19:02:22 <caroline> #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 20 August 2020
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19:02:44 <caroline> #info agenda: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_20_August_2020
19:03:01 <caroline> #topic Introductions
19:03:08 <caroline> please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes
19:03:20 <caroline> #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inLibro
19:03:38 <henryb> #info Henry Bolshaw, House of Lords Library, UK
19:03:46 <Marie-Luce> #info Marie-Luce Laflamme, inLibro Montreal
19:04:17 <kellym> #info Kelly McElligott ByWater Solutions
19:04:21 <georgew> #info George Williams, Northeast Kansas Library System
19:04:47 <caroline> welcome everyone! So glad we could have more people this week :)
19:05:09 <caroline> #info agenda for last meeting which was postponed https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Documentation_IRC_meeting_13_August_2020
19:05:15 <henryb> This is my first documentation meeting - I'm very excited to be here :)
19:05:27 <caroline> welcome henryb! :)
19:05:39 <caroline> From the house of lords no less
19:05:57 <caroline> #topic Review of action points
19:06:19 <caroline> I linked last meeting's agenda because the action points didn't follow
19:06:53 <caroline> all action points were for davidnind, so... I guess we'll skip it :)
19:07:34 <caroline> It's a bit of old news, but he changed the theme of the manual for 20.11
19:07:38 <caroline> look at this beauty
19:07:40 <caroline> #link https://koha-community.org/manual/20.11/en/html/
19:08:13 <Marie-Luce> really impressive
19:08:27 <kellym> very nice!
19:08:42 <caroline> I really like the navigation on the left, no more infinite scrolling!
19:09:05 <henryb> it looks really good!
19:09:36 <caroline> #topic Project updates / What's been done so far
19:09:52 <caroline> I received quite a few merge requests, which I'm working through
19:09:56 <caroline> Thanks everyone!
19:10:17 <kellym> I got git set up, so I am finding it a lot easier!
19:10:33 <caroline> If you work from a repository, make sure you update it before making merge requests
19:10:59 <caroline> I'm still not sure how to rebase stuff, so if I can't merge the commits immediately, it clogs up the queue
19:11:22 <kellym> repository meaning taiga?
19:11:45 <caroline> no, if you work from a git copy of the manual on your computer
19:12:12 <caroline> I don't think it's possible to not be up-to-date if you do your changes directly in gitlab
19:12:36 <kellym> oh yes!  thanks Caroline
19:13:47 <caroline> So I know davidnind did at least one one-on-one session, he offered friday afternoons if anyone had questions on how to work on gitlab
19:14:02 <caroline> Also, I'm here if you have questions
19:14:22 <kellym> yes ! It was super helpful! Thanks to davidnind!
19:14:31 <caroline> davidnin++
19:14:43 <caroline> davidnind++
19:14:43 <Marie-Luce> davidnin++
19:14:47 <kellym> davidnind++
19:15:26 <caroline> I haven't done much since coming back from vacation two weeks ago except a couple of merges
19:15:37 <caroline> anybody have something they'd like to share that they did?
19:16:39 <Marie-Luce> I've started to check the documentation bug to see if there are still relevant
19:16:51 <caroline> Marie-Luce++ thank you!
19:17:01 <Marie-Luce> some need to be added to the manual
19:17:10 <caroline> did you find a lot that were not?
19:17:32 <Marie-Luce> I've barely started... it's a work in progress
19:17:40 <kellym> marie-luce++
19:18:09 <Marie-Luce> you should notice my name in the latest comments
19:20:10 <caroline> #topic Content development guidelines
19:20:50 <caroline> There wasn't any discussion point in this topic in the agenda, but I'm just putting it out there in case someone wants to discuss something
19:21:45 <henryb> Sorry this is something I should probably have worked out for myself, but can I add myself to Taiga or do I need to be invited?
19:22:06 <caroline> oh I think you need to be invited
19:22:21 <caroline> kellym do you remember if I had to invite you?
19:22:32 <kellym> yes ! you did
19:22:41 <caroline> ok I'll do that then
19:22:52 <henryb> Thank you!
19:22:58 <caroline> #action caroline to invite henryb to the Taiga board
19:25:10 <caroline> and henryb don't hesitate to ask questions on here :) I'm here almost every weekday during work hours (so probably your afternoon/evening) and other people can also help you figure stuff out
19:25:43 <caroline> #topic Next steps
19:26:25 <caroline> So if you're looking for something to do (haha) there are documentation tasks on bugzilla
19:26:28 <caroline> #link https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/buglist.cgi?bug_status=NEW&bug_status=REOPENED&bug_status=ASSIGNED&f1=keywords&f2=component&j_top=OR&known_name=Documentation%20To-do&list_id=340657&o1=allwords&o2=equals&query_based_on=Documentation%20To-do&query_format=advanced&v1=Manual&v2=Documentation
19:26:45 <caroline> or the taiga board
19:26:47 <caroline> #link https://tree.taiga.io/project/ldjamison-kohadocs-1805/timeline
19:27:25 <caroline> The Taiga board is more for new features and enhancements and bugzilla if for bugs or things that are not clear or that we should change
19:28:13 <caroline> I will add a 20.11 epic and start addind the features that have already been pushed
19:28:33 <caroline> #action caroline to create a 20.11 epic in Taiga and go through release notes
19:28:44 <caroline> sorry I'm so late doing this :(
19:29:28 <tcohen> oleonard around?
19:29:33 <caroline> Priorities should be given to 20.11 new features and enhancements (when they are added to Taiga)
19:29:33 <oleonard> Yes
19:29:46 <tcohen> I need to solve an issue
19:29:54 <caroline> #info priorities on 20.11 new features and enhancements
19:30:06 <caroline> but feel free to work on whatever you like/can
19:30:17 <caroline> Every little bit helps make a great manual!
19:30:57 <Marie-Luce> I'll give a go.
19:31:31 <caroline> There's still a lot from older versions that still have not been documented, so take your pick
19:31:35 <cait> caroline++
19:31:42 <cait> just missed it, but was reading back
19:32:24 <caroline> if your commit is for an older version make sure to mention it in the commit message or the merge request message, just so I know to add it to the older manual also
19:33:17 <cait> do you prefer a specific format?
19:33:21 <cait> Added in.... or so?
19:34:23 <caroline> no, as long as it's there
19:35:01 <caroline> eventually, we might have more specific guidelines, but as none of us are developpers, I don't want to put barriers to contributions
19:35:33 <caroline> just write it somewhere (commit message or merge request message)
19:38:06 <caroline> Anything else anybody wanted to discuss before we set the time of the next meeting?
19:39:45 <kellym> will we have some time during KohaCon virtually for Documentation?
19:40:11 <caroline> good question, I know davidnind is presenting, but I didn't check for workshops
19:40:25 <caroline> #link https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/programme/
19:40:48 <caroline> ah yes, on Day 5 david is doing a workshop
19:40:51 <Marie-Luce> I would love an hackfest to learn more about documentation
19:41:17 <caroline> I took that week off to be able to attend during the night hehe
19:41:48 <Marie-Luce> :)
19:43:16 <caroline> #topic Set time of next meeting
19:43:46 <caroline> Is september 17 ok for everyone?
19:44:04 <Marie-Luce> it suits me
19:44:29 <caroline> and what about the time, should we change it up?
19:44:49 <caroline> or is this time still good? I know it's a bit late for our european colleagues
19:45:23 <georgew> I joined the meeting and then immediately got called away.  September 17 any time is good for me and I don't mind earlier in the day for the sake of those in Europe
19:46:48 <caroline> georgew are you west coast or east coast?
19:47:11 <georgew> Dead center.
19:47:35 <caroline> ok so I won't put it too early eaither
19:47:39 <georgew> it's 2:45 p.m. here now
19:48:31 <caroline> is 17 UTC good? East coast that makes 1pm
19:48:34 <henryb> This time is fine for me but I can be flexible so I don't mind if it changes.
19:48:45 <georgew> works for me
19:49:23 <caroline> we usually meet later because davidnind is in new-zealand and I feel bad making him wake up at 2am just for a meeting (because he does it even if we tell him not to)
19:50:05 <caroline> #info Next meeting: 17 September 2020, 17 UTC
19:50:09 <caroline> #endmeeting