036416
21:50:32 <LeeJ> hmm
21:51:02 <LeeJ> then we can just schedule it for the week after hackfest
21:51:26 <Joubu> can be good during the hackfest :)
21:51:36 <LeeJ> ooh good point
21:51:57 <Joubu> French tz is utc+2
21:52:08 <LeeJ> haha you read my mind. I was JUST going to ask
21:52:27 <Joubu> CET is UTC+1 actually
21:52:34 <cait> i think the timing would be bad for the hackfest
21:53:09 <Joubu> people could learn about documentation related stuffs?
21:53:38 <cait> we could try, but depends on other presentations being during the same time or lunch :)
21:54:26 <LeeJ> was there an itinerary sent out via email?
21:54:46 <cait> it's barcamp style
21:54:52 <cait> bit unpredictable until it happens
21:55:09 <LeeJ> oooh
21:55:29 <LeeJ> hmm..maybe we should just shoot for March 22nd?
21:55:39 <LeeJ> gives people time to get home/recover from hackfest
21:56:30 <LeeJ> March 22nd @ 14 UTC sound good?
21:56:56 <cait> works for me
21:57:10 <kellym> it doesn’t work for me - but could you record leej?
21:57:33 <LeeJ> kellym: the 22nd would be for the next documentation IRC meeting
21:57:40 <LeeJ> the webinar will be separate :)
21:57:42 <kellym> oh okay - that is fine
21:57:48 <LeeJ> sounds good!
21:58:20 <LeeJ> #info Next meeting: 22 March 2018, 14 UTC
21:58:38 <LeeJ> #endmeeting