13:00:34 <davidnind[m]> #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 17 October 2019
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13:01:24 <davidnind[m]> #info Agenda  https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_17_October_2019
13:01:34 <davidnind[m]> #topic Introductions
13:01:49 <davidnind[m]> #info David Nind, New Zealand
13:01:58 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
13:02:15 <lucyvh> #info Lucy Vaux-Harvey PTFS Europe
13:02:20 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS-Europe
13:02:26 <AndyBoze> #info Andy Boze, University of Notre Dame, USA
13:02:30 <lucyvh> Hi all!
13:02:52 <davidnind[m]> Hi everyone!
13:04:10 <davidnind[m]> #topic Project updates
13:05:01 <davidnind[m]> I changed the agenda item from action points to project updates
13:05:41 <davidnind[m]> For my part I'm making some progress (finally!) on some of mine
13:06:45 <davidnind[m]> For the content development guide, I've added an outline for the style guide part, feedback is welcome (I will send a not to the list)
13:07:19 <davidnind[m]> #info Style guide outline available for feedback https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_-_Content_Development_Guide
13:07:47 <davidnind[m]> I have drafted some content and will add it next week
13:07:47 <ashimema> davidnind++
13:08:12 <lucyvh> Great ++
13:08:20 <davidnind[m]> Still working through the installation material, so some progress...
13:09:23 <davidnind[m]> Taking some time off work next week to concentrate on documentation tasks, including reorganising the manual as previously discussed
13:09:43 <davidnind[m]> That's probably enough for my projects!
13:10:36 <lucyvh> Good luck with the re-organisation!
13:10:45 <davidnind[m]> carolne_catlady has been working on the git guide, and has posted an item on the agenda with heer doodle for comment
13:11:21 <davidnind[m]> Any update on the wiki update project thd?
13:11:29 <thd> Yes,
13:11:52 <AndyBoze> I want to thank davidnind for meeting with me (virtually) to go over some of the problem I was having using GitLab. I think I'll be able to start submitting some edit versy soon. Attempting some of the easy tasks.
13:13:18 <davidnind[m]> AndyBoze++ great that you can get started
13:13:21 <thd> For a couple of weeks ago I have had wiki database migration tested to work from Postgres to MySQL without errors or warnings.
13:14:09 <thd> I have had to increase the size of three columns and truncate a few rows of bad data and a few characters of good data.
13:15:05 <thd> I have to rework the test now with a binary data type for storing the UTF-8 data.
13:15:14 <davidnind[m]> #info Making good progress on the wiki update (bug 23073)
13:15:14 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23073 normal, P5 - low, ---, td-koha-bugs, ASSIGNED , wiki.koha-community.org needs updating to a later version
13:15:49 <thd> I have to add an update to the bug report about binary data.
13:16:20 <davidnind[m]> thd: sounded like tricky problems to work out, glad that you are on the case!
13:16:26 <thd> Cheating with utf8mb4 in MySQL is not supported.
13:16:36 <thd> The problem is not really tricky.
13:17:30 <davidnind[m]> are we at the stage where we can work out when to migrate/swap things over, or is that still some time away?
13:17:35 <thd> It could be tricky if we pretended that copying everything correctly to MySQL was exactly the same as having it work in MySQL which it is not.
13:17:58 <thd> We are very close to being able to do one giant upgrade.
13:18:18 <thd> Or at least to be able to test one giant upgrade.
13:18:38 <davidnind[m]> Excellent!
13:18:38 <wahanui> darn tootin' it is.
13:19:10 <davidnind[m]> #info Wiki update progressing well, thanks hd for all the work
13:20:06 <thd> MediaWiki prefers binary data store in MySQL for more than merely avoiding the problem that basic utf8 in MySQL is less than the UTF-8 in the rest of the world.
13:20:10 <davidnind[m]> Any more questions on projects? Otherwise I'll go to the next topic.
13:21:25 <davidnind[m]> #topic What's been done so far
13:21:36 <thd> In MySQL you thus have utf8mb4 but MediaWiki only supports binary for proper UTF-8 in MediaWiki to date.
13:22:41 <davidnind[m]> Thanks everyone for the work that you've been doing
13:23:16 <davidnind[m]> Having specific areas assigned seems to be working well
13:23:29 <lucyvh> And thanks davidnind for merging requests so quickly as well
13:24:09 <lucyvh> Is anyone else finding problems with Preview when editing .rst files?
13:24:15 <thd> s/in MediaWiki/in MySQL/
13:24:38 <davidnind[m]> AndyBoze: last meeting we assigned sections to work throigh, with the aim of reviewing and then update any Taiga tasks
13:25:10 <davidnind[m]> if there is any specific section you are comfortable working through let me know
13:25:40 <davidnind[m]> Has anyone got anything else to add on what's been done so far?
13:26:04 <AndyBoze> Will do.
13:26:40 <lucyvh> No, will just picking off items on Taiga
13:27:25 <davidnind[m]> AndyBoze: I'm still getting that, so I think it is a combination of the size and images, haven't been able to find anythng on GitLab about why it happens (and sometimes it works - mainly for smaller files)
13:27:58 <davidnind[m]> Thanks lucyvh!
13:28:12 <lucyvh> Yes, smaller files are fine
13:29:14 <lucyvh> So extra useful that you are merging quickly davidnind - before I forget what i've done!
13:29:56 <tcohen> morning
13:30:05 <davidnind[m]> It's not just AndyBoze and I then - I'll continue looking to see if I can find out if it is a general bug with GutLab
13:31:22 <davidnind[m]> (that should be GitLab!)
13:31:39 <davidnind[m]> lucyvh: I haven't managed to have any merge conflicts yet (not sure how I would solve them if they happened)
13:32:19 <oleonard> [off] What Igor called Frankenstein's lab when he wasn't listening: The GutLab
13:32:53 <davidnind[m]> having finally got into a good workflow with keeping my git branches in line
13:33:03 <davidnind[m]> oleonard: hehe
13:33:39 <davidnind[m]> #topic Content development guidelines
13:34:48 <davidnind[m]> I haven't added anything for this meeting, but if anyone has any style issues or things that are inconsistent and should be clarified let me know
13:35:56 <davidnind[m]> #topic Next steps
13:37:15 <davidnind[m]> As we are still trying to gte 19.05 things in the manual, the challenge will be the 19.11 release coming up very soon
13:38:01 <davidnind[m]> I'l work out what I need to do to create a branch for 19.11, but I haven't thought to much about it yet
13:38:41 <davidnind[m]> main thing I think is to continue on what we are doing with reviewing sections and closing off Taiga tasks
13:39:26 <lucyvh> If we think a Taiga task doesn't need anything adding to the manual are we OK to just close it?
13:39:49 <davidnind[m]> I'll start adding tasks for 19.11, but we'll probably won't have a 19.11 manual ready with the release
13:41:05 <davidnind[m]> lucyvh: that would be great, we added all the bugs (well caroline_catlady did!) just to make sure we checked for any changes
13:41:24 <davidnind[m]> so maybe jsut say in the Taiga task that no documentation changes are required
13:41:53 <lucyvh> Will do, thanks
13:43:01 <davidnind[m]> I will look at maybe doing a what's new summary for the 19.11 new features and significant enhancements so that there is something available on release
13:43:56 <davidnind[m]> #info davidnind to look at preparing a what's new in 19.11 summary
13:44:58 <davidnind[m]> #info davidnind to start adding taiga tasks for documentation changes required for 19.11 (documentation required tag added to bugs is really handy)
13:45:18 <davidnind[m]> anything else anyone would like to raise?
13:45:18 <tuxayo> !bang
13:45:18 <AnnaBoten> There is no hunt right now! You can start a hunt with the 'start' command
13:45:28 <ashimema> I've been trying to keep up with whats new in the release notes.. going through them semi-regularly and updating the BZ entries where I think we need them
13:45:44 <ashimema> so hopefully that won't be too honerous for you davidnind[m]
13:45:51 <gveranis> hi koha #
13:46:02 <davidnind[m]> ashimema++
13:46:20 <davidnind[m]> thanks ashimema!
13:46:37 <davidnind[m]> #topic Set time for next meeting
13:47:15 <davidnind[m]> deos anyone have any preferences, and does this time still wok okay for you AndyBoze and lucyvh?
13:48:34 <AndyBoze> Just checked calendar. Looks good for the next three weeks at least.
13:48:41 <davidnind[m]> the next general meeting is 13 November, so does 14 November 13:00 ITC work okay?
13:48:48 <thd> It will be an hour earlier in November at the same UTC for the northern hemisphere.
13:49:24 <davidnind[m]> daylight savings I assume...
13:49:30 <thd> Yes.
13:50:36 <lucyvh> Yes, works for me
13:50:40 <oleonard> [off] We will all be one hour grumpier
13:51:11 <thd> UTC 13 in November would be 5 am in the US west coast.
13:52:05 <davidnind[m]> oleonard: I'll swap you for my 2:00am :)
13:52:07 <thd> 8 am on the East coast where I am.
13:52:21 <oleonard> davidnind[m]: Fair enough :D
13:53:03 <thd> 2 am is definitely better than 3 am :)
13:53:32 <davidnind[m]> #info Next meeting: 14 November 2019, 13:00 UTC
13:54:05 <davidnind[m]> thd: I'm nver sure whether I'm up late or up early :)
13:54:19 <davidnind[m]> #endmeeting