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13:05:40 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
13:05:50 <davidnind> #topic Introductions
13:06:01 <caroline_catlady> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro
13:06:10 <davidnind> #info David Nind
13:06:23 <lucyvh> #info Lucy Vaux-Harvey PTFS Europe
13:07:41 <davidnind> Looks like it is just us!
13:07:52 <davidnind> #topic Action points
13:08:14 <davidnind> Looks like my list hasn't magically disappeared!
13:08:46 <davidnind> I've been working through installation, but not much to share yet or progress on other tasks
13:09:11 <caroline_catlady> I didn't get much done on the git guide either
13:09:11 <davidnind> #inofo Agenda https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_12_September_2019
13:09:25 <davidnind> #info https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_12_September_2019
13:09:50 <davidnind> Starting to feel very bad about lack of any visible progress!
13:10:03 <caroline_catlady> thd has been making good progess on the wiki update
13:10:37 <davidnind> yes, that is great - a lot of work to get things working
13:10:58 <davidnind> will be great to have a more up-to-date version of mediawiki
13:11:25 <ashimema> thd++
13:11:39 <davidnind> #info Good progress being made on the wiki update by thd
13:11:41 <caroline_catlady> yes thd++
13:12:29 <davidnind> Quite keen to make some progress on an installation guide
13:12:51 <caroline_catlady> So davidnind what would be your priorities for you and for us?
13:13:14 <caroline_catlady> work on action points or work on the manual, or something else?
13:13:25 * ashimema would also like to point out we now have 70 until the planned release
13:13:37 <magnuse> days?
13:13:40 <caroline_catlady> or do you want to assign tasks to different ppl?
13:13:57 <ashimema> It would be good to have some help chasing authors of 'new features' for this cycle to get corresponding manual submissions in asap.
13:14:03 <ashimema> 70 days..yes..
13:14:10 <davidnind> Main priority is to get manual up-to-date
13:14:33 <ashimema> https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-release-notes/blob/master/release_notes_19_06_00.md
13:14:37 <caroline_catlady> ok!
13:14:56 <davidnind> I was thinking one way would be to pick a section or chapter and review this to see if it is up-to-date
13:15:12 <ashimema> good plan davidnind
13:15:17 <davidnind> I'm working through the installation page at the moment
13:15:33 <caroline_catlady> I started acquisitions, so I might as well continue on that
13:15:49 <davidnind> caroline_catlady++
13:16:16 <lucyvh> I haven't been able to do much recently - happy to have a go at Cataloguing
13:16:43 <davidnind> excellent, and thanks lucyvh!
13:17:10 <davidnind> That's three areas assigned!
13:17:25 <lucyvh> What is the best way of chasing for the new features?
13:17:44 <caroline_catlady> with a golden whip
13:18:07 <caroline_catlady> you lasso them and make them write it down XD
13:18:34 <lucyvh> Haha!!
13:18:44 <davidnind> wondering how a virtual whip would work...
13:18:48 <ashimema> I would say look at the bug on BZ and see what company (if it's a company) is behind it.. then chase the company.. often it's not the developer who would be in a position to write the docs and they may need to lean on trainers/documentor from within the company..
13:19:58 <davidnind> Would posting on bugzilla asking for docs for the bug work?
13:20:29 <davidnind> for each pushed bug , where required?
13:20:31 <ashimema> I certainly try to add the 'Manual' keyword to such bugs as a start.. and often follow with a comment yes.
13:20:47 <davidnind> thanks ashimema!
13:21:01 <ashimema> next cycle I'd really like to push harder for docs submissions... just nto entirely sure how to do it.
13:21:11 <davidnind> I should look at the search setup for this more often!
13:21:20 <ashimema> almost need a policy of pulling features back out if a manual entry isn't submitted in a timely manor
13:22:01 <davidnind> wonders how that would go down!
13:22:41 <davidnind> okay, so we have got a bit of plan, we'll see how it works!
13:22:45 <ashimema> other things are a bit more minor and easy to add manual updates as you find issues with them.. for example bug 16284.. likely a small one line update to whatever may already exist in the manual regarding the feature.
13:22:45 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16284 normal, P5 - low, ---, josef.moravec, Pushed to master , With CheckPrevCheckout used, check only the item for previous checkout if biblio is serial
13:24:11 <davidnind> I'll start looking through the release notes to add any items required to taiga, hopefully I can be as dilligent as caroline_catlady was at this!
13:25:08 <davidnind> #info tasks assigned for reviewing sections of the manual in an effort to get it up to date
13:26:39 <davidnind> #info davidnind to monitor newly pushed bugs and the release notes and try to encourage doc contributions, and get the minor items incorproated
13:27:18 <davidnind> Will see how we go!
13:27:28 <davidnind> #topic What's been done so far
13:28:12 <davidnind> In the last month one change was from cait, which removed marc mapping
13:29:22 <davidnind> Anything else anyone is aware of? Occasionally seeing some updates to the week for the training resources, which is great.
13:29:56 <davidnind> cait++
13:30:24 <caroline_catlady> Marie-Luce and I have been working on a knowledge base. It's mainly for our clients, but it's available on the Web
13:30:24 <davidnind> #topic Content development guidelines
13:31:29 <caroline_catlady> #link https://inlibro.com/en/products/koha-open-source-lms/knowledge-base/?top-category=koha still has some work to be done, but the articles are available in english and french
13:32:25 <davidnind> just found it, it looks excellent!
13:33:37 <lucyvh> That looks great
13:33:39 <davidnind> #info inlibro working on a knowledge base for their clients
13:34:00 <davidnind> I might have to learn French! :)
13:34:09 <caroline_catlady> everytime we get a support question that looks like it could benefit everyone, we write an article
13:34:27 <caroline_catlady> (trying to find the page in English)
13:35:11 <davidnind> (falls back on using Google Translate...)
13:35:34 <davidnind> would like to do something similar for Koha (from my talk at KohaCon)
13:35:59 <caroline_catlady> if you click on an article, it comes up in English... anyway, like I said, still wip
13:36:33 <caroline_catlady> The only thing that worries me is keeping it up to date
13:36:57 <caroline_catlady> we already have trouble keeping the manual up to date
13:37:08 <davidnind> I think that is the ongoing challenging with any content - documentation and training....
13:38:01 <davidnind> #topic Content development guidelines
13:39:48 <davidnind> Does anyone have anything they would like to discuss, or any particular things that annoy them?
13:40:47 <caroline_catlady> what do you mean by content development guidelines?
13:41:11 <davidnind> Will try and post one or two things for the next meeting, similar to what the development  meeting does for the coding guidelines
13:41:36 <davidnind> the more familiar phrase might be style guide
13:41:43 <caroline_catlady> ah ok! :)
13:43:59 <davidnind> my minds gone black at the moment... so hopefully it will stare working again soon!
13:44:15 <davidnind> #topic Next steps
13:44:22 <caroline_catlady> davidnind I will send you some things that I think about
13:45:05 <davidnind> Excellent!
13:45:44 <davidnind> Right, I think we have discussed next steps, and we all have something to work on over the next couple of weeks
13:46:07 <davidnind> unless there is anything else you would all like to raise
13:46:26 <lucyvh> If we work through the release notes and document a particular bug where's the best place to record that it's been done?
13:46:45 <ashimema> What I've been doing is using the Keywords in BZ..
13:47:12 <ashimema> so.. add the 'Manual' or/and 'release-notes-needed' keyword to the bug in BZ if it's still needing some input..
13:47:50 <ashimema> then remove it once I've done the work.. i.e. filled in the 'Text to go in the release notes' field in BZ or submitted a manual patch and had it merged.
13:48:22 <ashimema> I can work through the notes adding the keywords for wherever it's missing to date now if people would like.
13:48:49 <ashimema> does that sound like a reasonable workflow.. I'm aware it doesn't record any form of "I'm working on this" status though.
13:48:54 <lucyvh> OK, so just remove the keywords once we're done?
13:48:59 <ashimema> it's either done or not done in that scenario
13:49:07 <ashimema> works for me..
13:49:11 <lucyvh> Yes see what you mean...
13:49:25 <caroline_catlady> also on taiga
13:49:28 <davidnind> the other thing is to add that bug to taiga if it is not there  already there, and then cose it of
13:49:49 <caroline_catlady> (sorry discussing 490 vs 830 with a colleague, very intense discussion)
13:49:57 <ashimema> indeed.. i've never got entirely up to speed on taiga
13:49:59 <davidnind> all the above sound good!
13:50:04 <davidnind> ditto
13:50:24 <davidnind> whoosh (490 vs 830).... :)
13:50:48 <davidnind> no trying to work out how to info this!
13:50:56 <lucyvh> Sounds fun!!
13:52:34 <davidnind> #info if a bug needs documentation add Manual and or release-notes-needed keyword to the bug in Bugzilla
13:53:30 <davidnind> #info if the issue is fixed close of taiga task if t exists (or add and close off if it doesn't)
13:54:26 <davidnind> #info remove keywords from the bug once patch merged or text to go in release notes field completed
13:54:33 <davidnind> hope that covers it!
13:54:39 <davidnind> thanks ashimema!
13:55:03 <davidnind> #topic Next meeting
13:56:08 <davidnind> Is everyone happy for around this time and on the 3rd or 20th October?
13:56:20 <ashimema> thankyou guys for all your hard work to date.
13:56:26 <ashimema> works for me.
13:56:53 <caroline_catlady> 20 octobre is a sunday
13:56:55 <caroline_catlady> and 3rd is during hackfest
13:57:09 <davidnind> thanks ashima for encouraging the documentation and release notes contributions!
13:57:21 <davidnind> not sure where I got the 20th from!
13:57:42 <davidnind> I think I meant the 10th!
13:58:02 <lucyvh> 10th good for me
13:58:24 <davidnind> is anyone going to Marseille?
13:58:48 <ashimema> I will be there (once I book my flights!)
13:59:17 <davidnind> sounds like it is always a great experience!
13:59:26 <ashimema> I was just discussing this with lucyvh actually.. the french often have a librarians table where they add allot to their own manual...
13:59:58 <ashimema> be nice to get something going for the community manual too.. I think some of it ends up submitted.. but allot ends up somewhere in french I believe.
14:00:39 <ashimema> it's a good time to write docs.. as the developers are often on hand to explain the features you may be trying to document.
14:01:26 <davidnind> would welcome suggestions for when they have problems translating from english that could be fixed to make translation easier
14:02:11 <davidnind> is always easier to ask developers to explain what something does
14:02:19 <davidnind> #info Next meeting 10 October 13:00 UTC
14:02:29 <lucyvh> Need to pop out now, thanks and bye all
14:02:31 <davidnind> #endmeeting