#koha: Development IRC meeting 11 September 2019

Meeting started by ashimema at 13:01:08 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Introductions (ashimema, 13:01:13)
    1. Please introduce yourselves with your name preceeded by #info to have your precense noted in the minutes (ashimema, 13:01:43)
    2. Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA (oleonard, 13:01:48)
    3. Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City (thd, 13:01:49)
    4. Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe (ashimema, 13:01:51)
    5. Marcel de Rooy, Netherlands (marcelr, 13:02:00)
    6. David Nind, New Zealand (davidnind, 13:03:32)

  2. Announcements (ashimema, 13:10:35)
    1. We are nearing the end of the RM's 'Adventurous pushing window'.. two weeks to go, after which I want to re-focus the team on bugfixes and polishing of existing pushed features. (ashimema, 13:11:26)
    2. Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway (magnuse, 13:13:13)

  3. Update from the Release manager (ashimema, 13:13:40)
    1. Things have been ticking along, all be it slowly the last month during that deadly summer period. (ashimema, 13:14:06)
    2. I'm hoping QA will pickup again now we're nearing the end of the summer break in europe.. (ashimema, 13:14:41)

  4. Updates from the Release Maintainers (ashimema, 13:14:59)
    1. Looking at BZ, rmaints seem to be keeping up.. no report from them directly due to absence today. (ashimema, 13:18:14)

  5. Updates from the QA team (ashimema, 13:18:46)
    1. QA is as ever.. always more to do. (ashimema, 13:22:12)
    2. Bywater are trying to get back to 'SO/QA Fridays' (ashimema, 13:22:26)

  6. General development discussion (ashimema, 13:24:29)
  7. API: Bug 16825 Get an item endpoint (ashimema, 13:27:11)
    1. We need to vote on the endpoints as implimented, just to be consistent with prior API guidlines. (ashimema, 13:27:47)
    2. Katrin, Tomas and I have all looked at it and don't see anything standing out as incorrectly termed. (ashimema, 13:28:13)
    3. RM will discus with tcohen, as closest to the API's currently, and will likely push soon. (ashimema, 13:31:18)

  8. API: Public patron's privacy settings (ashimema, 13:31:41)
    1. RM will discus with tcohen and make a decision as we're not corrate for a vote (ashimema, 13:36:35)

  9. API: Bug 23517 Holds priorities (ashimema, 13:36:53)
    1. RM will discus with tcohen and make a decision as we're not corrate for a vote (ashimema, 13:37:16)

  10. API: Proposal for related resources, or objects that need to embed others: use Accept application/hal+json and follow the draft spec for HAL (ashimema, 13:38:54)
    1. I'm going to use this one as a 'set homework'.. can anyone who has a stake in the API come back to the next meeting with an opinion on HAL (ashimema, 13:39:35)

  11. Review of coding guidelines (ashimema, 13:40:25)
    1. Nothing to review at this time (ashimema, 13:40:30)

  12. Set time of next meeting (ashimema, 13:40:43)
    1. Next meeting: 25 September 2019, 21:00 UTC (ashimema, 13:45:23)

Meeting ended at 13:45:33 UTC (full logs).

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  1. ashimema (60)
  2. marcelr (12)
  3. oleonard (9)
  4. huginn (5)
  5. thd (4)
  6. magnuse (3)
  7. davidnind (3)
  8. inlibro (1)

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