20:08:18 <kidclamp> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 27 March 2019
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20:08:31 <kidclamp> #topic Introductions
20:08:41 <kidclamp> #info Nick Clemens. ByWater Solutions
20:08:49 <kidclamp> #chair ashimema
20:08:49 <huginn`> Current chairs: ashimema kidclamp
20:08:57 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
20:09:49 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
20:10:07 <ashimema> all the trouble makers are here then I see ;)
20:10:14 <ashimema> cait
20:10:33 <ashimema> rangi was about a little while ago too
20:11:31 <kidclamp> maybe not enough to meet?
20:11:38 <kidclamp> not that I don't like this company
20:11:47 <rangi> #info Chris Cormack
20:11:54 <rangi> but yeah, not many of us
20:11:56 <kidclamp> that's 4 :-)
20:12:05 <ashimema> mm, it does feel quiet this evening
20:12:14 <ashimema> I know Josef sent his apologies
20:13:14 <kidclamp> I need to choose and send freeze dates, so can do that with an emial for any objections to 20082 followup (using null instead of 0 for manager_id for cron generated fines
20:13:27 <kidclamp> or we can do super short meeting :-)
20:14:08 * ashimema is happy either way
20:14:47 <kidclamp> let's do a quick one for the ages and then I will followup tomorrow
20:14:48 <ashimema> rangi may well have some thoughts on the null manager_id / system users ideas
20:14:52 <kidclamp> #topic Announcements
20:15:05 <kidclamp> rangi added a 'Needs additional work' link on the dashboard
20:15:19 <kidclamp> this is helpful when we need release notes or have followups on pushed bugs
20:15:28 <ashimema> coolios.. I can pick his brains later
20:15:33 <kidclamp> #info new 'needs additional work' link on the dashboard
20:15:35 <ashimema> oh, awesome
20:15:36 <ashimema> I missed that
20:15:49 <kidclamp> any one else?
20:16:29 <ashimema> funny, I was talking to someone about what the documentation workflows were only a couple of days ago
20:16:50 <kidclamp> #topic Update from the Release manager (19.05)
20:17:44 <ashimema> thats you mate ;)
20:17:47 <kidclamp> trying to keep up with the queue, will push some today ro tomorrow
20:18:02 <kidclamp> starting to look more at current bugs to polish things up
20:18:12 <kidclamp> we got a lot of big stuff in, so happy right now
20:18:22 <kidclamp> will send freeze dates etc shortly
20:18:39 <ashimema> coolios
20:19:00 <ashimema> #info Nick will be sending out proposed freeze dates soon
20:19:25 <kidclamp> #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
20:19:34 <kidclamp> that's you ashi
20:19:46 <ashimema> #info Releases went out on Monday
20:20:22 <ashimema> all went smoothly from my perspective, we're all getting into the swing of it now :)
20:20:44 <kidclamp> huzzah!
20:20:56 <kidclamp> Jessem or lukeg?
20:21:24 <ashimema> #info 18.11.04 contains the acq rounding bug.. that's probably the most significant bug to get in for 18.11.x series to date.
20:21:31 <ashimema> lukeG was about minutes ago
20:22:11 <cait> oh sorry, late
20:22:29 <cait> not going to #info :)
20:22:54 <ashimema> #info 18.05.x and 17.11.x series both had release on Monday this week too.
20:23:22 <ashimema> did I imagine that fridolin anounced that this is the penultimate 17.11 he's going to do?
20:24:21 <ashimema> shall we move on?
20:24:40 <kidclamp> #topic Updates from the QA Team
20:24:44 <kidclamp> cait?
20:24:44 <wahanui> well, cait is really good at running into things
20:25:33 <ashimema> josef_moravec++ #he's been a qa machine this month!
20:26:48 <cait> oops
20:26:52 <ashimema> did we loose cait?
20:26:53 <kidclamp> heh
20:27:01 <cait> no, just my mind is elsewhere a bit
20:27:12 <cait> I am trying to catch up on things
20:27:24 <cait> probably be able to spend more time the next 2 weeks
20:27:51 <cait> #info bugs in the queue have been increasing again, we will try to get it down again
20:28:00 <cait> #info thx to the QA team for their great work, keep going!
20:28:21 <cait> I'd like to see some usability work on the cash return feature done
20:28:38 <cait> also there are a few mana bugs I'd like to get people on
20:29:05 <cait> for example we still ask for surname, last name to sign up... which I think we should change
20:29:13 <cait> to institutional
20:29:31 <cait> i should find the bugs sec
20:30:02 <cait> bug 22359
20:30:02 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22359 enhancement, P5 - low, 19.05, koha-bugs, NEW , Improve usability of 'change calculation' (bug 11373)
20:30:09 <ashimema> is there a tree
20:30:50 <cait> dependencyies on bug 17047
20:30:50 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17047 new feature, P5 - low, ---, alex.arnaud, RESOLVED FIXED, Mana Knowledge Base : share data
20:30:57 * oleonard has been meaning to look at what Bug 22359 is about but has been too busy cleaning up his messes
20:31:32 <cait> I think as those 2 will be highlights in the new release we need to make sure they work well
20:31:33 * ashimema has also been cleaning up a self made mess
20:31:41 <cait> stop making messes people :)
20:31:56 <ashimema> ok.. I'll see if I can get to some of the mana stuff soon.. I agree we need it to be a more polished feature before full release
20:32:04 <cait> there are quite a lot of serious bugs too - 1 blocker 1 critical 18 major
20:32:52 <cait> #info bug 22359 (cash return) and bugs depending on bug 17047 (mana) need some more work before release
20:33:22 <cait> #info Also the blockers (1), criticals (1) and majors (18)
20:33:28 * ashimema is on the case for the blocker, but it'll need QA eyes
20:34:04 <ashimema> I'm aware it needs tests still
20:34:09 <cait> # there are also quite a few bigger features still in the queue or close to getting there, please do QA :)
20:34:26 <cait> hm forgot the info ;)
20:34:36 <cait> that's all from me - lots of work all over, as always
20:34:54 <ashimema> qa++
20:34:57 <ashimema> team++
20:35:33 <cait> and sorry for not being about much this month, things have been crazy with work and life in general
20:36:18 * oleonard also apologizes for having a job and a life
20:36:48 <cait> [off] BSZ went live with our new union catalog on Monday - 180 million holdings
20:37:29 <ashimema> :)
20:37:39 <cait> [off] we merged the databases with another like us - GBV - so tons of work right now
20:37:40 <ashimema> shall we move on
20:38:06 <cait> yep
20:38:10 <ashimema> #topic General development discussion
20:39:10 <ashimema> #topic bug 22577 - Adding 'system borrowers' proof of concept
20:39:10 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22577 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, In Discussion , Cronjobs (and other scripts) should be attributed to a 'real' user
20:40:36 <ashimema> After making a bit of mess with bug 22008 by introducing foreign key constraints on manager_id in accountlines and missing somehow that cronscripts all set a user_id of a non-existent user at borrowernumber 0
20:40:36 <huginn`> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22008 enhancement, P5 - low, 19.05, martin.renvoize, Pushed to Master , accountlines.manager_id is missing a foreign key constraint
20:41:39 <ashimema> one of the options I thought about was introducing default borrowers that get loaded at install time as part fo the system.. this would allow us to have stricter constraints and miantain data integrity more easily
20:42:08 <cait> but what about the constraints on categorycode and branchcode?
20:42:24 <ashimema> that code submitted against bug 22577 serves as a proof of concept for that.. I'd be interested in feedback
20:42:50 <ashimema> the bug clarifies them
20:43:45 <cait> I have to take a closer look, but not friends with the idea so far
20:43:47 <ashimema> they were a bit wierd.. in that they were "DEFAULT ''" at the field level but the foreign key constraint meant that the default couldn't actually ever be satisfied
20:44:10 <ashimema> in the bug I remove the DEFAULT and I set the fields to allowing NULL
20:44:44 <ashimema> its a matter of opinion.. what's better.. allowing 'nulls' to creep in or allows non-existant branchcodes and categorycodes to creep in.
20:45:18 <cait> I would have expected them to not allow nul but only valid
20:45:25 <ashimema> anywho.. when people have a moment it would be great to get some opinions both on the idea and the implimentation
20:48:07 <ashimema> moving on.. anyone hav any other topics?
20:48:44 <kidclamp> sorry, on a shib call
20:51:27 <ashimema> #topic Review of coding guidelines
20:51:38 <ashimema> nothing to report here I think
20:53:00 <kidclamp> i got nada
20:53:34 <ashimema> #topic Next meeting
20:54:34 <ashimema> stick to two weeks and earlier time next meeting?
20:54:47 <kidclamp> sound good
20:54:50 <oleonard> Yes
20:54:55 <kidclamp> clamp like
20:56:24 <ashimema> so thats 10th april 2pm utc?
20:56:52 <kidclamp> Do we usually do 11 UTC?
20:57:02 <kidclamp> or is it 13?
20:57:48 * ashimema is just trying to find a prior meeting
20:57:55 <ashimema> 13 is good for me
20:58:40 <ashimema> 11 may be too early.. may be in company meetings at that time for me.... but what works well for you kidclamp?
20:59:01 <ashimema> i can make 11 work here
21:00:20 <ashimema> anyone?
21:00:57 <cait> on vacation - not sure what will work yet
21:01:06 * oleonard will work with whatever
21:01:14 <cait> I'll try to too
21:01:21 <kidclamp> 13 is probably better
21:01:30 <kidclamp> then we aren't up too early, and not caffeinated
21:01:32 <kidclamp> sprry
21:01:39 <kidclamp> keep getting distracted
21:02:37 <kidclamp> ah, you weere right, 14 is th eusual
21:02:57 <kidclamp> #info Next meeting: 10 April 2019, 14 UTC
21:03:07 <ashimema> cool
21:03:12 <kidclamp> #endmeeting