14:02:48 <ashimema[m]> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 19 February 2020
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14:02:59 <Joubu> ashimema[m]: follow-up attached to bug 24669
14:02:59 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24669 major, P5 - low, ---, joonas.kylmala, Pushed to master , Editing circulation rule breaks holds when total holds unlimited
14:03:01 <ashimema[m]> #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_19_February_2020 Agenda
14:03:07 <ashimema[m]> #topic Introductions
14:03:13 <ashimema[m]> please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes
14:03:19 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
14:03:22 <ashimema[m]> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
14:03:31 <Joubu> #info Jonathan Druart
14:04:02 <khall> #info Kyle M Hall, ByWater Solutions
14:04:09 <ere> #info Ere Maijala, The National Library of Finland
14:05:52 <ashimema[m]> #topic Announcements
14:06:42 <andreashm> #info Andreas Hedström Mace, Stockholm University Library
14:06:58 <ashimema[m]> #info We're nearly half way through the cycle now and I intend to slow down on adventurous pushing in around 3 weeks time to give us time to concentrate on bugfixes and polishing.
14:07:39 <ashimema[m]> #info Lots of people signed up to the Marseille hackfest.. still more space if your interested.. It's going to be another great event.
14:07:52 <ashimema[m]> anyone else have anything they would like to announce?
14:08:42 <Joubu> nope :)
14:09:13 <ashimema[m]> #topic Update from the Release manager
14:09:48 <ashimema[m]> #info 20.05 is coming along nicely, lots of new features and enhancements pushed so far this cycle.
14:09:58 <ashimema[m]> #topic GBSD Review
14:11:53 <oleonard> GBSD was a success because one of my bugs got signed off.
14:11:56 <ashimema[m]> #info The Global Bug Squashing Day was a success with lots of bugs changing status and ByWater hosting an excellent live youtube stream.  Thanks to all those who got involved and I look forward to seeing even more of you at the next one.
14:12:26 <cait> oh oops
14:12:33 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
14:12:52 <ashimema[m]> #info The bug squashing hasn't stopped since the GBSD however, lots of continued effort.. I was met with a queue of 60 bugs to push this morning after only 1 day out.. thanks everyone!
14:13:40 <ashimema[m]> Do we think it was worthwhile as a group and should we schedule another.. I don't want to over do it.. but seems to be a great way of buiding up a bit of momentum now and then..
14:14:16 <ashimema[m]> anywho.. one to ponder :)
14:14:23 <cait> there was some discussion about having a quarterly event on the youtube channel
14:14:24 <oleonard> I liked GBSD :)
14:14:30 <cait> btw, grat effort from Bywater++
14:14:42 <oleonard> Yeah the livestream was fun
14:14:45 <ashimema[m]> ooh.. I missed that.. quarterly went through my head too
14:15:08 <ashimema[m]> does the Friday work well.. or should we mix days up a bit?
14:15:31 <cait> pros and cons to both
14:15:39 <cait> i think a lot of the copanies already do some kind of community friday
14:15:43 <cait> so that might work best for some
14:16:01 <oleonard> It might be nice to really make sure we have buy-in from the folks we want to be there on whatever day it is
14:16:06 * andreashm was sad to miss GBSD
14:16:22 <ashimema[m]> that is indeed why I suggested a Friday this time around..
14:16:52 <ashimema[m]> So.. that was Feb.. shall we suggest another for early May perhaps.. a final bug cleaning/polishing before release?
14:17:26 <ashimema[m]> Feb, May, Aug, Nov could work as a quarterly cycle
14:17:45 <cait> beginning of nov?
14:17:51 <cait> then it could work
14:18:00 <cait> otherwise i'd suggest to move one month earlier
14:18:13 <cait> april, july, october
14:18:22 <cait> hm
14:18:28 <cait> I thnk evergreen does soemthign called a 'feedbackfest'
14:18:33 <ashimema[m]> yeah.. so early May and early Nov would be 'bugfix/polishing' themed.. and Feb and Aug more 'new stuff' themed
14:18:38 <cait> close to release
14:18:44 <cait> yep that makes sense
14:18:49 <cait> coudl focus on testing and shaking out bugs
14:19:03 <cait> might also open it up to some more people if we phrase it that way
14:19:31 <ashimema[m]> totally
14:19:46 <ashimema[m]> ok.. I'll action myself to work out some dates to suggest and put it out there
14:20:23 <ashimema[m]> #action Ashimema to propose the next GBSD as a 'polishing and bugfixing' themed day early May ready for release.
14:20:28 <ashimema[m]> ok.. moving on then
14:20:29 <Joubu> I personally think that it would be more interesting if they are scheduled in the middle of the release
14:20:31 <ashimema[m]> #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
14:20:34 <ashimema[m]> rmaints?
14:20:36 <Joubu> to focus on big stuffs instead
14:21:13 <ashimema[m]> the 'Feb' and 'Aug' dates are more mid release and idea for that are they not Joubu?
14:21:25 <ashimema[m]> if we're thinking quarterly that gives us four slots as such
14:22:16 <ashimema[m]> ok.. no rmaints
14:22:35 <ashimema[m]> #info The next maintanence releases are on their way and we are currently in string freeze.
14:22:44 <Joubu> yep, sorry, was reading back without everything!
14:22:55 <ashimema[m]> haha.. no worries Joubu
14:23:04 <ashimema[m]> #topic Updates from the QA team
14:23:06 <ashimema[m]> cait
14:23:37 <cait> oh sorry
14:23:40 * cait blames andreashm
14:23:51 <andreashm> oh.... =)
14:24:06 <cait> #info Queues have been unusually full up to 140 lately, we have been pushing the numbers down a bit, but quite a lot of great stuff in there
14:24:11 <cait> so call to the QA team!
14:24:13 <ashimema[m]> lol
14:24:34 <cait> reminder: please set assignee when you start workingon a bug
14:24:49 <cait> #info Reminders: Set Assignee on your bugs, include a good commit message and test plan!
14:25:15 <cait> I recently noticed some people seem to use git bz attach to write up notes - but they don't go into the patches, only bugzilla, so keep an eye out for those
14:25:25 <cait> Joubu: ?
14:25:41 <Joubu> nothing special
14:26:02 <ashimema[m]> ok.. shall we move on then
14:26:04 <Joubu> I need a PQA stamp on bug 23463
14:26:05 <huginn> 04Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23463 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, Signed Off , Move C4::Items CRUD subroutines to Koha::Item
14:26:07 <Joubu> nothing else :)
14:26:30 <ashimema[m]> #topic General development discussion
14:26:39 <Joubu> (bribe offered)
14:26:53 * ashimema[m] wishes there was a subtopic in the meet program ;)
14:26:59 <ashimema[m]> #info Deprecate/remove QueryParser
14:27:03 * oleonard leaves for irl meeting
14:27:21 <ashimema[m]> I'm hopeing people had a chance to think about this the past couple of weeks
14:27:42 <ashimema[m]> are we corate enough for a vote.. and is anyone able to volunteer to take a look at doing the work?
14:28:02 * ashimema[m] generally things anything that cleans up Search is a good thing at the moment..
14:28:08 <Joubu> I can write it, if there are commitments on SO and QA
14:28:45 <cait> I can try to do a review
14:28:53 <ashimema[m]> I can commit to testing but would like someone familiar with search to help review..
14:28:55 <cait> but as this will be quite difficult... maybe more a sign-off than qa
14:29:05 <ashimema[m]> kidclamp, ere, dcook ?
14:29:57 <ere> I'd be happy to test
14:30:01 <ashimema[m]> but yeah.. are we basically in agreement it should go to start with..
14:30:14 <cait> i think so
14:30:39 <cait> it's bad to lose work... but as it stands now noone is maintaining it, git doesn't forget and turning it on is a bad idea
14:30:45 <ashimema[m]> Shall I 'vote' it or just set as 'agreed'
14:31:08 <kidclamp> +1
14:31:10 <cait> how formal do you feel today?
14:31:18 <Joubu> We should send an email to the ML
14:31:24 <ashimema[m]> #startvote Should we deprecate QueryParser? Yes, No
14:31:24 <huginn> Begin voting on: Should we deprecate QueryParser? Valid vote options are Yes, No.
14:31:24 <huginn> Vote using '#vote OPTION'. Only your last vote counts.
14:31:38 <Joubu> #vote yes
14:31:44 <ashimema[m]> #vote Yes
14:31:57 <cait> #vote Yes
14:32:04 <andreashm> #vote yes
14:32:07 <kidclamp> #vote Yes
14:32:31 <ashimema[m]> #endvote
14:32:31 <huginn> Voted on "Should we deprecate QueryParser?" Results are
14:32:31 <huginn> Yes (5): Joubu, ashimema[m], cait, andreashm, kidclamp
14:33:02 <ashimema[m]> I tihnk we're safe as HEA suggests it's barely used and we as devs all know it's really not in a state that one should be using it..
14:33:13 <ashimema[m]> I'll send something on the lists announcing the decision.
14:33:32 <ashimema[m]> #action Ashimema to send mail to the mailing list announcing deprecation of QuaryParser.
14:33:39 <ashimema[m]> next
14:33:53 <ashimema[m]> #info ILL Request API Endpoint discussion and vote
14:34:19 <ashimema[m]> is josef around?
14:34:44 <cait> do we have a link for the lazy?
14:35:04 <ashimema[m]> #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Illrequests_endpoint_RFC ILL RFC
14:35:29 <ashimema[m]> AndrewIsh tells me the RFC doesn't reflect what's already available in the endpoint..
14:35:51 <ashimema[m]> but he's out this afternoon so can't comment
14:35:57 <cait> so maybe update first?
14:36:03 <cait> i'd also like to request another update
14:36:17 <ashimema[m]> agreed
14:36:21 <cait> /return_claims
14:36:33 <cait> what is on the wiki is not waht is in Koha - and I think it needs a bit more work to fit in terminology
14:36:47 <ashimema[m]> at least `metadata`, `library` and `patron` are missing.. and the endpoint already includes embed options
14:37:38 <ashimema[m]> #action The RFC needs an update to reflect what is currently available already
14:37:52 <ashimema[m]> ok.. I tihnk we can move on then
14:38:08 <ashimema[m]> #topic Review of coding guidelines
14:38:12 <ashimema[m]> I don't believe we have anything to review this week
14:38:25 <ashimema[m]> speak up if anyone thinks we do?
14:39:16 <cait> nothing from me
14:39:39 <ashimema[m]> #topic Set time of next meeting
14:39:45 <ashimema[m]> 4th March would fit the usual patturn
14:40:22 <ashimema[m]> Proposal: 4 March 2020, 14 UTC
14:40:53 <ashimema[m]> #info Next meeting: 4 March 2020, 14 UTC
14:40:56 <ashimema[m]> okies..
14:41:01 <ashimema[m]> thanks everyone
14:41:07 <ashimema[m]> #endmeeting