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19:03:27 <caroline> #topic Introductions
19:03:35 <caroline> please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes
19:03:38 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
19:03:44 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
19:03:56 <davidnind> #info David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand
19:04:01 <kellym> #info Kelly McElligott ByWater Solutions
19:04:02 <caroline> hi davidnind!
19:04:12 <caroline> hi kellym!
19:04:30 <davidnind> hi all
19:04:59 <caroline> gbeaudry01 is here with me, she just started :D
19:05:23 * cait waves at gbeaudry01
19:05:26 <cait> welcome!
19:05:29 <cait> new at inlibro?
19:05:59 <davidnind> welcome gbeaudry01!
19:06:11 <gbeaudry01> hello!
19:06:13 <gbeaudry01> thank you!
19:06:27 <gbeaudry01> yes i am!
19:07:08 <caroline> #topic What's been done so far
19:07:46 <caroline> Alright, I must do a mea culpa and confess that I haven't worked on docs since christmas...
19:07:55 <caroline> >_<
19:08:08 <caroline> been crazy here
19:08:42 <caroline> but we are still a long ways from release
19:08:56 <caroline> anybody want to share what they did?
19:09:06 <davidnind> ditto as well: have done nothing since last meeting, except thinking bout what I should be doing!
19:09:18 <caroline> same lol!
19:09:59 <cait> in the same boat... apart from some in december
19:10:24 <kellym> I tried to update a sys pref…and received an error. Lee had offered at the last meeting to set aside some time to show me…I have emailed him and waiting to hear back.  I want to help, just the process seems more difficult (and I am sure it is not)
19:10:28 <cait> i saw there have been some new bugs on bugzila
19:10:30 <cait> for docs
19:10:55 <caroline> kellym: do you want me to make an appointment with you?
19:11:25 <kellym> sure Caroline!  That would be great. I will email you- send me your email. Thanks!
19:11:44 <caroline> caroline.cyr-la-rose@inlibro.com
19:11:53 <caroline> we can do a screen sharing thing
19:11:58 <kellym> yes!
19:12:03 <caroline> +1
19:12:39 <caroline> cait any in particular you want to point out?
19:13:15 <cait> don't have the list
19:13:23 <cait> but i am pretty sure they are filed under documentation
19:13:26 <caroline> https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&list_id=268075&namedcmd=Documentation%20To-do&remaction=run&sharer_id=13
19:13:31 <caroline> #link https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&list_id=268075&namedcmd=Documentation%20To-do&remaction=run&sharer_id=13
19:13:57 <caroline> one is by kellym saying something is in French... probably my fault... oops
19:14:23 <cait> hehe
19:14:36 <kellym> When I received a ticket about this part of the manul being in French, I was like- NO- it couldn’t be!  It was :)
19:14:57 <caroline> heh! sorry about that...
19:15:03 <caroline> Will correct it asap
19:15:16 <cait> be a little mor eflexible people :)
19:15:28 <cait> learn french with koha! :)
19:15:52 <kellym> I know right Cait- it was definitely enough easy to understand.
19:16:03 <caroline> hehe! no but I understand, I put my interface in English but forgot the labels
19:16:40 <caroline> alright, moving on
19:17:05 <caroline> #topic Next steps : Website updates (example: Documentaiton > Koha Bibliography)
19:17:12 <caroline> cait?
19:17:12 <wahanui> cait is qa manager
19:17:19 <caroline> I know wahanui...
19:17:21 <cait> oh oops
19:17:29 <cait> i am not sure it#s right in this meeting even but I'll have ago
19:17:44 <cait> i did some updating of the website
19:17:49 <caroline> caot++
19:17:52 <cait> and i noticed
19:17:54 <caroline> cait++
19:18:00 <davidnind> cait++
19:18:11 <cait> #link https://koha-community.org/documentation/koha-bibliography/
19:18:22 <cait> thish seems like it's a copy of the zotero thing?
19:18:42 <cait> i tihnk the newest is 2018
19:18:46 <cait> 2010
19:18:47 <cait> sorry
19:18:51 <cait> which doesn't look so good
19:19:06 <cait> do we have... an idea about it?
19:19:13 <caroline> what did we decide with zotero? were we keeping it?
19:19:15 <cait> it's listed under docs
19:19:17 <davidnind> seems like a small subset of what is on Zotero - have started going through Zotero bibliography to update
19:19:29 <caroline> davidnind++
19:19:34 <cait> davidnind: remind me maybe- i can send you some gemran articles we published
19:19:41 <cait> and davidnind++
19:19:47 <cait> the last one is pretty new
19:19:48 <davidnind> it was decided to use Zotero
19:19:58 <davidnind> thanks cait!
19:19:59 <caroline> it says it is "generated on a regular basis"
19:20:09 <caroline> so is this automated or manual?
19:20:39 <davidnind> looks like it is a manual thing to me
19:20:44 * caroline will try to make it a habit of adding things that I find to the Zotero group
19:20:54 <davidnind> (as in not automated)
19:21:02 <cait> we could get in touch with wizzyrea, it looked manual to me
19:21:06 <cait> but there might be a way to automate?
19:22:18 <caroline> Who is the automation wizard here? (I don't want to ping them, but I'm thinking Jonathan or Martin?)
19:23:09 <cait> maybe
19:23:22 <davidnind> zotero has an rss/atom feed, but not familiar with how Wordpress can import that
19:23:50 <davidnind> I can add an item on Bugzilla under the website tasks
19:24:04 <cait> that sounds good
19:24:10 <caroline> ok do that davidnind, we'll see how it goes
19:24:11 <cait> thx davidnind++ :)
19:24:21 <caroline> davidnind++
19:24:28 <cait> it was just something i had no idea about - didn't know that we still had access even
19:25:17 <davidnind> I'm not the owner yet, but it is setup so that anyone can add and edit items
19:26:26 <caroline> #action davidnind will add a bug to bugzilla regarding Zotero integration on the website
19:27:06 <caroline> #topic Next steps : misc
19:27:44 <caroline> I just wanted to say that as soon as it calms down here (hopefully before pigs fly) I will go through the release notes and update Taiga
19:28:12 <caroline> #action caroline will update Taiga with recently pushed items on release notes
19:28:28 <caroline> anything else?
19:29:52 <davidnind> nothing from me..
19:30:26 <caroline> just waiting a minute in case someone is typing a super long message :)
19:30:27 <cait> nope
19:31:04 <caroline> #topic Set time of next meeting
19:31:07 <kellym> nope - I have emailed Caroline!  so hopefully next meeting I will have accomplished something!
19:31:17 <caroline> kellym++
19:31:30 <davidnind> kellym++
19:31:38 <davidnind> being here is something!
19:31:48 <cait> kellym++ caroline++
19:32:08 <caroline> I am off the first week of March, is everybody ok with march 12?
19:32:23 <caroline> oh wait no, I won't be back on the 12...
19:32:37 <caroline> is march 19 too late?
19:32:49 <davidnind> that sounds fine
19:32:59 <cait> where are you going? ;)
19:33:01 <cait> sounds good
19:33:07 <cait> hm
19:33:08 <caroline> Guadeloupe :)
19:33:11 <cait> sec i might be conferencing
19:33:53 <cait> oh yep 18 - 21
19:34:00 <cait> but we meed caroline more :)
19:34:00 <caroline> If you're not there cait, we can maybe go for feb 26?
19:34:07 <caroline> is that too soon?
19:35:11 <caroline> how about the time? Should we change it?
19:35:15 <cait> i probably won't make 19, but you don't have to postpone for me
19:35:32 <cait> this time currently works well for me - an hour later or 2 woudl work too if that's better for others
19:35:59 <caroline> davidnind?
19:36:00 <wahanui> davidnind is answering corilynn's questions before I can formulate them
19:36:16 <davidnind> lol!
19:36:44 <caroline> kellym you're east coast?
19:36:46 <davidnind> I'm pretty flexible, happy for what suits everyone else...
19:36:49 <kellym> yes- ET
19:36:58 <kellym> I am good with most Tuesdays at 2pm my time.
19:37:07 <caroline> alright, well if this works for everybody, lets keep it at 19UTC
19:37:37 <caroline> so is feb 26 ok?
19:37:48 <kellym> good for me.
19:37:50 <davidnind> +1
19:38:12 * caroline crosses fingers
19:38:27 <caroline> #info Next meeting: 26 February 2019, 19 UTC
19:38:32 <caroline> #endmeeting