21:01:25 <ashimema> #startmeeting General IRC meeting 11 September 2019
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21:01:47 <ashimema> #chair rangi
21:01:47 <huginn> Current chairs: ashimema rangi
21:02:05 <ashimema> #topic Introductions
21:02:58 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
21:03:12 <ashimema> Please introduce yourselves with your name preceeded by #info to have your presence noted in the minutes
21:03:18 <caroline_catlady> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro
21:03:19 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
21:03:51 <rangi> #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst
21:04:04 <Marie-Luce> #info Marie-Luce Laflamme, inLibro
21:04:42 <ashimema> #info David Nind sends his apologies.
21:06:06 <ashimema> #topic Announcements
21:06:39 <thd> Wiki database migration from Postgres to MySQL is now working with some warnings.
21:07:12 <ashimema> #info We are nearing the end of the current release managers 'Adventurous pushing window'. Two weeks to go, after which we will be re-focusing the team on bugfixes and polishing of existing pushed features for release.
21:07:33 <thd> I had to pause for a couple of weeks to stand up an historical artifacts auction.
21:07:36 <ashimema> #info Wiki database migration from Postgres to MySQL is now working with some warnings.
21:08:29 <ashimema> anyone have anything else?
21:08:40 <thd> I am now working on fixing the warnings for particular columns which are mostly about whether the default value should be NULL, '', or 0.
21:09:43 <ashimema> thd++
21:09:55 <ashimema> great to see work happening there thd, thankyou.
21:10:43 <ashimema> #info Hackfest in Marseille will soon be upon us.. looking forward to seeing many of you there. (30th Sept - 4 Oct)
21:11:20 <ashimema> anyone have any other announcements?
21:11:29 <ashimema> any kohacon20 news rangi?
21:12:16 <rangi> call for presenations will be out soonish (in the next week or so) thats about it
21:12:30 * caroline_catlady raises hand
21:12:42 <ashimema> #info Kohacon20 call for presentation will be out soon :)
21:12:55 <ashimema> fire away caroline_catlady
21:13:19 <caroline_catlady> I started cataloguing the plugins
21:13:30 <rangi> oh cool caroline_catlady !
21:13:34 <caroline_catlady> https://koha-resources.inlibro.net/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&do=Search&limit=mc-itemtype%2Cphr%3APLUG&sort_by=relevance
21:13:38 <ashimema> awesome :)
21:13:50 <davidnind> caroline_catlady++
21:14:16 <ashimema> #info Caroline has begun the task of catalogueing plugins
21:14:51 <caroline_catlady> Also working on cataloging guidelines and stuff to open cataloging to others
21:15:07 <ashimema> #link https://koha-resources.inlibro.net/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&do=Search&limit=mc-itemtype%2Cphr%3APLUG&sort_by=relevance Plugins Catalogue
21:15:21 <ashimema> that's great news caroline :)
21:15:24 <caroline_catlady> #link https://koha-resources.inlibro.net
21:15:29 <caroline_catlady> this link is better
21:15:30 <ashimema> caroline_catlady++
21:15:42 <caroline_catlady> I just wanted to show you the results list
21:15:57 <ashimema> thankyou
21:16:06 <caroline_catlady> that's all
21:16:16 <ashimema> brill.. moving on then :)
21:16:41 <ashimema> #topic Update on releases
21:16:45 <ashimema> rmaints?
21:17:27 <ashimema> In their absence, I believe the rmaint queues are fairly low at the moment.. i.e. they're mostly caught up.
21:18:16 <ashimema> #info RMaints are keeping on top of their respective queues.
21:20:06 <ashimema> #info Latest maintanence releases went out on 28th August.. minor delay to scheduled time due to summer commitments by the maintainers.
21:20:25 <ashimema> as for the current development branch, all is well..
21:20:42 <ashimema> though we are always in need of more SO and QA hands.
21:21:12 <ashimema> #info Current development release is coming along nicely, but the RM's queue is low.. more hands to the mill on SO and QA please ;)
21:21:45 <ashimema> short meeting today.. moving onto our final topic
21:22:01 <ashimema> #topic Next meeting
21:23:22 <ashimema> I propose sticking the usual scheme, so 16th October
21:23:50 <caroline_catlady> +1
21:24:01 <ashimema> back to the earlier time of 1pm UTC
21:24:17 <ashimema> any objections, alterations requested?
21:25:16 <ashimema> When we get closer to kohacon I would be happy to increase the later timings, but currently I don't feel we need to yet..
21:26:28 <ashimema> I'll take the silence as no objections ;)
21:26:31 <rangi> :)
21:26:32 <davidnind> +1
21:26:40 <thd> 1
21:26:49 <thd> ++
21:27:03 <ashimema> #info Next meeting: 16 October 2019, 13 UTC
21:27:05 <ashimema> brill..
21:27:10 <ashimema> thanks all who attended
21:27:16 <ashimema> #endmeeting