17:24:52 <caroline> #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 17 September 2020
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17:24:58 <caroline> #topic Introductions
17:25:06 <caroline> please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes
17:25:14 <lucyvh> Don't worry!, Hope  it hasn't disturbed you from something nice
17:25:21 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
17:25:38 <marie-luce> #info Marie-Luce Laflamme, inLibro
17:25:47 <lucyvh> #info Lucy Vaux-Harvey, PTFS Europe
17:25:52 <caroline> I was actually on lunch break and my cat was sleeping on my lap :D I couldn't get up of course
17:26:13 <lucyvh> Of course :)
17:26:51 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
17:27:03 <caroline> #topic  Review of action points
17:27:26 <caroline> #link agenda https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_17_September_2020
17:27:45 <caroline> Action points from last meeting were both for me
17:27:58 <caroline> I invited henryb to the Taiga board - done
17:28:19 <caroline> I have been through 20.11 release notes, but not recently...
17:28:51 <caroline> There is already a lot to do, so if you're looking for anything to do, check Taiga or bugzilla
17:29:24 <caroline> #topic  Project updates
17:29:38 <caroline> thd, do you have any new information on the wiki upgrade?
17:30:12 <thd> Only, that I am slowly restarting concluding work.
17:31:00 <thd> I have been trying to obtain apartment repairs and having great difficulty with that.
17:32:41 <thd> COVID-19 has given me a much larger and exhausting work schedule.
17:33:38 <caroline> #info thd is slowly restarting work on wiki after hiatus
17:33:46 <caroline> #topic  What's been done so far
17:34:05 <thd> My usual work pattern is to stay up all hours and work until I can no longer stay awake but running down my immune system in that manner.
17:34:06 <caroline> I forgot to ask, anybody else had updates on projects?
17:35:08 <thd> ... is dangerous so I have had to slow down to protect myself from being a COVID-19 victim.
17:35:34 <caroline> yes definitely
17:35:45 <caroline> especially if you're in NY city
17:36:27 <lucyvh> Yes, take care
17:36:47 <caroline> getting back to what's been done so far, I've had quite a few merge requests for the manual, so that's great!
17:37:15 <marie-luce> unfortunately, no. I was away. So I should manage to spend some time on checking if Documentation bugs are still relevant
17:37:54 <henryb> Sorry, I'm late. I got the time confused
17:38:04 <caroline> same henryb!
17:38:10 <henryb> Thanks for adding me Caroline!
17:38:13 <caroline> glad you could make it!
17:38:17 <henryb> caroline++
17:38:27 <marie-luce> Hi henryb
17:38:35 <marie-luce> caroline++
17:38:45 <henryb> Hi!
17:39:01 <caroline> anything to add as for work that's been done since last meeting?
17:39:26 <henryb> No sorry, I haven't done any actual work yet
17:39:35 <caroline> no worries
17:39:50 <caroline> we all have busy work and personal lives :)
17:40:34 <ivandz> Hi all! Maybe somebody knows. After turn on ElasticSearch my operators (sn: ID, an:ID, ) don't work. But search works good....Why? Thanks.
17:40:55 <caroline> #topic  Content development guidelines
17:41:15 <caroline> Since davidnind is not here, I think we should skip this topic
17:41:32 <caroline> unless someone wants to clarify something?
17:43:01 <caroline> ok then moving on!
17:43:07 <caroline> #topic  Next steps
17:43:22 <caroline> So 20.11 release is fast approaching
17:44:20 <caroline> If you have to choose on what to write, please give priority to new features and enhancements over anything else
17:45:13 <caroline> #info priorities are 20.11 new features and enhancements
17:46:44 <lucyvh> Will try to get to some
17:47:10 <marie-luce> I will try to
17:47:22 <henryb> I will also try
17:47:30 <caroline> I tend to get lost in updating whole sections... but I think we should concentrate on adding the new features
17:48:20 <henryb> Is there a cut off date for updating the 20.11 manual?
17:48:27 <caroline> no
17:49:06 <caroline> it is constantly updated
17:49:31 <caroline> it's just that when we will create the 21.05 manual, it will be harder to get new things in the 20.11 manual
17:50:05 <caroline> we're constantly behind the developers (obviously, we can't document before they make the features)
17:50:32 <caroline> #off brb, someone's at the door
17:52:30 <caroline> back!
17:52:42 <thd> In some impossible world with infinite capacities we could document all possible features and then hide what had not yet been implemented until implemented. :)
17:53:13 <caroline> we'd need a big docs team! hehe
17:53:34 <marie-luce> sounds like a good plan!
17:53:40 <caroline> we should document new features and then the devs make then lol
17:54:04 <caroline> #topic  Set time of next meeting
17:54:29 <caroline> is october 15 good for y'all?
17:54:53 <thd> +1
17:54:58 <lucyvh> Yep
17:55:09 <marie-luce> +1
17:55:10 <henryb> Yes
17:55:15 <caroline> it will be just before Kohacon
17:56:01 <caroline> is 18 UTC good?
17:56:09 <caroline> It's one hour later than now
17:56:19 <caroline> just to make sure I'm at least back from lunch hehe!
17:56:40 <thd> I can probably attend at 18.00 UTC
17:56:42 <caroline> 7am in NZ and 7pm in London
17:56:55 <caroline> i2pm in american Eastern
17:57:02 <lucyvh> Yes good for me
17:57:16 <caroline> ok then!
17:57:39 <caroline> #info Next meeting: 15 October 2020, 18 UTC
17:57:44 <caroline> #endmeeting