#koha: Development IRC meeting 20 November 2019

Meeting started by ashimema at 20:00:21 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. Introductions (ashimema, 20:00:26)
    1. please use "#info" in front of your introduction to have it show up in the automatic minutes#info (ashimema, 20:00:40)
    2. Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe, UK (ashimema, 20:00:51)
    3. Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City (thd, 20:01:04)
    4. David Nind, Wellington, New Zealand (davidnind, 20:01:15)
    5. Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA (oleonard, 20:01:45)

  2. Announcements (ashimema, 20:02:32)
    1. We are nearing the next release and are currently in the string freeze period for 19.11 (ashimema, 20:03:10)
    2. Nick Clemens, BywaterSolutions (kidclamp, 20:03:55)
    3. We voted on the next release team at the last general meeting, please see the wiki for details of our next team. (ashimema, 20:04:25)
    4. Chris Cormack Catalyst IT (rangi, 20:04:33)
    5. Only a few weeks left to submit, get your Kohacon20 talk proposals in https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/talksubmission/ - due by 1 December 2019 (davidnind, 20:04:47)
    6. https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Roles_for_20.05 Roles for 20.05 (ashimema, 20:04:56)
    7. https://2020.kohacon.org/posts/talksubmission/ KohaCon20 Talk Submissions (ashimema, 20:05:29)

  3. Update from the Release manager (ashimema, 20:05:45)
    1. We are currently on schedule for the release in one week (27/11/2019) (ashimema, 20:06:37)
    2. There are still a few bugs sitting in the NSO queue marked as Major, it would be great to squeeze those through in the next few days if anyone has a moment to take a look. (ashimema, 20:07:46)
    3. I'd like to welcome Joy Nelson to the 20.05 team as our 19.11 RMaint, thankyou for stepping into the role Joy and thankyou ByWater for supporting that :) (ashimema, 20:09:34)

  4. Updates from the Release Maintainers (ashimema, 20:10:25)
    1. I believe we are on schedule for a maintanence release from each of the respective release maintainers on (or around) the 22nd. (ashimema, 20:12:01)

  5. Updates from the QA team (ashimema, 20:12:30)
    1. QA has slowed since the last meeting, but that is understandable given the part of the cycle we are in.. Important QA is still happening, many thanks to those I've approached for specific QA's and who have diligently acted :) (ashimema, 20:14:55)

  6. General development discussion (ashimema, 20:15:17)
    1. I have been using a new keyword `rel_20_05_target` to start grouping bugs which missed the freezes this cycle but seem to be close to reaching maturity. I would like to promote focusing on pushing them over the line early next cycle. (ashimema, 20:16:39)

  7. Review of coding guidelines (ashimema, 20:17:32)
    1. Nothing to report (ashimema, 20:17:36)

  8. Set time of next meeting (ashimema, 20:19:06)
    1. Next meeting: 04 December 2019, 13 UTC (ashimema, 20:22:01)

Meeting ended at 20:22:21 UTC (full logs).

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  1. ashimema (40)
  2. oleonard (6)
  3. huginn (3)
  4. thd (3)
  5. davidnind (2)
  6. kidclamp (2)
  7. inlibro (1)
  8. wahanui (1)
  9. rangi (1)

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