20:22:03 <davidnind> #startmeeting General IRC meeting 5 December 2018
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20:22:26 <caroline> Go davidnind++
20:22:32 <davidnind> #topic Introductions
20:22:45 <davidnind> #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
20:22:46 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
20:22:51 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
20:23:13 <kidclamp> #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
20:25:01 <davidnind> #topic Announcements
20:25:14 <ashimema> My connection is lousy
20:25:21 <davidnind> Anyone got any announcements they would like to share?
20:25:31 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize - PTFS Europe
20:26:01 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
20:26:20 <caroline> 18.11 came out since last meeting, no?
20:26:27 <ashimema> 18.11 got released ;)
20:26:44 <bag> #info Brendan Gallagher - ByWater
20:26:56 <davidnind> Pretty big announcement then! :)
20:27:13 <ashimema> New branches are up and permissions have been moved around for the new team :)
20:27:33 <davidnind> Thanks to all those involved for the 18.11 release, and particularly the release manager + QA team!
20:28:04 <ashimema> #info 18.11.00, 18.05.06, 17.11.12 were all successfully released
20:28:15 <ashimema> #info 18.11.x has been branched
20:28:31 <davidnind> ByWater Solutions has a webinar coming up on how to use the new Koha sandboxes
20:28:49 <ashimema> #info 18.11.x and 18.05.x permissions have been configured to reflect the new release team for 19.05
20:29:19 <ashimema> is that webinar open beyond the ByWater customers as an audience.. I wasn't sure from he anouncement on twitter ;)?
20:29:48 <ashimema> either way.. I've been prepping the sandbox servers on this side of the pond in case they wanted some overflow capacity ;)
20:29:56 <davidnind> I assumed it was since it was on the web!
20:30:04 <bag> If I have any opinion on it - it’s available for all
20:30:17 <davidnind> #info Town Hall: How to Use the Koha Sandboxes https://bywatersolutions.com/education/town-hall-how-to-use-the-koha-sandboxes
20:30:20 <kidclamp> yup, open to the community
20:30:27 <ashimema> awesome :)
20:30:39 <kidclamp> (but not because bag said so)
20:30:42 <kidclamp> :-b
20:30:44 <davidnind> Great!
20:30:44 <bag> :P
20:31:23 <davidnind> #topic Update on releases
20:32:01 <davidnind> We may have covered some of this, any additional info to add from the release managers and maintainers?
20:32:59 <kidclamp> Currently pushign only bugs, will look at enh soon, traditional one month wiating period
20:33:07 <ashimema> From me, I've not started pushing yet, but am about to
20:33:21 <kidclamp> 18.05 maintainers are getting up to speed
20:33:40 <ashimema> Need to get Jenkins to reflect the new branch and I've 'booked' a slot with tcohen to walk watch him whilst he does that :)
20:34:06 <bag> tcohen++
20:35:03 <davidnind> #info Things are a bit quieter after the 18.11 release, new release team members getting up to speed, and new bugs will start to be pushed soon
20:35:52 <davidnind> Any other agenda items anyone wants to add?
20:36:57 <ashimema> not that I'm aware of :)
20:37:01 <davidnind> If not, we'll push on and set the time for the next meeting....
20:37:14 <davidnind> #topic Next meeting
20:38:05 <davidnind> Is 2 January 2019 (!!) 14:00 UTC okay, or should we make it a week later?
20:38:34 <kidclamp> will be right after holidays, but should be around
20:38:37 <ashimema> I think wait a week to be safe
20:38:43 <kidclamp> ++
20:38:49 <thd> Low attendance may be likely on 2 January.
20:39:20 <ashimema> I'll be here in theory..
20:39:25 <davidnind> Okay, we'll make it a week later - 9 January. Is the time okay?
20:39:36 <ashimema> brill
20:39:44 <caroline> +1
20:39:52 <ashimema> any thoughts on time kidclamp?
20:40:05 <kidclamp> 14 UTC works for me
20:40:10 <kidclamp> we usually alternate
20:40:15 <ashimema> brill
20:40:16 <thd> 14.00 UTC ++
20:40:22 <CrispyBran> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21346
20:40:22 <huginn> 04Bug 21346: major, P5 - low, ---, cbrannon, Needs Signoff , Clean up dialogs in returns.pl
20:40:25 <davidnind> #info Next meeting: 9 January 2019 14:00 UTC
20:40:26 <kidclamp> the ld survey is gone, I think it was 14 and 20 the most popular
20:40:30 * ashimema couldn't remember what 'the other time' was :)
20:40:31 <kidclamp> or least unpopular
20:40:39 <ashimema> ta
20:40:52 <davidnind> Thanks everyone!
20:40:55 <Joubu> #info Next meeting: 9 January 2019, 14:00 UTC
20:41:00 <davidnind> #endmeeting