14:01:40 <ashimema> #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 30 June 2021
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14:01:54 <ashimema> #topic Introductions
14:01:55 <tuxayo> #info tuxayo/Victor Grousset, France
14:01:56 <tcohen> #info Tomas Cohen Arazi, Theke Solutions
14:02:02 <ashimema> #info Please introduce yourselves
14:02:12 <ashimema> #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe, UK
14:02:18 <ashimema> #chair tuxayo
14:02:18 <huginn> Current chairs: ashimema tuxayo
14:02:19 <cait> #info Katrin Fischer, BSZ, Germany
14:02:23 <ashimema> #chair cait
14:02:23 <huginn> Current chairs: ashimema cait tuxayo
14:02:29 <tuxayo> 👍️
14:02:43 <ashimema> #link https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_30_June_2021 Agenda
14:02:49 <thd> #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
14:03:15 * ashimema has been terribly organised again and not sent out reminders for updates regarding the roadmap
14:03:38 <ashimema> #topic Announcements
14:04:30 <ashimema> #info Jonathan has been chasing by email for updates to the roadmap topics.. please reply if you've had a reminder.. lets get these projects moving forward.
14:04:38 <ashimema> anyone else got anything?
14:04:48 <thd> Yes.
14:04:57 <tcohen> There are random failures in master and 21.05, selenium
14:04:57 <ashimema> go for it thd
14:05:03 <tcohen> help is welcome
14:05:32 <thd> I have been preparing another update for wiki db migration and update scripts.
14:06:05 <ashimema> #info thd has been working on another update for the wiki db migration project.
14:07:02 <thd> I am adding Nginx configurations to help with installing RESTbase which is an option to be used by VisualEditor extension providing WYSWYG editing which people seen keen to have.
14:07:03 <ashimema> #info tcohen highlighted that we have been seeing some random failures in master and 21.05.. these appear to be selenium related and any help fixing them would be gratefully received.
14:07:12 <tcohen> thanks
14:07:18 <ashimema> great thd, :)
14:07:49 <ashimema> shall we move on
14:07:53 <ashimema> #topic Update from the Release manager
14:07:57 <thd> Correct RESTbase installation is a little tricky and I might seek some help with that.
14:08:25 <tuxayo> > random failures in master and 21.05, selenium
14:08:26 * tuxayo pulls their script to run tests in a loop
14:08:38 <ashimema> #info Jonathan is on vacation this week; Ashimema and tcohen have push rights to master if anything especially urgent comes up.
14:09:54 <ashimema> #info We are keen to see some of the roadmap projects pick up some pace now, Jonathan will start pushing some of them soon in the hopes we catch all bugs prior to release.
14:10:06 <ashimema> #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
14:10:09 <ashimema> rmaints?
14:10:39 <ashimema> rmaints is probably fridolin, khall, kidclamp, wainui and tuxayo
14:11:16 <ashimema> want to say you've been lending fridolin a hand tuxayo?
14:11:21 <tuxayo> Last 20.05.x and 20.11.x release went well.
14:11:39 <ashimema> #info 20.05.x and 20.11.x releases went well
14:12:11 <ashimema> #info tuxayo has been giving fridolin some assistance whilst he relocates.
14:12:17 <tuxayo> #info Frido has arrived in french Polynesia
14:12:27 <tuxayo> ^^
14:12:38 <ashimema> #info khall and kidclamp are starting to pick up pace after a slow start on their branch.
14:13:14 <tuxayo> #info first release done for wainui
14:13:16 <ashimema> anyone heard much from wainui, aliesha.. are they happy?
14:13:21 <ashimema> :)
14:13:46 <cait> I've been not around much in their timezone lately :(
14:13:48 <cait> maybe tuxayo?
14:13:58 <ashimema> me either..
14:14:06 <ashimema> I'm sure they're email if they were having any problems :)
14:14:10 <ashimema> #topic Updates from the QA team
14:14:13 <ashimema> your up cait
14:14:41 <cait> ah sorry, phone calls and all
14:15:02 <cait> QA is focusing on bugs and I try to point out the old ones more lately (old = long waiting)
14:15:03 <tuxayo> I got some news in various moments on the process, mostly needed time to access to the community website and the usual hiccups of the first release.
14:15:17 <oleonard> #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
14:15:31 <cait> as some major QA'ers lack a bit of time, it's great to see others step in
14:15:54 <cait> I hope we can keep things flowing... and as always I hope for quieter times to get back more to QA too
14:15:56 <ashimema> #info QA is focusing on bugs and I try to point out the old ones more lately (old = long waiting)
14:16:20 <ashimema> #info Some of the QA team have been lacking in time this cycle, it's great to see others stepping in to fill the void.
14:16:31 <cait> thx :)
14:16:38 <cait> ashimema: do yo want to add something?
14:16:46 <cait> you've been more involved with the hard ones I think
14:17:06 <ashimema> I think we're generally doing OK... I've been one of those lacking in time, but am slowly getting back to it.
14:17:18 <ashimema> 21.05 seems a fairly solid release so far
14:17:39 <ashimema> right.. onto the fun one
14:17:40 <tcohen> I've been focused on bugs the RM pinpointed to me to take care of
14:17:41 <ashimema> #topic Status of roadmap projects
14:17:55 <thd> I sent a message 17 June to the wiki topic group using the off list subject special email  td-koha-wiki-db-migrate-update AT agogme.com which for some such as Joubu using Gmail may have gone to junk collection for the extra mail server attestation which Gmail and some major webmail services may expect.  I can resend such a message in future but please whitelist that address for me if necessary.
14:18:07 <ashimema> great work tcohen.. you've done a fantastic job keeping some of those evil failures moving forward.
14:18:22 <ashimema> tcohen++ for taking up the baton on Koha::Logger tests
14:18:32 <tcohen> I think I can now be back to QA stuffs
14:18:36 <tcohen> :-D
14:19:03 <cait> team_work++
14:19:09 <tcohen> koha++
14:19:12 <tcohen> team_work++
14:19:47 <ashimema> #link https://annuel.framapad.org/p/koha_21.11_roadmap Roadmap
14:20:05 <ashimema> #info Standardize the EXPORT
14:20:38 <ashimema> #info ashimema has done some initial review of the patch and it's looking good.. unfortunately we need some more eyes on it.. the compile tests are currently failing.
14:20:39 <ashimema> anyone else looked at this one?
14:21:03 <ashimema> #info Remove Mod/AddItemFromMarc from item form
14:21:07 <cait> probably not the right person for this one :(
14:21:14 <cait> ... or the one before
14:21:15 <ashimema> Any news here kidclamp, tcohen?
14:21:38 <ashimema> I looked at it a while back and it seemed to make sense.. but haven't recently..
14:21:38 <tcohen> it's been on my list for QA
14:21:54 <ashimema> brill... feel free to pull me in if you need to bounce any thoughts.
14:22:03 <tcohen> sure
14:22:06 <ashimema> #info Improve the update database process
14:22:27 <tcohen> I generally agree with the approach, I would've prefered something closer to what we use for the API
14:22:38 <ashimema> #info This is starting to look good.. Jonathan and Julian have been polishing it.. I have signed off on the current state so it's looking for QA.
14:22:52 <tcohen> that's where my discrepancy is, but I wouldn't put it on hold because of that, unless I can provide an alternative implementation
14:23:22 <tuxayo> Is that bug 25078 and bug 27880 ?
14:23:22 <huginn> 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=25078 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Signed Off , Update DB process - wrap each DBRev inside a transaction and better error handling
14:23:23 <huginn> 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=27880 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, julian.maurice, Needs Signoff , Database migrations in separate files
14:23:36 <ashimema> tcohen++ I think we're both thinking along those lines.. let's not block it, but perhaps work together on the next steps to bring it closer to API style code
14:23:45 <ashimema> correct tuxayo
14:24:07 <ashimema> well.. initially it's just 25078 tuxayo..
14:24:24 <ashimema> lets focus on that one.. then come back around to the second one shortly after.
14:24:30 <ashimema> moving on...
14:24:33 <ashimema> #info Accessibility Improvements
14:25:00 <ashimema> #info Work is ongoing I believe.. not sure of next steps..
14:25:10 <ashimema> #info Wiki migration
14:25:17 <ashimema> #info See update from thd above.
14:25:52 <ashimema> #info Improve contributors list and release_tools
14:26:05 <ashimema> #info Lots done here, improvements abound.
14:26:20 <ashimema> #info Improve our "news" module
14:26:47 <ashimema> #info bug 22544 is signed off and awaiting QA
14:26:47 <huginn> 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22544 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Passed QA , Move C4:NewsChannels to Koha namespace
14:26:55 <ashimema> ooh.. awaiting push now
14:27:02 <tuxayo> :D
14:27:27 <ashimema> #info correction, awaiting push.. need to focus on the next steps as listed in the dedicated framapad
14:27:46 <ashimema> #info Get rid of non-XSLT views
14:28:01 <ashimema> #info Patches are ready for testing on bug 12561, please help :)
14:28:01 <huginn> 04Bug https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12561 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart+koha, Patch doesn't apply , Remove non-XSLT views
14:28:31 <ashimema> #info Test Rest
14:28:37 <ashimema> #info The Rest
14:29:06 <ashimema> #info The rest of the roadmap topics haven't really moved much since the last meeting.. we will start chasing them again before the next meeting.
14:29:18 <ashimema> #topic Actions from last meeting
14:30:05 <ashimema> #info I looked at adding the promised guideline for message types, but decided we weren't at that stage yet.. I wan't to discus our approaches to sending such data to the UI with a few key parties before progressing further.
14:30:29 <ashimema> #action ashimema Talk to key players about message passing for alerts.
14:31:05 <ashimema> #action kidclamp Ask the ML for additional info about how to implement opt-out for notices. One idea would be to have "My message" at the OPAC (final postpone)
14:31:06 <ashimema> #topic General discussion
14:31:17 <ashimema> right.. that was a long run.. anyone got any last things to bring up?
14:31:26 <cait> nope
14:31:40 <cait> move on :)
14:31:49 <ashimema> #topic Review of coding guidelines
14:31:54 <ashimema> #info Nothing to review
14:32:03 <ashimema> #topic Set time of next meeting
14:32:12 <ashimema> usual cadence OK for everyone?
14:32:16 <nugged> (just to say when most QA members online:  I am and Petro: we relocating now from Oulu to Helsinki so that's why our activity was weak these 2 weeks: from monday we should start on new places so we will catch up missed things
14:32:18 <cait> yes
14:32:32 <nugged> ... on Monday)
14:32:40 <cait> nugged: thx for letting us know and hope your move goes well!
14:32:44 <ashimema> ooh, thanks nugged.. that's really helpful to know
14:32:49 <ashimema> hope the move has gone well :)
14:32:59 <cait> oh
14:33:01 <cait> ok yes :)
14:33:17 <cait> a good start in your new offices then!
14:33:24 <ashimema> Wed 14th.. sound OK?
14:33:38 <cait> yep
14:33:41 <cait> that would be the usual
14:33:42 <oleonard> Holiday for Biblibre?
14:33:54 <tuxayo> 14 looks good
14:34:11 <ashimema> #info Next meeting: 14 July 2021, 14 UTC
14:34:27 <thd> Bastille day?
14:34:27 <ashimema> we can re-arrange if it turns out to be a holiday :)
14:34:34 <tuxayo> right!
14:34:35 <thd> It is a holiday.
14:35:20 <ashimema> does 15th or 16th work then?
14:35:28 * ashimema can't do 13th
14:35:28 <cait> 15th works for me
14:35:46 <ashimema> #info Next meeting: 15 July 2021, 14 UTC
14:36:05 <ashimema> #info Meeting re-scheduled by a day to not clash with Bastille day.
14:36:18 <ashimema> #endmeeting