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20:00:22 <bag> YES!!!
20:00:24 <tcohen> #topic Introductions
20:00:40 <caroline> #Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro
20:00:41 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ Germany
20:00:48 <tcohen> #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
20:00:51 <bag> #info Brendan Gallagher (bag) - ByWater
20:00:52 <kellym> #info Kelly McElligott ByWater Solutions
20:00:56 <talljoy> #info Joy Nelson, Bywater Solutions
20:00:59 <andreashm> #Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library
20:01:00 <alexbuckley> #info Alex Buckley, Catalyst IT, New Zealand
20:01:11 <georgew> #info George Williams, Northeast Kansas Library System
20:01:14 <davidnind> #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
20:01:19 <barton> #info Barton Chittenden - ByWater
20:01:20 <jzairo> #info
20:01:25 <Margaret_> #info Margaret Hade, ByWater Solutions
20:01:28 <jzairo> Jessica Zairo, ByWater Solutions
20:01:38 <andreashm> #info Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library
20:01:42 <tcohen> that didn't work, jz :-D
20:02:08 <jzairo> i hit enter too quick :)
20:02:14 <bag> hehe
20:02:23 <andreashm> made me realize I forgot my info at least.
20:02:43 <tcohen> you can fix it
20:03:12 <josef_moravec> #info Josef Moravec
20:03:18 <JesseM> #info Jesse Maseto, BWS
20:03:33 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
20:04:20 <tcohen> moving on then
20:04:28 <tcohen> #topic Announcements | KohaCon19 winning proposal
20:04:36 <tcohen> caroline, the stage is yours
20:04:38 <bag> y’all can still enter your #info at anytime
20:04:43 <caroline> Thanks!
20:04:49 <caroline> The vote was on for 7 weeks, from august 12 to september 30.
20:04:58 <caroline> We had 399 people who voted (I did a quick check and there didn't seem to be cases where ppl voted several times with different email addresses)
20:05:01 <cait> iand you all have to stay to the end of the meeting, after the reveal!
20:05:10 <caroline> And the winner is...
20:05:16 * caroline opens envelope
20:05:21 <JesseM> :)
20:05:24 <caroline> nterleaf/Dublin Business School/PTFS-Europe in Dublin!!
20:05:31 <tcohen> Wooooo
20:05:31 <caroline> #info The winning proposal for KohaCon19 is Interleaf/Dublin Business School/PTFS-Europe in Dublin
20:05:32 <bag> WOW
20:05:37 <cait> wow
20:05:37 <alexbuckley> wow
20:05:39 <JesseM> Cool
20:05:52 <thd> What was the final vote count?
20:05:54 <andreashm> congrats to Dublin
20:05:55 <georgew> Awww
20:06:05 <tcohen> congrats to dublin, and everyone
20:06:08 <caroline> It was over 50% for Dublin in 1st place
20:06:24 <caroline> I'm trying to find the exact number, but I'm having trouble logging in
20:06:27 <bag> caroline++
20:06:33 <tcohen> carline++
20:06:33 <bag> thanks for doing a hard job :)
20:06:46 <cait> caroline++ thx!
20:06:47 <georgew> I wanted to try to talk my boss into letting me go to Sweden.  She'd have said no, but now she'll have to say no to Dublin.
20:06:50 <cait> and congrats Dublin
20:07:03 <caroline> I'll send the exact numbers with the announcement on the mailing list
20:07:04 <cait> maybe she'll say yes?
20:07:27 <davidnind> caroline++
20:07:36 <andreashm> caroline++
20:07:41 <caroline> Sorry about the hiccups we had with the pop up publicity :/
20:07:49 <tcohen> caroline++
20:08:31 <tcohen> #actions Caroline will send an announcement to the mailing list with the final vote numbers
20:08:43 <caroline> +1
20:08:46 <tcohen> anyone? something to add ?
20:08:56 <alexbuckley> caroline++
20:09:04 <NateC> #info Nate Curulla BWS
20:09:07 <caroline> Was the voting process ok?
20:09:17 <bag> +1 I thought it was great
20:09:19 <NateC> Congrats Interleaf and Dublin!
20:09:25 <cait> me too
20:09:25 <caroline> I know some ppl had issues that we were able to resolve by email
20:09:31 <cait> good with the mails and reminders too
20:10:02 <caroline> Ok thank you!
20:10:09 <tcohen> interleaf++
20:10:17 <tcohen> ptfs-e++
20:10:18 <caroline> I'll be up to do it again the next time if it's not in america
20:11:02 <cait> hm i got something
20:11:07 <cait> to add
20:11:08 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro (also realized I forgot my info)
20:11:24 <davidnind> I found the process very easy, and the instructions were clear as well.
20:11:35 <cait> we had pushed Pakistan to 2020 last meeting, but we forgot about the anniversary rule
20:11:44 <cait> NZ 2020
20:11:50 <tcohen> yes
20:11:58 <cait> so we need to fix that :)
20:12:08 <cait> rangi: nz wants to host it, right? :)
20:12:24 <rangi> thats right
20:13:06 <cait> so that's settled :D
20:13:17 <tcohen> actions?
20:14:16 <caroline> what do we do about pakistan?
20:14:58 <tcohen> I haven't been at the meeting but I'd say something should be proposed on a next meeting?
20:15:15 <cait> hm?
20:15:30 <cait> what's to propose?
20:15:38 <tcohen> a decision was made and we need to change it?
20:15:50 <rangi> minute we made a mistake, and rectifying it by pushing it to 2021
20:16:09 <rangi> i dont think we need a whole other meeting to do that?
20:16:15 <cait> thd: have you been in contact with them? only see your edits on the wiki page
20:16:22 <thd> Yes, I added them to the page for 2021.
20:16:25 <cait> i think making them wait another month would not make it nicer
20:16:37 <tcohen> of course not
20:16:40 <cait> thd: 2020 i think not 2020
20:16:43 <cait> 21
20:16:44 <cait> sorry
20:16:49 <tcohen> I agree! who is in contact with them?
20:16:54 <thd> s/21/20/
20:16:59 <cait> https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/KohaCon20_Proposals
20:17:33 <cait> thd?
20:17:33 <thd> I did not succeed with the email addresses which they left, one of which was not functioning.
20:17:45 <bag> I would be willing to contact them
20:17:51 <cait> bag++
20:18:10 <bag> I will try to nicely say that NZ reached out about 2 years ago to host 2020
20:18:26 <rangi> thanks bag
20:18:48 <georgew> Who is the contact in Pakistan?
20:18:52 <thd> I asked someone at ByWater to forward my message to the gmail address provieded because gmail does not like the configuration of my mail server MX records.
20:19:11 <tcohen> bag++
20:19:26 <cait> action him :)
20:19:29 <bag> yeah I don’t know what that means thd
20:19:35 <bag> but I got it from here
20:19:56 <bag> no need to try and explain it to me - I think we can move on tcohen
20:20:06 <thd> I did send my message to the gmail address but I expected no response given an unknown gmail user.
20:20:21 <tcohen> ok :-D
20:20:27 <tcohen> #topic Update on releases
20:20:35 <tcohen> rmaints?
20:21:01 <caroline> wahanui is on vacation
20:21:09 <tcohen> ah yes
20:21:25 <tcohen> I think we can move on
20:21:43 <davidnind> It's school holidays here, does wahanui have kids?
20:21:43 <tcohen> #topic Koha press reviews/resource collections
20:21:52 <tcohen> davidnind: hehe
20:21:57 <caroline> that's me again
20:21:57 <bag> wow for the notes (Catalyst submitted a bid for KohaCon2020 - on Oct 26 - 2016
20:22:09 <caroline> I was going through the links at the end of the manual and came upon a diigo group and a zotero group compiling links on Koha
20:22:10 <rangi> yeah, we dont muck around
20:22:12 <rangi> :)
20:22:14 <cait> excellent bag
20:22:16 <tcohen> :)
20:22:26 <caroline> #link https://groups.diigo.com/group/everything-koha
20:22:26 <caroline> #link https://www.zotero.org/groups/6684/koha
20:22:32 <caroline> The latest entry in the diigo group is from 2011 and in the zotero group it is from 2017 (only one in 2017 and before that in 2015)
20:22:32 <cait> oh right
20:22:39 <caroline> I was wondering if this is something we want to continue to do, like a press review/media monitoring of Koha.
20:23:02 <cait> one of the entries of 2017 doesn't seem right on zotero
20:23:05 <caroline> We already have the newsletter (maintained by Chad Roseburg -- don't know his IRC nick) and Twitter (maintained magnificently by davidnind)
20:23:20 <caroline> davidnind++
20:23:29 <cait> we recently got to know about some thesis about koha
20:23:37 <cait> and there have been some articles
20:23:41 <caroline> think press reviews could be potential sources of information for the newsletter and Twitter, and vice-versa.
20:23:49 <cait> amybe it would be nice to have a place to post those to
20:23:52 <caroline> *i
20:24:06 <caroline> If we want to continue doing press reviews/resource collections, which tool should we use? I feel like dispersing our efforts between two tools isn't efficient.
20:24:45 <cait> i am not sure what tools are good for that atm
20:24:57 <cait> i know a little about zotero, but not sure about it's current state
20:25:12 <caroline> I don't know either diigo and zotero (other than the add-on)
20:25:33 <davidnind> I use Zotero for other things, and it is actively in development (+ free and open source)
20:26:13 <caroline> that fits in the philosophy
20:26:44 <m23> cait some link on thesis (in czech) we collect on czech koha web https://www.koha.cz/index.php/prejdete-na-koha/pripadove-studie
20:26:53 <davidnind> https://www.zotero.org/about/
20:27:31 <bag> (ok email sent about KohaCon2020)
20:27:44 <davidnind> we could always use Koha!:-D (but I don't think it is the right tool for the job)
20:27:51 <davidnind> bag++
20:27:53 <cait> heh
20:27:56 <caroline> hehe!
20:28:43 <caroline> So do we say promote Zotero and transfer from and then delete the diigo thing?
20:28:59 <cait> do we have access?
20:29:11 <caroline> It says membership is open
20:30:24 <davidnind> Nicole maintained Zotero I think
20:30:50 <davidnind> Just trying to find the wiki page with who else has the credentials
20:31:21 <caroline> It says the owner is Marlène Delhaye
20:31:56 <davidnind> beat me to it! here it is https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Social_Networks
20:33:19 <caroline> a lot of those seem out of date
20:33:23 <tcohen> so we need to phone nbaratta
20:35:51 <caroline> do we agree that we want some sort of federated bibliography tool? and if we can find the access to zotero, we'll use that?
20:36:01 <cait> I'd say so
20:36:05 <tcohen> +1
20:36:07 <cait> +1
20:36:19 <davidnind> +1
20:36:27 <alexbuckley> +1
20:36:28 <georgew> +1
20:36:29 <m23> +1
20:36:35 <andreashm_> +1
20:37:07 <caroline> #agreed we need to find the access codes for the zotero group
20:37:08 <thd> +1
20:37:11 <bag> +1
20:37:24 <caroline> #agreed we want some sort of koha bibliography
20:38:03 <bag> sometimes Nicole is in this channel but maybe we use twitter to contact her
20:38:21 <bag> davidnind: do you want to try and reach out through the Koha twitter handle and ask her?
20:38:43 <davidnind> happy to!
20:39:17 <caroline> #action davidnind will reach out to nicole to get the access to the zotero group
20:39:25 <tcohen> ha, you beat me
20:39:29 <caroline> (adding to your to-do list davidnind :) )
20:39:41 <caroline> sorry tcohen!
20:39:48 <tcohen> no worries!
20:39:54 <caroline> My stint at chairing yesterday went to my head ;)
20:40:17 <cait> :)
20:40:20 <tcohen> :-D
20:40:24 <davidnind> :)
20:40:56 <davidnind> the power! :)
20:41:28 <tcohen> should we set time for the next meeting then?
20:42:07 <tcohen> #topic Next meeting
20:42:33 <tcohen> November 7th, 20 UTC?
20:42:38 <tcohen> maybe change time?
20:42:45 <jzairo> I cheeked hootsuite (which nbarreta used) and the kohails facebook and twitter accounts are no longer connected. If someone can add me as an admin, I would be happy to help
20:43:10 <bag> jzairo++
20:43:14 <tcohen> jzairo++
20:43:59 <bag> 14 UTC?
20:44:23 <tcohen> any objections to
20:44:34 <tcohen> November 7th, 14 UTC?
20:45:01 <caroline> fine with me
20:45:08 <davidnind> +1
20:45:13 <bag> none
20:45:50 <tcohen> #info Next meeting: November 7th, 14 UTC
20:45:58 <tcohen> thanks everyone :-D
20:46:04 <tcohen> #endmeeting