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13:01:01 <Joubu> #topic Introductions
13:01:08 <Joubu> #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_4_December_2019
13:01:22 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
13:01:40 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
13:01:41 <Joubu> wahanui: not around?
13:01:41 <wahanui> i don't know, joubu
13:01:42 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Athens, OH
13:01:56 <kohaputti> #info Joonas Kylmälä
13:02:24 <Joubu> rmaints?
13:02:24 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
13:02:24 <wahanui> rmaints is, like, fridolin, lucas and wizzyrea
13:02:27 <Joubu> qa_team?
13:02:27 <wahanui> qa_team is cait alex_a jajm khall josef_moravec ashimema Joubu marcelr tcohen rangi
13:02:30 <Joubu> need to update that
13:02:45 <Joubu> It should be a quick meeting as the agenda is empty
13:02:46 <cait> forget qa_team
13:02:46 <wahanui> cait: I forgot qa_team
13:02:50 <Joubu> #topic Announcements
13:03:03 <Joubu> Anyone have something?
13:03:10 <cait> qa_team is cait  khall josef_moravec ashimema Joubu marcelr tcohen kohaputti kidclamp
13:03:14 <cait> qa_team
13:03:17 <cait> qa_team?
13:03:17 <wahanui> i heard qa_team was cait  khall josef_moravec ashimema Joubu marcelr tcohen kohaputti kidclamp
13:03:49 <Joubu> #info Koha 19.11 is out!
13:03:53 <Joubu> #topic Update from the Release manager (20.05)
13:04:03 <Joubu> ashimema is not around, but let a note
13:04:22 <Joubu> #info 19.11 was released a little late, caused by a wait on both security patches being pushed to stable branches and a loss of contact with the packaging manager. Generally, RM is happy with the release!
13:04:28 <Joubu> #info ashimema++
13:04:34 <Joubu> thanks dude :)
13:04:49 <Joubu> #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
13:05:23 <kidclamp> #info Nick Clemens, ByWater Solutions
13:05:24 <Joubu> I guess not, they did not start yet
13:05:31 <Joubu> #topic Updates from the QA team
13:05:48 <cait> I think preparation has begun tho - RMaints
13:06:19 <cait> Joubu will change the dashboard to show all the major bugs - I hope it will make people clean up :)
13:06:51 <cait> We have quite some new names in the NSO and QA lists - please keep an eye out for people starting out and help them along!
13:06:55 <ashimema> rmaints are in the process of taking over today ;)
13:07:00 <kohaputti> I'm still looking for my first QA patch to do
13:07:12 * ashimema isn't really here.. company meeting in full flow
13:07:26 <cait> SO is a bit high, but that's to be expected because of the release etc. with 79 atm, NSO is almost 220... we need more people there
13:07:58 <cait> ashimema: can your ghost tell us the schedule before pushing features agan? :)
13:08:25 <ashimema> ?
13:08:25 <oleonard> I encourage people to ask for signoffs. I think if testers know the author is around and eager they'll be more likely to take something on
13:08:28 <cait> at the moment we are still focusing on bugs and clean-up after the release, still a bit early to get back feedback from testers in the wild
13:08:36 <ashimema> oh.. yeah
13:08:46 <Joubu> kohaputti: if you are looking for something easy you can pick bug 24136
13:08:46 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24136 minor, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, Signed Off , Add libraries (sponsors) to the about page
13:08:56 <cait> oleonard: I like the thought - what would you thimk woudl be the best way to do it?
13:09:04 <kohaputti> Joubu, I will check it out!
13:09:05 <cait> I think usually people don't want to spam... but I have a few sitting bugs too
13:09:17 <ashimema> at the moment Lucas is trying to catch up on 19.05.. so I'm trying to give him as much time as I can before pushing too much
13:09:20 <oleonard> cait: I would say ask here in IRC or on the dev list
13:09:23 <Joubu> kohaputti: if you are looking for something tricky, I can certainly find something for you :)
13:09:28 <kohaputti> lol
13:09:54 <cait> #info We encourage people to ask for testers on the dev list or on IRC
13:09:59 <ashimema> concentrating on priority bugs for at least a couple of weeks.. then would like to broaden around xmas and start pushing features early jan
13:10:48 <Joubu> priority bugs?
13:10:55 <Joubu> RM_priority?
13:11:00 * ashimema should highlight if you're asking for testers the test plans need to be good..
13:11:05 <cait> #info Concentrating on priority bugs for next 2 weeks, after that slowsly starting to push new features/enh again, full speed in January
13:11:18 <ashimema> there's nothing worse than being asked to test and then going to the bug and having no idea what its trying to do
13:11:21 <cait> yeah, we were just discussing this earlier
13:11:28 * ashimema is terrible for that.. needs to take his own advice
13:11:43 <cait> #info Remember to include good test plans, before asking someone to test your patches!
13:11:45 <kohaputti> The test plans should be good even if you don't ask for testers...
13:12:05 <ashimema> priority wise I'm thinking critical/major etc rather than RM_priiority for now
13:12:06 <Joubu> if the patch comes from me and there is no test plan, it's expected. It means you need to understand what the patch does, reading the diff
13:12:08 <cait> well switching NSO is asking..
13:12:17 <ashimema> +1
13:12:24 <cait> Joubu: then put "read the diff"? :)
13:12:31 <cait> a note at least is nice
13:12:40 <oleonard> Yes I agree there should be something
13:12:43 <cait> not only us looking at things, others too
13:13:03 <cait> I've preached people should feel free to FQA for patches without test plan at conferences... so there is a danger there
13:13:23 <cait> Joubu: do you have something to add for QA?
13:13:29 <Joubu> nope
13:13:35 <cait> move on?
13:13:38 <Joubu> #topic General development discussion (trends, ideas, ...)
13:13:53 <Joubu> last minute addition?
13:14:10 <Joubu> closing then
13:14:11 <Joubu> #topic Set time of next meeting
13:14:30 <Joubu> 15 days or 1 month?
13:14:39 <cait> usually 14
13:14:43 <cait> but that might get us close to christmas
13:14:48 <cait> 18th
13:14:50 <cait> not too bad
13:15:10 <Joubu> Next meeting: 18 December 2010, 21 UTC?
13:15:36 <ashimema> works for me
13:15:58 <thd> I hope the electricity will work for me from California.
13:16:06 <ashimema> well.. 2019 ;)
13:16:07 * ashimema wishes he had a time machine
13:16:14 <magnuse> that was quick
13:16:20 <Joubu> #info Next meeting: 18 December 2019, 21 UTC
13:16:36 <Joubu> switched from 2020 to 2010...
13:16:37 <ashimema> thanks for stepping in Joubu
13:16:43 <Joubu> #endmeeting